Bridgeport Taco John'sthe manager at taco john's

I was in taco John's the other day and the manager on that day was so rude to the customers and employees what I don't like is that the one employee that got fired was trying to ignore while she was getting the customers food when she hollowed at her and when she said let me finish the order is the manager got all mad and told her to leave cause she was fired I have been in retail business for a while and I know that customers come first she left and know body new what order she has doing and then the whole day she just kept running her mouth this is a small community and when something like that is heard the whole community will stop going in there cause they don't want to be treated like that I think the manager should be fired and let the person back that was fired

  • Updated by L Teppert, Oct 01, 2019

    I was in the bridgeport locations the other day when I happened to see the manager start hollowing at another employee which the employy that got fired for doing her job was ask to leave in the middle of helping a customer this is a small town and when people act like they will not go in there anymore so I think you need to get rid of the problem cause it seems like no one can work with her you should fire her and let the other employee that was fired come back your manager is very disgusting pig to employees and customers very rude and something better get done before nobody will not even go in there anymore cause they don't want to be treated like animals

Oct 01, 2019

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