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A Jul 19, 2019


i recently got a new telkom mobile contract. this is when my nightmare began. I have always had a telkom fibre at home with no problems whatsoever.
as soon as my new cell line was activated, it has now combined my accounts which i did not ask for as my mobile number is paid by my employer and i need to have two separate accounts.
subsequently, on the 18th of the month, i get a notice to say my credit limit was exceeded ( dont know exactly what that is ) and then i am cut off on my mobile and home fibre.
upon enquiring, i am told i am not in arrears as my payment is only due the 5th of every month but i must pay now to be reconnected??????
also, the cheek they have is to charge me a reconnection fee even though i am not in arrears...wth ???

worst decision to move..they are hopeless and useless

my number is [protected]

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