TDS Telecomterrible service and customer service


I am in a remote area that TDS accuired 3 years ago. I bought off on their 15 mg service and have never gotten above 2.5 mg's. When I contacted them the last time about this they offered me $10 off per month for a year. BS!! I will be initiating a class action lawsuit. Interested? [protected]


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    Marrbarr Aug 19, 2013

    I am actually in talks with my law firm about this company about their billing practices. One of my employees signed a 5 year contract with them. We subsequently moved our offices to an area where they do not offer service and they are holding me liable for about 3 years of service that I cannot use. There are other very questionable practices that we are also looking into.

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    inave Jul 19, 2015

    TDS has even worse customer service than Comcast--and I never would have thought that was possible! Our service goes in and out on a regular basis. My husband has now been on hold with TDS for 22 minutes. This is completely unacceptable. We have had problems with our billing, as well. DO NOT ACQUIRE THIS SERVICE. No TV is better than TDS TV!

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  • Ob
    obi195111 Feb 26, 2016

    Very slow service even with high speed. Works well only during wee hours of the morning. During heavy use it is very bad.

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  • Monopoly in Leakesville, MS and do not provide services at speeds contracted!! CROOKS!!!

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