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Target And Ez Towingshopping at target can get your car towed


Watch out when you park at Target. You might get your car towed with EZ towing. They are working together. Also at BJ and the other stores. I will never go to Target it again. They act like they did not call the tow company but you work together. I shopped there and then my car was towed about 30 hour later..And Target can give a rats a...
Becare, I would not shop in this area. Go to other cities...


  • Im
    ImRightYouKnow Sep 26, 2009 shopped at Target for 30 hours? Jesus. Guess what, its a parking lot, not a driveway. And Target, like many corporations, might have a contract with a tow company. The company comes when the store is closed, takes note of what vehicles are still there, and if they are there the next night then they tow them. Target probably didn't call, idiot. Hey, here is a though, don't leave your car there for 30 hours taking a spot that another customer could use.

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  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper Sep 26, 2009

    Just so you know Wal mart and Kmart and Sears and Sams Club etc... Have same policy if car is there even over night it gets towed 30 HOURS??? I am surprised you are complaining about that what did you expect them to do they cant even clean the parking lot.

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  • Wi
    winston legtheigh Oct 13, 2009

    You left your car on their property for an unacceptable amount of time. The parking lot is for you when you shop not to be abused by use as your personal lot. Can i leave my car in your driveway for 30 hrs?

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  • Ea
    eagle69 Feb 26, 2010

    are you stupid???!!! maybe next time you should think about buying a watch and some reading glasses. DDDDUUUUMMMMBBBB

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  • De
    Dead Bird Cage Aug 16, 2010

    I'm thinking the person means 30 minutes to an hour. Come on now. But I did not he was from a state that does not school their kids well. Or maybe he was just from the South.

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  • Ra
    RandomUnicorn Nov 11, 2010

    Um if you left your car in any stores lot for 30 hours they would tow it. They tend to take notice of cars that hang around for prolonged periods of time. Granted maybe if you were having car trouble, and went in to tell them "hey my car broken down in your lot can you please make sure it doesn't get towed?" They may have been more considerate.

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