Telkom SA SOCpoor internet service, poor customer service

H Aug 03, 2018

We have been battling with Telkom and their consultants as well as host master since last year August.
This is an on going battle phoning them at least once a day. No one is trained or qualified or prepared to assist you are transferring your call to a higher authority to sort out our problem once and for all.
We asked the question; " why are our domain zafdist emails not being received from our clients but yet when we ask our clients to forward the mails to the Telkom sa domain then we receive the emails." This has caused loss of revenue. We changed over to the Fibre network and this has in fact escalated our internet problem. Can someone contact us with regards to this before we decide to change service providers. We are fed up... The consultants say they cannot pick up a problem on their side however we still have a problem on our side. [protected].Surely there must be a Regional Manager who knows her/his job..We have sent proof of customer emails to host master. Xolile could not help us... no response further

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