Texas Direct AutoScam


To Management,

For whats its worth. I just want to pass on to your management team that I had a very unprofessional experience today with your salesman James Vu and other staff at your dealership that wasted my time. The ploy of letting people stand around while you act like you are looking for a vechicle and are interested in selling someone a car is a joke especially when you lie and never had the vechicle. I may be one but I will pass on to hundreds.

Just to let you know I went ahead and purchased another vechicle cash from a dealer right down the road from your company that did not act like you are at disney land while buying a vechicle. i ended up getting a better deal. So thank you.

I will also pass on to several friends of mine not to go to your Texas Direct Auto because they waste your time and the sales force are very arrogant. This was the worst experience I have ever had when it comes to shopping for a vechicle. Your staff may have fealt they won today but I can assure you I will let hundreds of people know how unprofessional your staff was today especially james vu.

Yours unimportant customer that does not forget.

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