Telkom SA SOCunethical behavior, poor service.

T Jul 11, 2019

On numerous occasions have I paid my account with Telkom and then my service was suspended for no reason whatsoever. It seems who ever is responsible to process the payment does not do it in time and my service gets suspended. I have been to the Telkom branch East Rand Mall plenty of times and whenever I go there, they are "OFF LINE". The service received from this store was pathetic to say the least. The last straw was when I spoke to customer care agent TSHIMANGA DZO who treated me appallingly. I do hope you have the recorded telephonic conversation where I asked him numerous times to speak to his manager. He refused that and would not give me the opportunity to speak as he kept on interrupting me when I tried to speak to him. I am now at the point where I can renew my contract with Telkom. I AM NOT RENEWING my contract thanks to this individual and general bad service from Telkom. I am so glad to soon be rid of Telkom's unprofessional and pathetic customer care.
Tom Combrink.

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