T Mobile LG Optimus L9 P769disappointed replacement directives


Disappointing, I can relate. I purchased the LG Optimus L9 P769(t mobile prepaid wireless) from best buy Jan 2013 for my husband George Williams. My husband thought the phone was the best for the bucks only paying $200. Than about a month ago, give or take, he tried to power the phone on and got nothing but a black screen with no response at all. Because the phone was still under warrenty, per the instruction on the best by receipt, I was to call the manufacturer T mobile. I contacted T mobile customer service and in formed the rep of the issue my husband was having, the phone was not coming on when power button pushed. The rep tried to troubleshoot the phone, along with trying to do a reset. Nothing worked phone still would not power on. The rep then informed me, I would have to return the phone to t mobile and a replacement phone would be sent to my husband, which was ok. The rep stated to remove the sims and memory card and any additional personal items that have been added to the phone, and return to the address given me making sure insurance and tracking number was obtain when returning phone and it would take 5 to 7 business day. All this my husband did, and after taking more than 5 to 7 business day, we received the replacement phone, minus the battery and back cover. When I called T mobile and informed them we had received the replacement phone but my battery and back cover was not included, they inform me I should have taken the battery and the back cover off the phone before returning for a replacement phone. I informed the t mobile rep that this was not made clear to me in the instruction by the initial t mobile rep I spoke to when getting direction as to what I would need to do in order to get the replacement phone. If the rep would have included the back cover and the battery with the instruction to remove the sims, memory card and personal additions I would have kept my original battery and back cover and would not have returned with phone. My understanding of a hule phone is to remove the sims, memory card and any personal additions, because this contains, your personal information, data etc. I ask if they could send my original battery and back cover I sent in with the replacement phone, and the rep informed me to hold on while she sent the request for my original battery and back cover to be returned to me, the rep never came back to the phone. I hung up and called back a rep then told me they would not be able to send me my original battery and back cover, that would have to go and buy a battery and back cover and they would give me credit on my husband prepaid account, which I felt was very bad customer service that we had to be out of money for fell to do correctly, but not totally explain to me what a hule cell phone consist of. because I thought removing the sim, memory card and personal add on was a hule cell phone. My husband than asked to speak to a supervisor and a Rosalee R if that was even her correct name, and she directed my husband to go to a t mobile store and once he get there give her a call as if she would have the store to issue us a battery and back cover. Once my husband got to the store, went thought the detail given to him by rosalee R, only to be told by the agent at the t mobile store they no longer sale the battery or the back cover because they are obsolete. my husband left store came home called t mobile customer service again only to get another rep that said she was sending out a request for a investigation, that would take 72 hours, for them to tell t mobile what they would be able to do and they would email me I thought after 72 hours with a update. 72 hours has passed, I called to follow up with a customer service rep who told me there were no new update that once a update is received t mobile would email me. to date 10/20/2013 no email with updates on this investigation has been received and investigation started or was requested 10/15/2013. The customer service we received, especially being that my husband has been a prepaid customer for many years with t mobile, was very disappointing and make you feel as if you have invested too many years with this prepaid provider and that I made the wrong chose when purchasing the t mobile Lg optimus l9 p769pur

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