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E Aug 03, 2018

Would like to make a complaint about a recent flight from Cairns to Bangkok with my girlfriend Lydia the flight was TG466, we were seated at 37E & 37D. First of all I have flown to Asia on many occasions using airlines such a Singapore, British and Quantas and I have never treated such contempt and utter rudeness... aftert being given our meal we got a drink, I then buzzed to get another and was told I would have to the galley and my own drink, I then got out of seat to get a drink and was told if wanted to get a drink for my girlfriend she would have to get up as well!!! Several hours later I got up to ask for another beer and was told to back to my seat as the second meal was on its way ... on the whole 9 hour flight I cosumed 2 gin and tonic and two beers! Which I had to get myself. This is appalling service and the times I did go to he galley the staff seemed more interested in looking through their bags or playing with there phones, I am so dissatisfied by this flight the only reason I am returning whith Thai Airways is because my return flight is already paid for... I will not be flying with Thai Airways again in the future...

Regards Eli Every

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