Takealotpre ordering a game

R Aug 11, 2018

I ordered call of duty black ops 4 the 10th of august on Playstation 4. I am a content creator and needed the private beta codes. The beta launched 7pm ths 10th of august. I waited, got no codes, at 7pm I was getting pissed because I didn't receive anything. I send an email but the person that cane back had no clue what a beta even was! The 11th of august I was really pissed because still no code and I need the code for the private beta, my career is on the line but takealot doesn't give a [censored] about it. It just said wait until monday and monday the beta is gone, so a whole weekend of playing has gone to waste and I cannot produce any content to my subscribers! This is the absolute last time im using takealot to buy games. If the delivery is delayed for the products delivery of 12 october 2018, I will be beyond mad!

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