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Worx / RW Direct Complaints & Reviews

Worx / RW Direct / Battery doesn't hold charge, fraudulent claims

Oct 26, 2016

Very cheap tools. I'm on my 2nd battery replacement. Battery fails to hold charge constantly!!! This yard tool is only as good as its lithium battery. Every time i use it, I'm lucky if i get 3 minutes of use out of it after i give it the recommended 3 hour charge. It...

Workx / Want to cancel

Jul 25, 2015

Saw this on the web site, tried to order. Kept getting PUSHED to order other parts. finally said cancel my order. Here it is now and I do not wan't it !!! Will send it back. Please refund my money. Am not happy being pushed to buy other parts to go with it as I said. Because of that I do not want your product !!!

Worx 2 in 1 cordless li-ion grass trimmer/edger / Battery gives no power to tool

May 22, 2015

I own a 2 in 1 cordless li-ion grass trimmer/edger. I charged the battery to begin using it this year and after charging the green light appeared on the charger and when I put the battery in to the tool and tried to use it I had very little power to trim the grass and it even quit on me. I...

Worx 36V, 19 inch cut / Product reliability

Jul 16, 2014

I first bought one of these mowers 5 years ago. It worked fine for one mowing season. By the end of the second mowing season, it would not completely cut my 5, 000 square-foot yard on a single battery charge. I tried for almost the entire third mowing season to buy a new battery, but they...

Worx / false advertising

Jan 21, 2013

I bought the 5 piece kit that states you get a free battery when you redgister online. You do not get a free battery. This is just so you buy the kit. The custumer services are aragant and have the attitude, (im alright, f*k you) was told on the phone. Avoid at all costs couse by the time...

WORX battery / customer service

May 01, 2012

I'm on my 2nd Worx battery and now trying to purchase a 3rd from the company. I ordered online, but after nearly a month I still don't have the replacement. I've sent several emails to their contact site with NO responses & finally called them. I was on hold for 28 minute...

Worx Positec / Faulty Batteries

Oct 01, 2011

I purchased a WORX 2 in 1 cordless LI-ON grass trimmer edger. Advertised as a trimmer with a battery that would last 45mins after charged.The trimmer is very good, but the batteries are completely useless. I have had numerous batteries and chargers replaced, The last two batteries lasted 3...

Worx / Worx Lithium battery

Jun 06, 2011

Do not buy Worx Products The Worx Lithium battery is the pits. It worked for two weeks, then quit. The Charger red light flashed while the battery was on the charger. Was told by tech that battery was defective. I bought a new battery, again worked for two weeks, then same thing happened...

Worx Yard Tools/weed eater / weed eater/trimmer

May 26, 2011

We purchase the weed eater last year. we were gone to Alabama for 10 months, we started to use the weed eater and will not stay charge, although the chargers says it (green) ready for use. They have sent us 3 new batteries and the problem consists with each one. They give a phone number to...

Worx / Do not buy

May 26, 2011

The Worx Lithium battery is the pits. It worked for two weeks, then quit. The red light flashed while the battery was on the charger. Was told by tech that battery was defective. Called customer service, was on hold for an hour; finally recieved replacement battery, and I'm now having...

WORX GT Trimmer/Edger / Terrible Service/Terrible Product

May 12, 2011

I purchased an L24WG165X1P-24V WORX GT TRIMMERon June 30, 2010. I have used it for about a total of 30 minutes. The battery will not stay charged. It works for about 5 minutes, then needs recharging. This happens even though I fully followed instructions that came with it. When trying to...

Worx GT Trimmer / bad product, false advertising

May 10, 2011

Bought product online first of august last year. I used it a few times before the season was over, and stored it indoors, following all precautions to avoid killing the batteries. Come spring, one battery wouldn't chage at all, called and getting another one sent to me via warranty...

Worx grass trimmer / battery

May 10, 2011

As advertised, the Worx grass trimmer was supposed to go around a football field twice without charging it. Ours is out in 20 minutes. We want a new charger or a complete refund.

worx cordless weed trimmer / faulty equip

Apr 26, 2011

i purchased a worx weed trimmer almost a year ago the first 5 uses it only worked for 30 minutes now it only works for 4 minutes i have tried to contact the company numerous times but they dont answer the phones i have 11 hours waiting on hold i would like them to honor the warranty .i am not sure if its the battery or a faulty machine

WORX YARD tOOLS / Lithium battery/charger

Apr 15, 2011

I purchase this worx GT trimmer, edger last june, 2010. I only use this..trimmer 3 times. After the first use; the battery went dead, the second and the third. This is a piece of junk!!! I want my money back or a Better battery, and charger.OH!!! WOW!! this product was made in China.Not...

Worx GT / Buyer beware

Mar 14, 2011

I Purchased a Worx Gt in March. Battery does not last to go around 1 foodball fields 2 times as advertised. The unit appears to be well constructed but its utility far less than what has been advertised. I have emailed them twice about the problem. It has been used about 5 times thi...

WORX Trimmer / Junk-false advertising

Feb 14, 2011

Wasted good money on this product. The first battery stayed charged for 15 minutes and went bad after just two weeks. They did send me a new battery which again held a charge for 15 minutes. Now they are playing games with me. They claimed they would send me a new charger because now they...

WORX Trimmer Edger / Good Service


Great Service no complaint! WORX by Positecusa now has GREAT SERVICE! I just wanted to let you all know that PositecUSA company, the distributors of the WORX Edger/trimmer is now doing a great job of handling customer complaints. I was able to get through via email to a customer service...

Worx GT / Battery/Charger (Poor customer service)


I purchased a Worx GT approx. two months ago. I have only used this product twice. After the second time using it the battery stopped charging. I am not sure if this is the charger or the battery, but now I have this two month old trimmer that will not work. I sat on the phone for over an...

Worx Trimmer/Blower Batteries / No charge, loses charge customer service sucks!


Bought whole set when product first came out. Bought extra battery as recommended by other customers before me. Under two years my biggest frustration is the battery life. Absolute crap. Trimmer string doesn't automatically feed. I have a very small front yard, and two batterie...

Worx GT / poor service, false adv.


Purchased a Worx Gt in April. Battery does not last to go around 3 foodball fields as advertised. I get about 15-20 on a charge and it takes 24 hours for a new charge. Now the battery will not charge at all. I think it is the charger. I have emailed them twice about the problem. It has been used about 9 times this summer.

Workx GT trimmer/edger / Poor product /Customer Service-DO NOT BUY!!


I purchased the GT Trimmer and Blower combo with the lithium battery on April 26, 2010. I began using the product in mid June, and after approximately six uses, the battery will not hold a charge. I am not sure if the problem is the battery itself or the charger. I sent several email...

worx cordless tools / customer service


They must be relying on there product which is good but there CUSTOMER SERVICE was one of the worst I ever dealt with.Not once did they respond to my e-mails, they lie to me about my order when I received my order which was the cordless blower/sweeper their was NO battery there was a...

Worx / lack of power


The power of this trimmer was very disappointing. It may trim short grass 3 times around a football field as in the TV ad, but in my yard it could not trim the tall grass around posts, under steps, and around areas my lawnmower cannot reach, as it struggled to trim and stay up to power. I...

Worx-WG780 / Gave me the run around for nothing


4/6/2010, Order lawnmower over phone to pickup at store. Rep tells me it is in stock. I price match with, get great deal on mower, rep says hes charging $370 to my credit card (otherwise it would be $492 w/o price match). I drive to store, find out they don't have it in...

Workx GT trimmer/edger / Poor product


Product does not work as advertised. Battery life is much shorter than stated and takes longer to charge than stated as well (if you can get the battery to charge). Infomercial states that the line automatically feeds which it does about 20% of the time.

Worx Edger / Do not waste your time


Don't waste your time but mostly your money on the Worx trimmer/edger that is advertised on tv. It doesn't work like as it is shown on tv...Shipping charges are unreal. If you do decide to try it and change your mind and want to return it. Be prepared to pay in excess of $50.00...