TGI Friday'spoor customer service experience

L Aug 06, 2018

Out of all of the 15 years of my family going to this particular location. This is by far the worst experience we ever had. Our waitress was new and seemed very friendly. We ordered an appetizer of different wings. Came out undercooked. So we had to wait a little bit longer for a reorder. Ordered one Strawberry Henny. And it was good. But after we received our first order of water beverages, we had to wait for a very long time for a refill since our waitress was ignoring us.
My wife was so upset, so I requested the manager. She was wearing clothing that wasn't appropriate for a restaurant manager representing your brand. But she was going to talk to her employee about that. Offered us two free vouchers for an appetizer or a dessert. Also deducting the appetizer off our bill and a Free Strawberry Henny refill.
Well our waitress didn't do anything. I never received my second Strawberry Henny. To add insult to injury. I was charged for my undercooked appetizer and 2 Strawberry Hennys instead of one. Will be thinking twice on going back to that location. So Angry and Upset.

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