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The Cleaning Authority Complaints & Reviews

The Cleaning Authority / huntington owner/staff. horrible customer service

Jfaras on Aug 2, 2017
I have a cleaning rotation scheduled every other Wednesday at noon. Today August 2nd I hear banging on my front after just putting my baby down for a nap and going to shower. I hear the doorbell ringing constantly, jump out of shower and it's the cleaning crew at 10:40 am. This is not...

The Cleaning Authority / not cleaning thoroughly

lorri abbott on Jun 7, 2017
I called on 2 different occasions to complain and also addressed the issue when I was called for confirmation of my appointment. I expressed that they make sure that these items were addressed when they came back to clean. I came home after my scheduled cleaning to find out that these...

The Cleaning Authority / Cleaning Service - Palm Harbor

Melinda Dale on Mar 20, 2017
Was so disappointed with the "promise" and the reality of their Service. First cleaning was to be a deep clean. Bed not made, handles of refrigerator not wiped, cushions on couch is disarray, and waste baskets not emptied. One of the major difficulties is the clean team didn't understand...

The Cleaning Authority / Unethical behavior - stealing

sbmitchell on Nov 5, 2016
I had my second cleaning on 11/01/2016 from the cleaning authority crew. They performed the second deep cleaning as part of a bi-weekly cleaning plan. Noticed missing watch and bracelets that we specifically put in the drawers out of plain sight before the service started. Ended up filing...

The Cleaning Authority of San Antonio / Gary lenard, owner

alex2016 on May 12, 2016
The Cleaning Authority on ISOM Road in San Antonio owned by Gary Lenard had been cleaning our home for the last year, bimonthly. I called after the last cleaning which was of extremely poor quality( in and out in less than 2 hours - bathrooms left unclean, floors sticky... and we had...

The Cleaning Authority / Was a good, honest, caring company until new ownership in march of 2015.

Reviewer26210 on Feb 11, 2016
I was the General Manager for this location for 10 years. I quit working there because the new owner is a money grubbing, prejudice, non caring, sorry excuse for a man that does not care about his employees or customers. Talked very nasty about the hard working cleaners because of them not...

Cleaning Authority - Home Cleaning Service / Very poor cleaning service

rak4u2 on Nov 9, 2015
October - November 2015 We have a 2600 sq. ft. house in Richmond VA. When we first signed up with Cleaning Authority everything sounds great. The first cleaning was very good. But the second cleaning (deep cleaning costing extra) was just the opposite. - Bathroom floor not cleaned - Blind...

Cleaning Authority / Being unsanitary!!!

mojo1221 on Apr 4, 2013
This is why i quit working at the "cleaning authority:" they are very unprofessional and i am so sick of customers getting screwed over . They like to over charge customers and do not pay there employee's what they are promised !!! It is truly disgusting to me and to be quite honest very...

The Cleaning Authority / Terrible employer

rocketscience12 on Mar 1, 2013
Do not work for this company. They treat their employees very poorly and break the law by docking pay if you call of sick. Not only do they dock your pay for every single hour you are going to work that week or have worked that week, but they will give you all kinds of crap for doing so...

The Cleaning Authority / Throwing things away

Sabrina Siddiqui on Mar 30, 2012
My mom had a new thing of dr pepper not even opened and they through it away. I had this green basket full of nail polish and nail tools and yes there was a couple of cutips in it they thought it was a garbage can and through away about $100-$200 worth of nail stuff and then a I left my earphones in my bed and now they are nowhere to be found.

Cleaning Authority / Bad support

Bill on Dec 13, 2011
Someone from the Cleaning Authority keeps reaching out to me over and over again. I finally call them back to see what kind of incentives they have to offer and they are pushing me onto the backburner. I can never get a straight answer as to how much everything will cost. I am not sure if...

The Cleaning Authority / You don't always get what you pay for

call-em_like_i_c_em on May 13, 2011
Dring my extremely short employment with this company, I saw "seasoned" cleaners skimp on the cleaning that the homeowners had paid for. In one house, a lady had many beautiful potted plants in her bathroom. The bathroom was on rotation (meaning this room was supposed to get a gooood...

Cleaning Authority / Stolen jewelry

Trefny on Apr 6, 2011
Approximately 9 months ago I noticed one of my rings was missing. When the cleaning team arrived for the scheduled visit, I asked the team leader did she see my ring. She claimed to first not understand me (language barrier), and then said, "I didn't see it". I mentioned the missing...

Cleaning Authority / Worst service ever

Marcus G on Mar 31, 2011
I was completely happy with Merry Maids cleaning service in Charlotte, NC but foolishly decided to try a different company ... what a mistake! Cleaning Authority had convinced me to try because they are bonded and insured, very professional during estimate. They are more expensive but seemed...

Cleaning Authority / House cleaning

mjrs on Mar 21, 2011
I was completely happy with Merry Maids cleaning service in Charlotte, NC but foolishly decided to try a different company ... what a mistake! Cleaning Authority had convinced me to try because they are bonded and insured, very professional during estimate. They are more expensive but seemed...

The Cleaning Authority / Missing jewelry

Greenie on Feb 11, 2011
I wore my diamond ring to a party one weekend and put it back in my jewelry box when I got home. When I went to put it on the next weekend it was missing from my jewelry box. The only people in my house besides me between the two weekends were the two cleaning ladies from the Cleaning...

The Cleaning Authority Eastside / Damaged piano, floors, terrible service

I cannot begin to explain how many lies were told by the franchise head 'Paul'. 100% customer satisfaction. Paul is a salesman and a dishonest theif of a man. They put a deep scratch in out baby grand piano. They scratched out wood floors (he claimed they only use a brush vacuum...

Cleaning Authority / Bad service

I get these great mail ads for the Cleaning Authority, however, the local Fort Collins agent does not return calls. One time I did get someone who answered the phone, but they could not answer my questions and took my number for the owners to call. I never got a return call. I wonder who...

The Cleaning Authority / Waste of time & money

I've used The Cleaning Authority for about a year. The "rotation system" is such a joke.. just a selling technique to get you hooked. There have been several times where the rooms "on rotation" were left so dirty, I 'd have to clean them myself after they leave. They cut corner...

The Cleaning Authority / Satisfaction not guaranteed

I hired The Cleaning Authority in Hanover, MD to clean my 3 bedroom rancher. They claim to provide a satisfaction guarantee otherwise they send people out the same or next day to correct any oversights. But, during the initial clean, which was supposed to include a detailed bathroom and...

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