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Waste of time & money

I've used The Cleaning Authority for about a year. The "rotation system" is such a joke.. just a selling technique to get you hooked. There have been several times where the rooms "on rotation" were left so dirty, I 'd have to clean them myself after they leave. They cut corners every time and are in and out of my 2800 sq. ft home in just over an hour! They are always showing up with different people. The "quality checks" are pointless - the lady shows up after 20 minutes of them starting and just checks whatever they've already cleaned then leaves a couple minutes later.

The girls do not know how to clean thoroughly at all. Almost every time after they leave, I find so much hair on the bathroom floors, not to mention dirt, sand, and grime still on our kitchen and laundry room floors which were are never vacuumed properly. Several things go uncleaned each and every time. They don't clean cobwebs or anything higher than their arm's reach. They are not very accomodating if you request another team either.

One girl would leave the house 10 minutes before the other girl every time just so she could smoke her cigarette and throw the butt onto our lawn or driveway as if no one would notice. On several occasions, I'd hear her yelling and cursing her way to the car from our front door, complaining about work politics, etc. My house would wreak of cigarrete smoke from that one girl who is supposedly "green cleaning" our home. Who wants that when you have a baby and toddler at home?

I have never felt so ripped off for any service before.

Satisfaction not guaranteed

I hired The Cleaning Authority in Hanover, MD to clean my 3 bedroom rancher. They claim to provide a satisfaction guarantee otherwise they send people out the same or next day to correct any oversights. But, during the initial clean, which was supposed to include a detailed bathroom and kitchen cleaning, they did not clean the shower in the hall bath (and now claim I only asked for the main bath to be cleaned which is untrue), the air vents, the kitchen floor, the microwave, lampshades and window sills. When I called to report this, they started making excuses for these items, and said they would "get them the next time". Angie Huff, the office manager who I spoke to, did not utter one word of apology, and in fact she blamed me for not being clear on the hall bath cleaning, and then did not deem it necessary to send someone out to "guarantee my satisfaction". Needless to say, I will no longer be using their services, for both quality of actual work and lack of customer service skills. Satisfaction NOT guaranteed!!!

Denise gilroy

I had hired the Cleaning Authority to clean my house October 2010. They came out with a cleaning crew of 3...

Worst cleaning job ever

Worst cleaning job I have ever seen!Floors where never washed!House was still dusty Just horrible Job all around!Booooo Cleaning authority highland park IL.You can't treat people like this and take advantage of people because we can't stay here why you clean.Why lie and say your going to clean my house?Then you do nothing but take our money!This is not fair!I don't want to come home to a dirty house after paying you to clean!Owner should do something to improve his situation!No repeat customers for you!I will tell all my friends what a bad cleaning service you are!

Breaks stuff

I've used the Cleaning Authority for almost two years. I finally got fed up and fired them after they broke the fourth item. The first issue I had with them is that they locked my dog in an upstairs bedroom the second time they cleaned. It must be said that I was all hopped up on fertility drugs at the time and didn't handle it well. So, I didn't fire them at that time. We had a good crew for awhile. Then, they broke a collecible Rafko ornament that I had to pay double it's orginal price to replace. Then, they broke a bowl, which to this day I do not understand how it happened. They knocked it off the top of a bookshelf and apparently knocked my phone off at the same time as I found it wedged behind the bookcase when I got home.

A few weeks later I noticed that this particular bowl had broken another bowl on the table. I knew they'd done it because there were chards of glass from the first item. This was the last straw. I fired them and then had to wait three weeks to get my key back. Every time I tried to call my rep, I either got routed to the Call Center or he had his phone off.

Their prices are extremely reasonable. But, after factor in replacement costs of broken items, they don't seem so cheap anymore.

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Stolen jewelry

The Cleaning Authority staff has been stealing jewelry over the past 1 1/2 years. They have taken one piece at a time, so I did not see what was happening until I counted 5 "unaccounted" pieces. When I confronted the supervisor I was told it was too late to file a claim, no further action was taken though I did find that one cleaner was caught by another client with stolen jewelry on her. Also, inaccurate records of who actually cleaned my house and an unfiled previous complaint from me made me decide to cancel service and file this.

  • Do
    Donna Scance Nov 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I checked out this website before hiring the cleaning authority. What a waste of money. They give you a "rush" job & I not only had a necklace that was stolen, but a statue that was damaged. They offered to clean my house up to the cost of the statue. Why would I want you people in my house again? You did a horrible job cleaning, stole a necklace & ruined a statue. That was 2 months ago, & still have not heard from the insurance company. I'm surprised this company is still in business & I will definitely bad mouth them until they're out of business!

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  • Do
    Donna Scance Nov 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm amazed at how many unhappy customers there are out there. Why is this place still in business? The lesson I learned here? ALWAYS check out reviews & comments before hiring a service you never used before. No wonder I couldn't find anyone to recommend this service to me. They stink at what they do & they're thieves!

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  • Tr
    Trefny Mar 25, 2011

    I recently cancelled my service with the 'Cleaning Authority' in Huntington New York. Approximately 9 months ago I noticed one of my rings was missing. When the cleaning team arrived for there scheduled visit, I asked the team leader (the only one that spoke English) did she see the ring. I also mentioned the missing ring to the owner Michael Mucci. He said, "My girls go through background checks, and I have never had a complaint".

    Several month passed ~ I was never able to find the ring. A few weeks ago, I looked for my necklace ~ missing. I searched my jewelry box, and the surrounding area to no avail. When I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Mucci again, I told him I was missing another item. He immediately said, my girls don't steal, AND you have a balance. Michael Mucci then said he was going to take me to small claims court for the balance of 489.00. Needless to say, my stolen jewelry cost 5 times that amount.
    I agree with the other posted comment, the theft happened in one piece at a time!
    Cleaning Authority of Huntington, NY is not a company I plan to every use again!

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  • Ki
    Kittkatt Dec 17, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cleaning authority in Indianapolis owner Randy also told me the same thing "his girls don't steal" yet I am missing a lot of jewelry, but most importantly is my $6, 200 diamond earrings. I was told he asked them and they said they didn't take it and no further investigation is going to be done, no insurance claim and basically its my problem. DO NOT hire these people!!! Cash taken several times and other jewelry missing but didn't think it was stolen until I noticed my dresser left wide open and the cabinet where earrings were at also open as though someone were about to catch them and they hurried out of the room and forgot to go back and shut things or I might not have known they were gone for awhile. This place needs to go out of business.

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Careless cleaners

We had The Cleaning Authority for a couple of years...we fired them today. After many broken furnishings 9blinds broken, vases chipped, glasses dropped etc.) and girls who were allowed only a short amount of time (less than an hour) to clean our 2 story, 4 bed, 3 bath home. Last straw was when this past Friday a small porcelain figurine on the back of the stove was broken, the head snapped off and set back on top of the body. When the management were called here in Tucson we were told that the girls had said they didn't do it. We were then asked if maybe we did it and forgot. It hadn't been broken prior their cleaning but was after and it was OUR fault?


Two women from the Cleaning Authority in Chattanooga, TN came to clean my house to the tune of $186 on December 18. The two bedrooms (out of four)they had been asked to clean had been completely cleared of any accumulated clutter; the bathroom countertops were cleared. They were not asked to change sheets on the beds. All they had to do was dust and vaccuum. One of my guest found a summer dress inadvertently kicked under the bed in the guest room - they had not completely vaccumed the two bedrooms they "cleaned."

The thought crossed my mind that after all the work I had done, there really wasn't that much work left to do. But, my main concern was the main living area that consists of a kitchen, eating area, and living area.

I was at work and my husband took the day off to be here with them. They were packing up and leaving as I arrived home. I stepped in the back door and one woman warned me of the "wet" floor.

All I can figure is that the "wet" floor (hardwood in this room, carpet elsewhere)was a spot next to the door for show. I was standing on a throw rug. If the floor was wet, why was a throw rug on it?

Upon closer inspection, this room had not been cleaned. I picked up a cotton rug that is underneath the overhang of our kitchen island. We feed our dogs on rugs at either end of the island underneath the overhang. I shook about a quarter cup of dried dog food bits out of one cotton rug. I picked up another rug and shook it, dirt fell out on th floor. I looked at the floor - it hadn't been cleaned - that was obvious.

Further, there is a small, freestanding cherry corner shelf in the same room. Yes, there were some "dust catchers" on the shelves - not clutter. This corner shelf hadn't been touched and was covered by a layer of dust.

My husband said they just didn't have time to finish befor their time ran out. Those two women were just too incredibly slow and did such a poor cleaning job, we didn't have time to deal with the mess before our guests arrived.

I would and am warning everyone about this outfit. I will be filing a complaint with our local BBB and on Angie's list warning people about The Cleaning Authority. What happened to us amounts to theft.


he Cleaning Authority's crew in Olney, MD was letting my dog out back during their clean. We never authorized them to do this. Sometimes they would leave the sliding glass door wide open presumably so the dog could come and go as he pleased. Came home after work one day to find the house dark, the sliding glass door wide open, and both the dog and the indoor purebred cat missing. Cleaning crew denied they did anything. The manager claimed my dog somehow unlocked the sliding glass door and removed the burglar bolt and let himself out.

They also broke several things in our house - first time the admitted it but never reimbursed us or replaced item. Fourth time they put the item back together as if I wouldn't notice, then denied it when I called to complain about it. They talked about reimbursing me or replacing item, but never actually did.

Bunch of losers

First cleaning...They ruined my travertine floors, left it streaked with film. Missed almost all the dusting. I called mgmt, said they didnt know what to do about it not being clean..finally two days later sent out another cleaning team.

Then I got a letter that terminated my service. They said my floors too dirty..I leave my windows open. What? I live on a dirt road. The owner and manager were extremely rude and nasty. They could just not admit that they didnt know how to clean my floors. Another inept cleaning company. What a bunch of losers.

Bad service

Employees of the Cleaning Authority spilt bleach on our master bedroom carpet. The spill was in the middle of...

Terrible experience

They pitched me their rotation. They came and said they cleaned... no they didn't.Nothing was even dusted or mopped. I complained. They came back and still did a crappy job. Then they came back again and still did a crappy job. I canceled the cleaning and they sent me a bill for an incorrect amount. It took them two weeks to get my account straight... meanwhile, they reported me to a collection agency! They are awful! I hope no one else uses them. Their rotation is bull. They take no time to clean properly and take forever to address their complaints. They don't do inspections of their so called cleaning ladies and obviously hire poor workers.

Scam and rip off

I had the Cleaning Authority come to my house and sell me their services to the tune of $82.00 for one cleaning. Not only did they do an inferior job of cleaning, but they broke all the casters off my foot stool which I had just purchased in June. They would not refund any money to me saying "Well, that's just not going to happen".

I would never recommend this company to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Stay away from this company if you ever want to see your house in one piece. Things were not put back in their proper place and they left they cleaning tools at my home and did not clean thoroughly.

Also, a friend of mine who had used this company had made a complaint about one of their employees and asked that they never send her back to her house. They didn't... they sent her to mine.

  • Co
    Complaint Watcher Jan 29, 2009

    Making unsubtantiated allegations... Nice. "Your Friend" who is unnamed asked the company not to send some unnamed cleaner. They just happened to send that same unnamed cleaner to your home!!

    Wow - what an amazing coincidence. If your unnamed friend was so unhappy with them, why did you use them?

    This story stinks...

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  • Jo
    JO ANN Mar 03, 2009

    sounds to me Like Your House was a total disaster, and ONE cleaning will not bring it to Brand new again, and Your trying to "say something was Broken" ( which by the way wouldnt not have been broken by just a cleaning... to get your money back.

    Unjustified STORY Gee are You an employee of this company who got FIRED maybe??

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