Synchrony Bankcustomer service

I always have issues with the payment system. I always have to speak with someone to run the payment. My payment was due on a Saturday and when I tried to make the payment, it wouldn't accept my routing number, it transferred me to a person but they were closed. I called again Sunday and it took my payment no problems. I see there is a $30 late fee but I pay it anyway. I call when they are open to talk to a supervisor about my issues and see if we can set up a different payment option since they have been telling me online payments will be available for more than 3 years. I get a supervisor named Savannah and wow! Instead of a respectful conversation with options or understanding, I got talked down to and got to hear her opinion on how my practice on making payments is not smart. I should not wait till it's due, I should send a check way before it's due (mind you, I have been late twice in 3 & a half years). I call back 3 times because I was told by a Mimi that there was another supervisor available by the name of John and each time I'm transferred back to Savannah. I ask her for a different supervisor or her manager and she informed me she was the only one and sent me to a voicemail. I never asked for my late fee to be removed but I was treated as such. So unprofessional! I called for help and I get belittled! Never again will I use this company for any loans. Paying off my care credit also and cutting it up asap.

Oct 08, 2019

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