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Reviews and Complaints

The Salvation Army USAunethical behavior


I'm putting in this complaint but do not want to get into trouble for doing it. I was at work today and the fire marshals showed up to check out the back room, I communicated to my boss via text message to let him know that they were there and i get back for an answer k via text message back from my boss. We are overlaoded with donations and we have absolutely no room for any more, we have a sign on the door only taking clothes and shoes. We have only two paid workers in the st. Johnsbury store and we never get supplies, we have to buy trash bags so we can do our job. We send supply list every week or we text our boss what we need. I like my job and the customers so i would like to do what i can to make sure customers are happy when they shop. I just dont know what we are going to do about the back room because we were told the truck is broke down. We really can not put anymore donations outback but our boss also wants the store clean, we can not do everything just the two of us and no help or hardly any help.

The Salvation Army USAco worker and the back stabbing and lies

I have worked at the salvation army for almost 4 and a half years, i have had 2 different bosses. I started with chris west then i had chris street now i have chris west back. since Lt. chris West has been back he has only been to the store twice in a yaer and a half. We do not get supplies and my co worker is outside smoking every 20 minutes and she leaves the store a mess. I contacted my boss on 8/14/2019 and told him who i had helping me which is a gentleman that has been placed at the store by Vermont Associates we cleaned up the store the best we could in the 4 hours we were there and i get a text from my boss this morning about the way the store looked and that i could not leave it a mess for the next shift. if we had the supplies we needed like trash bags that we end up buying because we are told we are to reuse the one that come in but most of the time we can not because they are torn because they have to much things in them. We do not get cleaning supplies we have to buy them also. My co worker has a person with her everyday from 9:30 to 3. This person works with me on Monday but every day tuesday through friday he is with my co worker and when i come in for my shift which is close all the time i have to clean up outside and the front of the store inside. i like my job and the customers but why should i be the only one that is cleaning up the store. We get so many donations that our storage area is full and we have no room, we get truck when they feel like showing up. if we had truck twice a week and the dumpster emptied twice a week we could do job more like our boss wants us to and if we got supplies like we should and not have spend our own money to get what we need to do our job. My co worker let people in the back room that is not approved to be at the store. i do not want to get into trouble for submitting a complaint because my co worker told me if either one of made a complaint about our boss we would not have our job. you can contact me at [protected] via a text or a phone call I my not answer if I don't know the number but I will get back in touch.

The Salvation Army USArecycling pickup with truck in barre vermont.

I work at the St. Johnsbury Vermont. I do not want to get into trouble for filing a complaint. Our back room is completely full with no more room to put anything. We have not had a truck pick up in over a week. My boss did about two weeks ago send the truck to pick up the paperwork but did not take any bags of recycling. My boss Chris West has been back for about 8 months and has been to the store only twice. be calls to complain about sales and how we are not tagging enough. He also wants us to make sure the store is the way it was 2 and 1 half years ago before he was sent somewhere else. Me and my co worker do what we can with the very little bit of help we do have. The fire marshal has been to the store a couple of times and we still have no room in the back room to even sort anything out with out the possibility of maybe having something fall down and hurt who is out back working. Please do not let me get into trouble for this.