TDS TelecomDial up for the Internet/no DSL


I am a customer of TDS Telecom and have been since moving here 21 years ago. They provide our telephone service as well as our internet service which I have. I have had a computer for the past 9 years with a dail up speed of 48-50 in 2000 and NOW IT IS 26.4. After this morning attempting to order books for Christmas gifts from Amazon & spending one and one- half hours to order 5 (which should have gone quickly) I have no more patience left with this carrier. I have called and called and keep asking when are we going to get DSL and all they do is put us on a stupid tracking list. I live up state route 621 in Craig County, VA, and we are not as remote as other remote areas in this county and THEY HAVE DSL. Dial up is just CRAP for service! I am 68 yrs. old and all I do is wait, wait & wait. I am wasting my life sitting at this durn computer with TDS as carrier & will probably die in front of the durn thing before TDS gets off their "tuckus" and gets us DSL. If I had the extra cash I would certainly have purchased either or for my carrier, but I am retired and single and too disabled to work any more to purchase another carrier. When my son's family gave me my computer as I retired it was the most wonderful means of communicating I had ever seen. It was my entertainment, loved to browse the websites and it still is educational. Now it is nothing but an aggravation!

I keep calling and asking when we are going to have DSLK in my area. My friend over in the same county, but more remote got DSL a couple of weeks ago and that is definitely in the durn boondocks!

This situation is nothing but a "hemorrhoid." You get the drift!

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