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Flight No LX 0147 Delhi to Portugal 09 August 2018 Seat No 029F by the name Vedant Gupta.
I traveled by the above mentioned flight and my luggage got misplaces. I had complained about the same at the airport itself via File Ref No: LISLX11070.
Its been 2 days still there is no trace of my luggage. I am a student in portugal and all my clothes, my documents were there in the bag. I tried calling swiss airlines in portugal but there was no response. cause of this mismanagement i am facing a lot of hardships. Had to buy new clothes. My resources are limited and i have spend a lot on everything till now. Please have my bag delivered . Its a sincere request.


  • Complainant20091 Apr 14, 2019

    To the author.

    There is no flight to "Portugal". The flight shall be ttween airports, which stated in the e-ticket, only.
    You have not attached any relevant evidence and it is unclear, what do you want.

    Last date of the submission of the complaint to the court / authority - 1 year follwing the last flight or the last complaint.

    The fees for a lefgal assitance start from EUR50 or equvalent
    before the authority or before the court.

    If you still want the compensation and you are able to pay for the legal assiatnce for the complaint or suit case preparation for the local court,
    email with documents to < aryan(at) >
    // substitute (at) to "@" sign above.


    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd UK
    e--mai to: < aryan(at) >

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