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L Aug 15, 2018

On Monday 13th August my PC stopped working and after rebooting several times and having no luck in getting it to restart, I realized it was serious and contacted an IT technician in the first instance. I had no idea what the issue could be. The technician analyzed the PC and concluded that it was a virus and that it was so severe that it had made my hard drive completely inoperable. I was shocked and in disbelief, as I have a Norton Antivirus subscription and the software was active on my machine before this happened. When it happened I was finishing work (I work from home) for a deadline I had on Tuesday morning (14th August). Unfortunately, I had not backed up my drive externally. It was the first time in all my years working with a PC that I experienced anything like this. My common sense dictated that I needed my machine up and running again if I had any chance of continuing with my work so the technician attempted to recover my data but this was impossible. My hard drive had been wiped out by this virus. As a last resort, he uninstalled the affected hard drive and installed a new one so that I could continue working but unfortunately this gave me no time to start my work assignment again and I was unable to meet the deadline. Explaining this to my client was distressing enough. I then proceeded to contact Symantec/Norton to explain what happened and request compensation. In the first instance, they said that no compensation was available. I replied saying that I would be seeking legal advice and then someone got in contact with me saying they were going to look into my complaint. I explained again and they said that "Norton provides a virus specialist removal service for free when you are enrolled in Autorenewal, where they assist in removing of a suspected virus from your device. In the unlikely event of our virus specialist being unable to remove a virus, they would then recommend to visit a technician and request the bill, in order to review the compensation claim." I could not believe what I was reading - how would I know in the first instance that I needed to contact them when I did not know that my PC had a virus? I am not an IT professional and called a technician so he could determine what was wrong with my PC. Upon finding out it was a virus, I had a sense of urgency in recovering my data there and then due to my work deadline. I was unaware that Norton provided a virus removal service for free but even if I had known I had an urgent need to get my PC fixed at that very moment. Symantec/Norton says they cannot offer me compensation because I went to a third party in the first instance and not them. Again I said that I did not know initially what was wrong with my PC and given the particular situation I needed to resolve the matter urgently. It was not my fault that their product which is supposed to protect my machine failed to detect this very harmful virus. I have lost important data that I had accumulated over a couple of years, important work and personal files, nearly lost a client and had to pay $160 to the technician in fees and installment of a replacement hard drive, not to mention the stress it caused me. The least they can do is offer me compensation but all they could offer was a free three-month service added to my existing subscription. I no longer trust their product and regard this as an insult. They have now closed my case (Case ID: [protected]). Attached is an email thread of my exchange with them.

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