telkomservice not just serious it is ridiculous!

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My complaint about Telkom is not just serious it is ridicules. In the last six months our ADSL line were stolen 7 times the last time on the 20 October two days after they replaced the previous line that was stolen the fastest response time so far was four days but normally it takes 11 and it did take them 15 days once before to reconnect the line. And after talking to Supervisor this and supervisor that Manager here manager there the best on only solution they have is, wait until it happens again and come and reconnect the line again.

Please somebody help me as I don’t now what to do any more I phone customer care, customer care talked to managers and supervisors and they just don’t care.

Kind Regards,

  • Updated by Johan Jordaan · Feb 23, 2017

    I am Aletta Margaretha Jordaan. Id 660420 0004 086

    I have not received an account in over 14 months and I have phoned several numbers without success.

    I got hold of this site on internet and I want to my accounts to be sent via email.

    Cell no 081 443 6814
    Account number
    Oct 2016 = 500162 632010 31779958

    My email [email protected]

  • Updated by Nhlanhlo · May 21, 2018

    I have an account with telkom for 24 months. My contract says agreement of stallment of R129 but this month I'm paying more and my wi fi does not accommodate men during the day. I don't know what going on really.


  • Mj
    M JEEWA Sep 11, 2007

    I am waiting 2 months to get my ADSL going .I have already been billed for something I have not used yet.
    I have done all the complaints.

    Each call to 0800375375 takes 20 minutes to be answered and another 15 minutes to be assured that all will be okay within 48 hours. I am now at wits end as to what next.

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  • Mj
    M JEEWA Sep 22, 2007

    somebody from Telkom eventually calls to say that a technician will be sent to install the ADSL line.
    The technician makes his call at 3.15 pm on Friday. Checks out the existing line at home, says that he has to work on the line outside and that he is not sure if he will be able to finish on time because he knocks off work at 4.00 pm.
    He did " finish " his work and said he back on Monday to complete the job.
    I later tried using my phone, only to find that my line is dead.
    P.S. Monday happens to be a holiday.
    P.P.S. Stand-by for the next installment in this intriguing saga.

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  • Im
    imran Feb 17, 2008

    hi i also have problem with my telkom adsl they promise as adsl speed will 384kbs but i check my speed is like normal dial up connection i try to contact telkom at 0800375375 there is no reply after 1hour also i like to tell all south african friends plz don't apply for telkom adsl is real poor service

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  • Sa
    sardica davids Apr 23, 2008

    i have been waitig 14 days for my line to be reconnected after they threated to take us to court of credit courts made the payment now maybe we must threated them to take them to court !

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  • Fr
    Francois Jul 01, 2008

    I phoned the famous 0800 375 375 this morning. It took Telkom 3 hours and 46 minutes to answer the phone (must be some kind of record)! I received my reference number (like that actually means anything) and am yet to receive a call regarding the fault. We run our business off the ADSL so it is a really good thing we have IBurst as a backup solution to Telkom's pathetic excuse for an "internet solution". It is high time that someone like Neotel or anyone for that matter takes over the business ADSL in this country. I am afraid that "best effort" just does not cut it any more. Maybe 5 years ago, but times have changed. Maybe the businesses should all get together and make one private network of communication so we can actually get some work done for a change! 'concerned and angry'.

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  • So
    SONIA VAN JAARSVELD Sep 18, 2008

    I am a very frustrated and unhappy customer that really do not know what to do. My hands are tied. We reported our ADSL problem more than 2 weeks ago. We do not have Internet for 2 weeks, but are still paying for it. Last weekend our telephone line went completely dead. We have checked everything but cannot find the fault. When I reported the fault at 10212, they transferred me to the ADSL line and I must hold on for 20 min everytime. I cannot do that because I have a job where I will get fired for not doing my work, unlike Telkom employees. The more I explain to them that the ADSL line cannot be fixed and that they cannot phone us, because our tel line is dead, they still transfer me everytime. I have logged 2 calls already regarding the faulty line, they said they will confirm with sms. I have not received anything. My house alarm is connected to my home phone. If anything happens while my phone is still dead, I will sue Telkom, that is a promise. I have never been so frustrated in my life! Can somebody please do something? I cannot give all the call log numbers, because you do not have enough space. I will wait another day, if I do not receive any reply or service from Telkom, I will take this much further than phonecalls and an email!

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  • St
    Stefan Nov 05, 2008

    I would say that your English is RIDICULOUS. Look-up RIDICULES in the O.E.D.

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  • Un
    UnhappyTelkomCustomer Mar 31, 2010

    Hello, I also got some issues with Telkom. My line was installed in January 2010.
    I used the Self installation method after they told me it will be quicker.
    After the installation has been done, they reckoned that my line could not be converted to ADSL, which was originally a week after the installation and a couple of phone calls.
    I was then already boiling, and this comment just added the cherry on the cake.
    I told them they must cancel everything and remove the cables from my house. They cancelled the order... only to find out the Monday after that my line has been converted to ADSL, but the 384, not the 4mb line, this will take another week to test for 512, then another week to test for 1mb, then another week for the 4mb speed test...
    Eventually I told them to leave it on the 384... 2 weeks went by before I bought a modem on my phone account, after struggling to get ORDERS removed from my name... I do not even know what orders... I got my modem and bought a phone also to find out that my line is not working... the same weekend I got the line working and activated my ISP, I had 2 hours of internet... all went bad again, the Wednesday after I got connected again, for 3 hours... that was then when my LINE GOT STOLEN... I called Telkom from my cell on numerous occasions, also from work, 3 times a day. I spoke to 3 supervisors, and about 5 call centre agents. My line is still not fixed. This is now 31 March, 2 months and 10 days and still not connected. The other thing is, I called one night, just after 6 o clock, and eventually got hold of the supervisor, he suggested that I can apply for a wimax connection at no additional fee... but the department i need to apply for it is already closed, I called the next morning after checking on the internet what this connection require, i checked costing and all that ridiculous things... the reply from the agent was: Sir, that service has been discontinued last year already... My reply was: Now why the F*** do you still advertise it then???? And why do your agents tell me all of these f***** s***... don’t they know their products and services they provide??
    I say it now and now only: I am sick and tired of waiting, Telkom will not refund me for the calls I made from my cell to them, I calculated it at about 3 hours... they will not refund me for my ISP I had to pay before activating my service... they will not refund me for the financial loss I had for not to be able to do my work... they will not refund me for the installation fee and the first month rental I paid after being told they will suspend my service if I do not pay... what service... i do not know, cause F***ol worked anyway.
    By the way, they told me that they will not help me if I shout and scream at them, they even hung up on me a few times… I just got to a point where I could not go any further, ran into a solid concrete wall every time I called…
    Telkom unfortunately sits with all the HARDWIRE monopoly; it is about time that South Africa gets hold of another provider.

    I totally agree with all the comments that were posted in this forum. I am sorry about all the *** I wrote... please forgive, but do not forgive Telkom.
    It costs me now 900 bucks just to get no satisfaction... PS: that is without the calls and effort from my side, the money I must still pay for the modem and the phone I bought for 200 bucks. That also excludes the service provider I paid.

    Telkom said that after the line got stolen 15 times, they look for alternatives... my line got stolen 52 times. No alternatives available... only 3G which I do not want, why must I pay 300 bucks for 50mb if I can get uncapped adsl access for 219 from MWEB???

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  • Ja
    James brown dean Jun 02, 2010

    Telkom is the Worst Company ever! The call centres are the biggest joke. Each call centre agent gives a different story and refers you to a different number ending up in confusion. No- one wants to take ownership of a call!!! The menu system when calling the helpline SUCKS!!! bunch of [censor]s that set it up!! I went to the Telkom store to cancel a line!! the consultant called the Telkom helpline for assistance!!! WHAT A HUGE TRAGEDY!!! So I sat for 30Minutes waiting for nothing, I was sent back without being helped. BUT ITS THE TELKOM STORE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Bunch of IDIOTS!!! So, they cant help you over the phone, nor can they help you in the store!!! [censor]S!!!

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  • Wi
    Willie Ras Jan 31, 2011

    Hi, I live in Kuruman and adsl is the only viable option i have for internet access. On the 4th of November 2010 we had a veld fire that burnt the overhead lines down the street. I reported the problem and after numerous calls to the call centre, a month later the lines were replaced. So, hopefull and happy that the lines were replaced and thinkin ill be up `n running again soon i waited another 4 week for the "JOINTERS" to do the connections.. Now after two months wait and frustration i get excited again, my lines are going to be fixed.

    Low and behold they connected it again but now my speed have dropped from 3800kbps to 670kbps... Not only is it slow but it keeps disconnecting. Some services are totally unavailable. I am lucky if i can update my anti-virus. I still get billed the full amount and i still have to pay axxess my subscription as well. It is the end of January today and still nothing is done to fix my line. I have so many reference and escalation numbers i dont even know which ones to use anymore. What can we do???? Telkom just don't care.

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  • Ka
    Kaizo Mar 23, 2011

    I know exactly how some of you feel here. My DSL line has been down for 2 months now, due to "Cable Theft" regardless of the fact the people up the road from me, and across the road from me and down the road from me all got telephone lines working 100%. Telkom has been working for the past month just outside my area laying a new fibre cable, but they only work 4hrs a day and not a second more, which means things take extremely long to get done. I recently called to get a progress report from them on the status of the new line, only to find out that it's going to take them another 2 months just to figure out how to connect the line :/

    So here I am paying for my ISP connection every month wasting loads money thanks to this terrible company TELKOM, but thankfully managed to force Telkom into refunding me fully including VAT for every month my line is out. It's disgusting this company is allowed to monopolise the industry in SA, even though that goes directly against our constitution. They are prime trash, ranked #1 for the worst service, worst product and worst managed.

    Everyone hates Telkom, EVERYONE! They truly are what people call them, South Africa's Handbrake, and thanks to our pathetic corrupt ANC government, who has their greedy damn hands in telkom, we can't get rid of this pathetic company.

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  • Te
    TelkomHATER Apr 21, 2011

    Telkom SUCKS. Our ADSL line stopped working around the 20th of March, I logged the complaint on the 28th of March. Ten our Phone line stops working too. After several calls a technician comes to check the telephone line on the 8th of April and says that our cable needs to be replaced and that cable people will come tomorrow. A week went by and nothing. So i called them again and no one answered the phone after 40minutes. I called again the next day and now claim that the cables were stolen and that only on the 7th of july can it be replaced. Finally had to use a friend to contact a higher up person. That same day the cable people came and funnily enough the cable were all there and they claimed lightning damage. They said they will be back the next day as it would be a long job as the driveway needed to be dug up. That was 2 days ago, still no response. I HATE TELKOM!!!

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  • Za
    zandile gobeni Jun 06, 2011

    i also hate telkom my mother apllied for reconnection in 2004 and she paid but she never get service she wanted i believe telkom are racist becoz if it was english they would have reconnected line their service is pathetic you can contact me at 0722753272

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  • Pi
    pissed of telkom subscriber Jun 27, 2011

    Zandile, how would you know if they are racist? Do you have any proof besides your paranoia?

    Most telkom employee's from my experience arnt even english.


    Telkom need to update their phoning system, the options prescribed on the website are incorrect.

    The call center operators are unskilled and are reading from a list of possible faults/symptoms with their supposed fixes.

    Basically, very few of them actually know what they are talking about as they are just reading a list telling you what to do to fix your problem, so when what they tell you does not work and they have no solution they just hang the phone up on you (this has happened 3 time's to me in the last 2 and a half hours)

    If you call them 5 minutes before the office closes they will just hang up on you.

    If you ask for a supervisor they will just hang up on you.


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  • No
    noncedo Nov 19, 2015

    I have a problem with Telkom account I had a contract with them that I believe was supposed to be closed in June 2015, because contract has ended. my ID NO: 8406260764080, contact no 0838916621. I was surprised to receive a statement stating that I owe them R270. On the below mentioned date and time I went to Maponya mall branch to query and they referred me their costumer care center that i called and tried to explain that on June 2015 i went to Maponya mall branch to clase the account and i was assisted, they filed a form to close account, i gave them my ID and they confiremed that account will be closed. My account was never closed because i could use the account . I then decided to call the contact center and they said i have an outstanding balance in July but because I am not working I couldn't pay it and paid in August an amount of 1330 and called them to close the account and they agreed to do so. Someone called me again asking if I will like to continue with the contract and I strongly said NO and believed that my account will be closed. Now they say I must fill in the closure form again and pay the outstanding amount, I am really disappointed and do not know what to do since I am unemployed pls assist . I am afraid that i will be black listed for something that i do not know and not even using worse of all i never renewed the contract.

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  • Re
    renecarstens Jan 10, 2016

    Telkom does not give a tosh about any of their Clients. Since the new South Africa they appointed a FAT UNEDUCATED as a CEO at TELKOM who does nothing, knows nothing, though she has everything while the poor Clients keep on complaining while she is just smiling. Businesses should get together and sue Telkom for all the losses incurred. This is one company that must be given to the private sector 100% - no more government interference, may be we could actually employ a CEO that knows everything and does something for a change.

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  • Re
    Reviewer97735 Mar 05, 2016

    My telephone line has been down since the 09/02/2016 Reference Number 38785. No feedback, emails or calls regarding when this will be fixed. We have had numerous problems with this landline and it takes Telkom over a month to fix. I have been to the Telkom shop every second day to report this matter to only hear they are working on the problem. But to no avail and all we see is vans in our area all the time and they cant help. Disguising service TELKOM !! Can someone HELP!!!

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  • In
    Ina Wentzel Mar 15, 2016

    I am trying since December 2015 to get our line installed. Since then they keep making "all day" appointments without showing up. Each time I have to be available for the whole day.

    14 March 2016 I once again received sms stating installation is scheduled for 15-03-16. On 15 March 2016 at 16h40 I received sms stating technician has been dispatched to install line. Appointments are made to be available from 7h30-16h00.

    This has been the pattern since December 2015.

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  • Ro
    Ron Rutter Mar 29, 2016


    My latest reference is 933CRK160316 with an escalation number 8338997.

    I phoned again on Monday 21 March 2016 to find out the progress of my complaint and was told a technician will come around on the 23rd March at 12 noon.

    No one called to fix up my problem.

    When you see the photos you will see the standard of work that is being done by TELKOM.

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  • Si
    siyabonga Mar 30, 2016

    2016-03-23 I requested contract of laptop instead I was given Ideapad wen returning to store to exchange good because it not wht requested their refused informing me I hv to pay upfront for contract fees and start another contract after 3days of running around been told to go bk to person who did contract for me

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  • Pr
    Pradeep Raghava Apr 26, 2016

    Reference number is 537CRK290316.

    We been following up with telkom from 45 days but still issue not resolved. we are chasing them on calls but seems to be they don't have any respect to there customers.
    They are giving some vague answer saying team is working and they are going fix at the earliest, but i don't know " why they maintaining incapable or ineffective team to handle things". sorry to say this, but what should we think if issue remains same even after 45 days.

    Finally the worst service i even seen.

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  • Em
    Emilia68 Jun 03, 2016

    In March 2016 I requested, in writing, that Telkom mobile cancel 2 mobile contract lines. It is now June and I am still being billed for the lines and no cancellations have taken place. Every time i phone and send another query i am told that it will be escalated but nothing has happened.

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  • Ma
    Make Jun 03, 2016

    I recently moved into a new house, and obviously wanted my Telkom Adsl line moved. So I gave them a call on the 12th March 2010 and asked for them to move it. Had no problems with that call. A week later (19th March) I received a call from one of the technicians asking me if I would be at home so he could do the install. I told him I would be home at 3:00pm. I arrived at home and waited. He never arrived or even called to let me know what was happening.

    I received no call in the next week, and so decided to call Telkom and ask what was the delay. They told me that I would have to wait till the 31st March for the technician to come through. The 31st came and went and still there was no call from the technician. I have been calling everyday since then and was told that yesterday (8th April)) would be the day. Guess what, still waiting for my call from the technician. I tried to call them today and actually asked to speak to the Manager, and they cut me off.

    All I want is the Adsl line, and I'm quite upset with how Telkom SA treats its customers. The service and response time is disgusting.

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  • Mo
    mowbray Aug 23, 2016

    I send in 2 times a form for Cancellation.
    2 times a get an automatic answer that a agent will contact me.
    I went to a store to ask them. In the system the saw that I send in a form for Cancellation. I WANT MY DEPOSIT BACK.
    The Cancellation should be happend at 10-08-2016.
    When would it be Cancelleld
    Ident nu: 530606 6298 080

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  • Eu
    Eunice Van Rooyen Aug 13, 2018

    How is it possible not to be able to cansel or upgrate wifi. Been at a telkom shop numerous time just to be told they cannot assist me. Online i cannot be assisted because i forgot my password... i have moved to a new location and must pay for a service i dont have. I have payed more that R800 for a device that was not even connected

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  • Ni
    Nicolien71 Aug 14, 2018

    I am verry consern about telkom. I did call every day after i paid a deposit to get adsl roeter and i hear today that they canseled the deal. I had to start over with the deal. What will have happend with my deposit if did not call them. This is going on know from the day they called me.

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  • Im
    Imoz Aug 14, 2018

    Telkom is just not the same as it used to be... more than 2 months and they still haven't sorted out the cables in Sherwood area in Durban... Every time I call to complain they tell me they can't give me a turn around time..They put you on hold for more than 20 minutes before they answer.. why is it so difficult to get cables

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  • Ed
    Edgar Vuvu Mavuthela Thomo Aug 14, 2018

    I complained to Telkom mobile about my LTE, it was working since I got it and recently I can't connect no internet I phoned call center and I was told that there is no problem with my service and still there is no internet, I did the settings still nothing is happening, I don't know where to report

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  • El
    Ellefleur Aug 15, 2018

    This line came onto my bill BUT
    I NEVER APPLIED FOR THIS LINE. I NEED IT CANCELED URGENTLY as I am paying for this line. I cannot manage to cancel it online

    When will Telkom refund me?

    [email protected]

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  • Ga
    Gary - Strata Mining Aug 15, 2018

    The number provided on this website does not exist.
    Will file complaint via another channel.

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  • Da
    Daisy Aricksamy Aug 15, 2018

    Telkom has been debiting my account even though i have no contract with them.
    Despite numerous calls to them i have found no solution to this problem. They even debit my account in the middle of the month and their customer service is pathetic .

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  • Cy
    Cynthia.123 Aug 20, 2018

    Good day i was at Telkom in shelly beach south coast. Employee Clive is working there he is so drunk and stinks of alchol. Can bearly stand on his feet. Keep on bumping into customers. I dont think he should be at work while drunk. Clive went into edgars and the security gaurd threw him out.

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  • Nh
    Nhlanhlo Aug 20, 2018

    Hi I have contracts with telkom wi fi I suppose to pay R129 every months but now my bill is up with out knowing it no one bothered to call me about this again my wi fi is not working during the day I want to know why and why if the send statement they is statement of someone else

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  • An
    Anika Harmzen Aug 20, 2018

    No Telkom service from 17.02.2017 up till now, apparently my contracts have been cancelled but nobody can confirmed by whom. They are now charging me cancellation fees of over the R10 000.00.

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  • De
    deleen Aug 20, 2018

    good day

    i have sent many emails to [email protected] with the ref 28596103
    he has not gotten back to me since 07/04/2018

    i have tried since dec to sort the issue out and no one is able to help me
    what do i have to do to get this done.

    is hello peter the next step ... let me know

    please email me or call my mother on 0723026906

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  • El
    Elna Van Zyl Aug 20, 2018

    Good day
    Could you please assist me with my landline which is not working. I have reported it already 3 times and have 3 different reference numbers, still no feedback from Telkom and landline still not fixed.

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  • Pi
    Piethoffman Aug 20, 2018

    Two ref nr, s
    Data is off since 11/05/2018 and no technician have contact me yet

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  • Be
    Belinda Findlay Aug 20, 2018

    From the 24 April we are waiting for Telkom to come and fix a business line that is not working:
    Reference numbers:
    Call centre is of no help and we urgently need this business line to be working. This is Ridiculous!!!
    Why do you pay a bill if your line is not working???

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  • Se
    Sean Walton Aug 20, 2018

    We ordered a line on 4 occations already just to be told it cannot be installed. There is fibre next door to my fathers home but he cannot get a line. Order: 187161722. This is really a bad service delivered by Telkom.

    Sean Walton

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  • Ki
    Kirsten Starkey Aug 20, 2018

    NB NB!!! We have had no internet connection since Wednesday 25 April, I live in Greenstone Hill, JHB 1609. Can anyone let me know when this will be restored? I am still paying for my subscription, this is getting ridiculous now! Are they aware of the problem?

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