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Every day certain channels will intermittently lose signal. Channel 19 is worse during daytime programming, but isnt a lot better at night. For what i pay, i expect better service. This has been happening for about a year. I just found this site to lodge a complaint. I will continue to complain until a resolution is found, or i give up and go with a satelite company.


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    Steve Reese Apr 09, 2019

    We have had TDS TV service for exactly one year. My bill has been $57.61, but now it has skyrocketed to $79.66! My homeowners association pays for some of the TV bill, but the person I talked to did not have any information. After waiting over one hour to talk to a service person, she said she would transfer me to another service person. She said that the transfer would take just a few seconds...they hung up on me!!!

    The "lack-of-service" person said that after two years, the rate goes up...uh...we have had it barely one year!

    TDS seems like an operation without internal communication, without adequate service person training, without a stable platform, without prompt customer service, without leadership.

    I hope this message gets out to as many current and potential TDS customers as possible. Really, something needs to be done for TDS to remain relevant.

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