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We purchased insoles for my SO almost a year ago. He suffers from flat feet and so we wanted to find insoles to provide support. The sales rep found a particular pair and stated they would be best for him. The sales rep gave us a schedule to follow to help him acclimate to the new insoles. Additionally, we were told about their lifetime guarantee and customer satisfaction policy. As a result we decided to purchases the insoles. We were told that by following this regimen, my SO would start to see a difference after a month. However, after of month of following the schedule and wearing the three different types of insoles, there was no difference. Instead my partner was starting to complain of pain in his ankles. We were told that discomfort is normal and to continue wearing the insoles and switching them. It has been several months of wearing these inserts and there is no difference. It has gotten to the point where my SO is making a DRs appointment to talk to them about his ankle pain. When asked what to do and if I could return them, I was told no. While I understand it has been almost a year, we were continuously led to believe that discomfort is normal and ask long as he followed the schedule we would see results. My SO has seen no results and now has ankle issues.

Desired outcome: I want to return the insoles. It’s so unfortunate as we were continuously led to believe that these issues were normal and we would see a difference.

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