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Care.com Complaints & Reviews

Care.com / making a claim against care.com

Asgari on Oct 17, 2017
Hi I joined care.com two months ago to find a nanny and I only joined for one month and your company still taking money out of my account. Thankfully I realized today and stopped it by my bank but this is a true rip off and since I am a solicitor I am going to take it further and put a...

Care.com / child care

Blair Kelly on Oct 11, 2017
I must not have read the fine print...didn't expect to have to be so careful with a company that says they Care. I had a very difficult time stopping the recurring charges to my card and when It finally stopped I was only refunded 1 month (they admitted guilt) but still got me for 2 month...

Care.com / unethical auto renewal!!! care.com steals people's money

Seeme Mi on Sep 29, 2017
I join the group of people that have been cheated by Care.com. I signed up for a month and have been charged for 6 months - without my explicit consent. When I complained, they returned fees for 1 month. How does Care.com justify stealing people's money like this? Such unethical busine...

Care.com / charges

Keta_nick on Sep 23, 2017
There is 3 $20 charge to my account for Sept, Aug and July that should not have been charged to my card as I only agreed to one month when someone tries to pull a fast one which I did report to you. So I should be reemberse for those charges that I did not authorized and I am looking...

Care.com / unable to sign up as a caregiver on care.com

Isadora Dahlen Hack on Sep 13, 2017
I have attempted to sign up as a caregiver three times and after filling out all the information, I'm cut off with a very unclear message that says essentially I'm unsuitable. I was active a year ago and wanted to put my account on hold, but it was impossible to do. The directions to put...

Care.com / scam/fraud

Rosemarie Albert on Sep 6, 2017
I don't know where to begin. Just so unbelievable how people can run a business. I am hoping this will open Shelia's eyes b/c this site is way off the grid. I'll be getting in touch w/the BBB. And I will be getting in touch w/ a new channel, like 20/20, 48hours, 60 mins. to run a story on...

Care.com / "premium" business membership to recruit clients

I paid about $100 in order to "elevate my listing" to the top of the list for pet boarding facilities. Little did I realize that if anyone contacted my company, we would need to pay an additional fee to find out who they were. However, nobody ever contacted me. There are no customers on...

Care.com / Would never recommend this company

Brenda Ruth on Sep 5, 2017
This website used to be free, but then they input new rules and now to contact anyone you have to pay a monthly fee. something about sixty dollars, whiсh is much, but oh well, I needed their help. Even though what they provide is questionable. Because I got contacts of 20 people and could reach...

Care.com / illegal background checks

Smaria.smith on Aug 28, 2017
Care.com does illegal background checks I have a very common name I am in nursing program with no criminal record and they Suspended my account after getting great reviews from client s on there for years. In the area I live just at local pharmacy another person with my name and same date...

Care.com / membership was cancelled

Jeff Oc on Aug 25, 2017
I just renewed my membership to find a housekeeper and the day after they revoked my membership and deleted my account. I have no idea why and sent a couple emails via their website and get no responses. They did charge my credit card for 3 months of service which I am unable to use. I...

Care.com / no information on auto renewal

Apara Mohan on Aug 24, 2017
Care.com has charged me for service not availed for. Services were not availed for charges on 1/10/2017, 4/10/2017 and 7/10/2017. Transaction ids are: 826054699693670566 for $84.53 820160673297285315 for $84.53 820247997516105054 for $84.53 No email received from care.com that our account...

Care.com / unauthorized billing

Oostende on Aug 22, 2017
I am searching online forums for people to join me in organizing a class action lawsuit against Care.com. I was charged for premium membership for two years despite numerous attempts to cancel and numerous assurances that my membership was finally canceled. I filed a complaint with the...

Care.com / family by the name jennifer h.

Lindsey P. on Aug 22, 2017
I have been threatened by this member of care.com. The job description which she posted was far from what she said and I have worked for 5 amazing families who I met through care.com that want to back me up if necessary while I take action against Jennifer. She was unprofessional and a...

Care.com / employer

bonniemann112@gmail.com on Aug 21, 2017
There is a couple i've worked for twice and they are very unstable! They treat their employers like trash and constanly fight in front of employees and there child! I dont think its appropriate! Also they have rules about not talking to neighbors, they hide the toilet paper and food! They...

Care.com / expected scam

Stacie F. on Aug 19, 2017
I am a premium on care.com, I applied to several babysitting jobs, one has messages me back and I emailed him name is Scott J, says there relocating in my area from Ohio, he is asking for my name, address and phone number to send me money in advance and wanting toys delivered to my house...

Care.com / stealing my subscription fee

DISGRUNTLED269 on Aug 16, 2017
I have been a member of care.Com for 3 plus months now. This last month i have been applying to jobs from scammers. I report the scam and am being punished apparently as i am paying to be a feature business and realized for 6 straight days i am not receiving any referrals. I had two people go...

Care.com / taking money for subscriptions, but not allowing you to apply for jobs

amie13 on Aug 15, 2017
CARE.COM 1400 Main Street Waltham, Massachusetts United States Phone: 781-642-5100 care.com Care.com will take your money for a subscription but then tell you the number of applications or applicants has been exceeded when you try to apply for jobs. I signed to to be a pet sitter. Familie...

Care.com / scammer

Milyndamul on Aug 14, 2017
Hello, I am a member of care.com. One of your member looking for a nanny is a scammer I believe. Bonnie P. Is her" name. She asked for my address and said she'd send check in broken English. Asking for my address. She" has my town and a picture of me and my child from your website. Please...

Care.com / background checks

getlaura on Aug 10, 2017
Thanks to an email from your company from someone requesting a criminal background check, I sent my information to some random guy named Richard H. I can now only hope that he's legit, since your company won't give me any information on him, including his Care.com profile, nor can you stop...

Care.com / texting me/annoying me when I am not even on care.com

kristy slavik on Jul 26, 2017
Uhm ive been off of care.com for a year and I keep getting texts from random [censor] people (Or are they actual people like wtf?!?!?!???) asking me to care for their child!! Uhm I am not on care.com, I took myself off. Like how the [censor] do you have my number?! And if its from my area...

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