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My wife and I went to TGIF on 5/7/19 about 4;30pm for our 52 anniversory for dinner. We have eaten there on several occasions (125 White Spruce Blvd., Rochester, NY 14623 } We usually get the JD Flat Iron Steak, but because we were celebrating our Aniv. I ordered the Flo's Filet Mignon & a Half Rack of JD Ribs for ea. We also got (Her Maragirita) and (myself Strawberry Mohito). I have never had a bad meal at any of the TGIF, s Locally or while traveling. The Filet Mignon was tough and grizzly, not at all what I expected, my wife's was the same. The bill came to $109 with the second drinks we had. $23.95 for the Filet was high for that filet. The Flat Iron steak would have been better. I am very disappointed in the meal as was my wife.

Lloyd & Carol Trexler [protected]

May 10, 2019
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  •   May 10, 2019

    What is a “grizzly” steak? Did you complain about it then? You’re in your seventies so any steak will be harder to chew. Two drinks at your age and you drove home??! Was it ordered rare or well-done! It sounds like you ordered food that you normally don’t order or eat. Your teeth aren’t used to chewing firmer food plus being tipsy caused issues.

    If you always have good luck with the flat iron steak, then don’t try something else. $23.95 isn’t that high for a good steak. But for a chain restaurant, for that price, I’d better get perfect steak, two sides, bread and butter, salad and great service

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  • Sa
      Jun 28, 2019

    Just entered my own complaint about the filet Mignon . The manager said it’s been coming back all week and I shouldn’t have ordered it. She said to get the iron steak.

    Also Squirrel comment is rude and unnecessary.

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  •   Jun 29, 2019

    @Sarah Sterling What was so unnecessary about sub's comment? It seems perfectly legit.

    They obviously received a bad batch of filet mignon so I'd ask the manager why the FVK he's not telling servers to warn customers about ordering it.

    I wouldn't blow serious coin on filet mignon at a place like this. Save that special cut of beef for a nicer place.

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  •   Jun 29, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! $24 for filet mignon is serious money for a restaurant of TGIF’s quality. I’d never order prime beef at a burger and beer place. It probably sits around for a while before someone orders it.

    It reminds me when Red Lobster opened a restaurant in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It’s the number one fishing port in the USA so we get fresh fish off the boat. Not frozen, processed or shipped seafood at great prices. Yet a chain thought they’d open and do well. They offer frozen products at cheaper prices and know people will order drinks, appetizers and desserts.

    Chain restaurants can’t offer high quality food at low prices. Profit is the name of the game.

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  •   Jun 28, 2019

    If you post a complaint on a public forum, it’s necessary for people to comment or the forum dies. I wasn’t rude, I was firm and honest and didn’t pretty up my words. If you don’t want comments, don’t post.

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  •   Jun 30, 2019

    I have come across gristly steak/meat... It usually means the person preparing it didn't manicure the meat properly or at all.

    My neighbor was notorious for doing this. She'd slap a piece of meat or chicken on the pan and cook it. She had no idea that you have to trim some bits off of it. That some bits are inedible.

    My principal had acquired some Asian chef to come cook for our kids and their parents this year. He also had him serve the staff lunch on the last day of school. Everything was wonderful except the pork bits... Nothing but bone and fat. IDK what part of the animal he was trying to use- it really looked (and felt- ugh!) Like spine. It was disgustingly.

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  •   Jun 30, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Ewww. People need lessons in food preparation but also what parts to buy. I had a friend who thought that dark and white meat were the same but chicken fights caused bruising, hence dark meat. I literally took a fresh whole chicken, showed her each part, then cut it up to show her each part separately. Had to explain about fat, skin, the neck and tush. No one had ever taught her how to cut up a chicken and identify each part.

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