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Telebrands Pasta BoatWrong Item Being Sent

I saw a commercial for Pasta Boat on TV and ordered one.

When they sent me an email to confirm it had been shipped, it did NOT say Pasta Boat. It said Pasta N More.

Guess what? I did NOT order Pasta N More.

They pulled the EXACT SAME thing on me with their Windshield Wonder.

When I ordered the Windshield Wonder, they sent me the Glass Wizard with a lame piece of paper inside saying this was the "DELUXE" version of Windshield Wonder.

If that was the case, why on the box was there NO MENTION at all of it being a Windshield Wonder???

I know these products perform the same function, but they are NOT the same item.

If I order something, I expect to get what I ordered.

And IF they want to send me something else, they should notify me first to see if I want the other item.

Needless to say I am angry about this, otherwise I would not take all this time to complain about it.

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