Tempur-Pedicmattress topper and pillow

E Nov 25, 2017

I purchased the mattress topper and a pillow. When I received the order the first thing I noticed was the terrible smell. After smelling it I laid down on the topper and realized it was hard as a rock! After a week of back pain I couldn't take it any longer. I tried to return it and they battled me saying I couldn't. One representative told me her pillow was hard when she got it too but after about 30 days it was better (I'm guessing her neck adjusted to the pain). It took several phone calls to establish returning the topper and pillow and each call was as frustrating as the next. Each representative struggled with their "systems" and I was on hold most of the time wondering when the aggravation would be over. I was finally told I needed to return the pillow and should have received a return label (that never happened) and that the service set to call me to pick up the topper attempted to call me weeks prior (that never happened either). I would strongly recommend that you do not purchase from tempurpedic-save yourself the money and aggravation.

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