Take a Lotshameless exploitation


Hi, firstly I did complaint to Proctor & Gamble who is the original importers to no avail, secondly I submitted a review on the product on take a lot to warn consumers but take a lot did not post the review. I bought 2 x Braun series 7 shavers from take a lot, paid R1700 on special per unit. I then bought two cutter cartidges at R400 each from another party(should be replaced ever 12 - 14 months). Now P&G dont import the maintenance parts for the shavers anymore and take a lot sells the cartidge at R1900??? Shortage of supply amd take a lot and their supplier dont mind on bit to exploit the situation on bit. Why sell a product that needs maintenance parts if you are not sure if you will be able to supply the maintenamce part and if you can stock it then charge an INSANE price. You buy a manual razor knowing that the cartridges will cost you a heavy penny but you buy an electric shaver as an investment, FYI the cartidges that does not have a supply issue is R350 - R 450 on take a lot... that says a lot, very poor practice from take a lot, P&G and Braun in total a brand name with very very dissapointing after sales service from all parties involved

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