Takealot.comterrible service


I ordered a product 3 days ago from Today I get an email that the product is out of stock with the supplier (reef aquatics) and it will take six days for me to get my money back.

I then call reef aquatics who surprisingly has stock and ship for next day delivery.

The folks at takealot are just lying. I received an "apology" email from them not apologising for lying to me or some admin error, but rather to say that they are sorry that I "feel the way I do".

I also call there customer care number and explain. The operator cant do anything but refer me to a supervisor (who is busy at the moment) but will call me back in less than 20min. Its been way past that and still no call. Hence this post.

Stay away. They will take your money, not deliver and you will have to wait a week for you to get your money back.

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