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S Dec 03, 2019

I have phoned Telkom on 5 occasions so far to complain about the following:-
The cable that connects my Telkom landline to the telephone pole outside my property has become detached from the top of the pole. It is lying across the property next to my house and across my stoep. Its dangerous and the wire is getting chaffed as it rubs on the wall. The wire can easily get stolen. I have to walk under the hanging down wire to my gate.
The dates I phones are 21st November, 26th November, 28th November, 30th November and today 3rd December. I was given two reference numbers - 1st 1291 and then 915377. Each time I phone I am assured that my message will be passed on to the correct department but so far nobody has contacted me from Telkom to tell me what they are going to do about it.
Please can you come back to me with some kind of answer.
Sincerely S van Oudtshoorn.

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