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Telkom SA SOC review: Drastically reduce data offering to unduly profit from (covert - 19)

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Telkom mobile is taking advantage of people during this coronavirus outbreak, yesterday (23/03/2020) they changed their data offerings knowing that people will be using data at home and the demand of data for surfing, downloading and streaming would increase.
For instance if you purchased a 5 gig freeme boost package you would get: (5 gigs all network, 5 gigs lit music, 500 megs whatsapp and 25 gig video streaming) for r305.
Now a similar bundle that they offer would be a freeme 6 gig bundle (r289) that packaged in the following way: (4 gig all network, 1 gig whatsapp, no lit music and 1 gig video streaming)
If you look at how telkom has packed their new bundles it is clear that this a rip off, the president of the country said in his speech yesterday that no business should take advantage of this corona outbreak and national lockdown to unduly profit themselves.
I am planning to email my complaint to the competition commission, and to anyone reading this I would advise you to consider other providers like rain mobile of someone else.

Buy taking away 25 gigs of free video streaming and replacing it with 1 gig video streaming, telkom just made a difficult situation even more harder when you are expected to be locked up indoors with nothing to do.

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