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Reviews and Complaints

store employees

While shopping the "Bins" at the Clinton Township store in Michigan. I was looking and shopping with a family member at some items in large cardboard boxes. First of all there isn't any "real" organization in the bins with the exception of some books in one corner and shoes against the back wall and half baked attempt at putting the linens in one section.
Anyway, there are red bins with clothing and large oversized cardboard boxes right next to the bins. So, I thought if it's on the floor it was for sale. Not only was I told not to shop in the large cardboard boxes .But I was singled out twice while I saw other shoppers doing the same. I was told the merchandise was put on the sales floor because there wasn't room in the back, I said to the employee if it's on the floor wouldn't you want to make the sale . Yet she insisted that I not shop out of the large cardboard boxes.
I saw a few minutes later that two large cardboard on the floor by the shoes and it was a real frenzy going on . Yet the [censored] employee said I couldn't shop out of the large cardboard boxes. Strange.
Here's the thing I worked at large retail chains and if it's on the sales floor and even the mannequins IT'S FOR SALE. So, I figured it this way. By the time I finished shopping in the large cardboard boxes and bins I spent about $4.00 overall, this was money the Salvation Army would not have had . Not a lot overall, but put this way, take the number of transactions ring in on a day and multiply by a minimum $1 on up . Then add all those transactions for a week, month and year. IT ALL ADDS UP. Your employees are RUDE and need customer training skills quickly. There are so much competition in the area with better pricing .Get with the program.