Supercutsthe worst haircut I have ever seen


My husband took my son to get a haircut at this location last weekend and it was the worst haircut i have ever seen. It was completely uneven and above his ears he was shaved bald. He is a ten year old little boy! I could have done a better job myself. I called immediately after they arrived home and told them how i felt and that the least they could do is give us our money back and they told us that if we came in the next day they could try and fix the haircut. The only way they could have fixed it as far as i'm concerned would be to give him a mohawak or shave him bald. I didn't go back and never ever will again. To top it off he had an important event the next day. I felt so bad for him. But lucky for me he didn't let it bother him.

Sunrise hwy
Baldwin, ny 11510


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    Fay Vella Apr 12, 2007

    Amen Sister. I totally agree. I too am from Long Island, Ny. I am upstate visiting my Aunt and I went to Super cuts in Rome, NY. The lady who did my hair was rough and not very well spoken. She was an assistant Manager. I asked to have my reddish brown hair died blond. I paid $120. When I left my hair was a gorgeous blond color.

    The next morning I woke up to orange hair. I was so angry i called them that morning. I was told to come back in and they would fix it but they did not. In fact it looks worse. When i looked at myself in the mirror I told her that my hair was still orange and she told me..." you have a red pigment in your hair... and it is not my fault your hair is orange it is just the way your hair is. There is nothing else I can do"

    So now I have to walk around with orange hair on my vacation until I get back to Long Island, Ny where hopefully someone there is competent enough to fix it.

    One thing I know is I will not be going back to super cuts nor will I recommend it to anyone!!!

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    Elizabeth Jacobi May 16, 2007

    I took my 1 1/2 year old daughter to get her first hair cut. I asked to have her hair cut with sides wept bangs and even it out. Her hair now goes down to her chin on one side and her cheek bone on the other. It is totally uneven in the back and her bangs go straight across her forehead. She sat still through the cut except when they did her bangs. When she started to cry because her hair was in her eyes the hairdresser told her she would get a balloon if she was good. After the cut I told the hairdresser that her hair was uneven, instead of fixing it she made it worse and again promised a balloon that she never had to give.

    Supercuts in East Amherst NY

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    S. Golis Feb 22, 2008

    On Feb 20, 2008 I went with my husband to Super Cuts in Joplin, the store on Rangeline Road. The assistant Manager "Jenny" cut my husbands hair and it looked great, so I decided to allow her to cut my hair, a relitively simple "do" undercut in the back, bangs cut to the side and some layers around my face.

    I have no complaints with the back, but the sides are uneven and choppy, they don't lay nice, layers should work into each other. I have huge chunks of hair cut out of the side of my hair. Who in their right mind starts layers at the bang line? this is Crazy especially if you have wavy hair! My bangs are uneven and they are the "Big bangs". One side of my bangs is shorter than the other side. I'm thankful that its cold out because I've been wearing a hat for the last 3 days!

    Jenny never gave me the mirror to look at my hair, and she never measured my hair to make sure that all was even. this to me always means problems! She also cut my hair in 10 minutes! My hair is down to my shoulders! Maybe if Super cuts paid employees more in salary they wouldn't treat customers like they were at a assembly line! You would think Jenny would know what she was doing, after all she has cut hair for 9 years! don't brag if you cut like CRAP! My advice to Jenny would be to slow down and pay attention to what you are doing! I called and they told me that I should come in and they will try to fix my hair! My hair was growing out and I'm afraid that now I will be stuck with a short "do". Super cuts is hit or miss!

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    Al Nabelsi May 05, 2008

    Supercuts is anything but super. I took my 4 boys ages 8, 6, 3, and 2. My wife and I wanted to try the place in Saugus Massachusetts instead of driving farther to Snip It's. We started with the 2 year old, I can send you a picture, it was horrible. It id as if you had cut it with a knife. The 3 year old's hair was also uneven but was much worse. When I asked the barber to fix the sides near his temple, she said that she could not do it. I understand that he was very active in the chair and crying but we did ask the host (that was more concerned about her nails than pay any attention to the customers) prior to the cut if her staff can do such young kids. She said "Oh Sure" but both haircuts were a disaster. Needless to say, I ended up fixing the 3 year old's hair at Snip It's and did not allow Supercuts to cut the remaining kid's hair. They also did not offer either to fix or refund the $14.95 they charged each child, but had the nerve to ask for a tip!!!

    In the end, It cost me $80.00 to cut 4 kids hair because I had made a poor decision to enter Supercuts. This happened on Saturday May, 3 2008. I strongly advice against going to Supercuts unless you want you kids to be the poster child for jokes in school.

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  • Fr
    Frank Jones Jun 12, 2008

    I went to a Supercuts on Dempster Street in Skokie, Illinois.

    I had been there before and the haircutter I had used had given my a somewhat decent cut-- but only becuase it required walking her through each stage of it like she was about ten years old.

    It came out decent enough, or I should say functional enought, not to make me look like an idiot--but only becuase of my direction and had nothing to do with the taste or talent of the haircutter.

    But when I went back again, she immediately greeted me with "Trim?" And since I had no confidence of her work on her own merit or imagination, I answered, not exactly, and that I wanted just very little off the front and the sides and not to angle it up sharply to the top, and to definitely NOT cut the top or the front short.

    So what does she do? Before I can say another work, she cuts an inch and half off the front! And when I incredulously confront her, he looks at me blankly and says that she thought that was what I wanted. When I tell her that was exactly not what I wanted, she continues to nod as if comprehending and then does exactly the opposite of what I asked for on the top and the sides. I was so pissed off I could have punched her lights out.

    And if she was a man, I would have asked her to step outside, and I would have punched her lights out, big time!

    Not only is she, and everyone else in that place, lacking in one iota of ability and even the slimmest conception of taste, but she and all the other losers who work there have major attituden probelms- stemming from egos as fragile as tissue paper, that can't deal with criticism or direction. And like most low level employees, once they have hold of a little bit of power-- like the power to give you a haircut-- they abuse it, like a kid getting even with a tantrum. Absolutely pathetic.

    Needlessly to say, the haircut was the worst that I ever got in my like, and will take at least three months to grow out.

    That place is the utter pits, and they should be sued, and I may do it myself or simply ruin the reputation of the haircutter who cut my hair by posting similar conplaints in every magazine and paper in the nothern Chicago area, as well as to put in a formal complaint to the head of the company and and let her suffer some for the next three months.

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  • Co
    Courtney Jun 19, 2008

    I just got back from Supercuts. I have gotten my hair cut twice there with the Posh haircut, a stacked bob in the back and a sharp diagonal ending just above my chin. When I got there today the lady first got onto me for having my hair in a pony tail. I didn't know this morning when I did my hair that I would be getting my hair cut, plus it's never been a problem before. She said she has to wash my hair now. I told her how I wanted my hair cut. She told me that it was just a bob and it's been around since the 20's so of course she knows how to do it. She was extremely rough with my hair. Everytime she combed my hair every few seconds it dug into my head. She clipped my ear several times really hard.

    I walked out with my hair looking like a mushroom in the back, not a stacked bob and there was no diagonal, it was straight. She also wouldn't cut it as short as I wanted it, it's almost the same length it was before. She told me it wouldn't look right. Excuse me, but I've had that same cut twice before and I looked awesome. I have an important dinner to go to tomorrow and and outing with my boyfriend's coworkers on Saturday. I am extremely embarrased by my hair right now. I'm going to dye my hair so people will see that and not the horrible cut.

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  • Va
    Vader7 Apr 03, 2010

    I was seated rudely for a haircut because I have long hair and the girl obviously did not want to be bothered. I did not want any of my long hair cut just cleaned up underneath and MAYBE have the ends cut.

    I had put my own hair up and she left it that way instead of placing it out of the way to do her job. She proceeded to clipper the shorter hairs only to pull a large portion of my longer hair out of hold with the guard and she PROCEEDED TO CUT OFF THE LONG HAIR AS IF IT WERE NOTHING AT ALL! I said "you are cutting my my long hair", she said " Oh I am arent I" as she continued to cut even more off until I yelled STOP! She asked if I wanted someone else to cut my hair, of course I said "No I just want to leave". On my way out in a very condescending manor she yelled "Happy Easter", as if it was a big joke and I was happy about her treatment of me. This crosses the line and has affected me significantly.

    Words cannot describe how angry I am. The length on my hair is from years of growth and a supercuts employee cut it off as if it was a joke. Even as I write this email my hair is still falling out from her cutting it!

    I am concidering contacting a lawyer to inquire about damages.

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  • Up
    upset girl 2 Feb 26, 2011

    Yesterday I went to supercuts in Camarillo, Ca on Ventura Rd by Target..
    The Lady that cut my hair totally butchered my hair.. Totally uneven on one side.. I used to have straight hair but no more.. She put layers in my hair .. She took off 6 inches on one side, , .. mananger tried to fix it but now looks worse.. my whole head of hair is crooked..
    I got my money back .. wow big deal...
    I am so embarrassed by my hair cut.. today i am in a wedding as a maid of honor...
    supercuts must hire rejects...
    I am so pissed..

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    upset girl 2 Feb 26, 2011

    Camarillo Ca.. Supercuts... Ventura Blvd..
    How can these places stay opened..
    Received the worse haircut, whole head uneven.. received layers I did not want.. layers uneven .. looks like a child cut my hair..
    she used a razor to layer the back, hair is damaged..
    managed tried to fix hair but now looks worse..
    Right side is the worse.. six inches of hair cut away during her layering technique..
    I am afraid to leave the house.. totally looks like a child cut my hair while i was sitting in a chair...
    I used to have one length, , , , now I have 5- 6 inch layers...

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    LeslieJ01 May 15, 2011

    I am a booth-rent stylist and have been for seven years. I work at a salon/day spa and our prices really aren't that much higher than they are at Supercuts/Regis/Penny's etc. While I am sure there are diamonds in the rough at these places, a lot of these people are either just starting out or either don't have the desire or ability to move on. These are referred to as "fast food" hair places because while you are paying "upscale" prices, the stylists are getting paid minimum wage and could care less if you like your hair or not.
    I have been appalled at these stories and the stylists harsh reactions to them. I would NEVER let client leave unsatisfied and if they decided they didn't like something later or if there was a mistake I would not hesitate to fix it or offer a refund immediately. However, there are some stylists who pay 160 dollars a week to come to work like I do and still behave like primadonnas with a god complex. and as for the stylists on this site ridiculing clients who complain, you should take note because this is why you make minimum wage. Customer service goes a long way in this business and even on the internet you should strive to be polite and considerate. Word of mouth is the best advertising and can make or break you.

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  • 6m
    6marine Jun 03, 2011

    Supercuts on Highlands Ranch Parkway, Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Went in and asked for them to use a number 3 as I have 6 other times. The lady started on the top and the next thing I see is her giving me a buzz cut. Too late to stop. When I complained the other lady working there talked to me like I was crazy. Terrible customer service. Do not bother calling anyone the company does not care about customer service. I plan on telling anyone who will listen to never use Supercuts. I hope this store goes out of business.

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  • To
    tooootoooo Jul 20, 2011

    I walked in to my supercuts appointment at 2:00. After waiting for ten minutes, I told the hairdresser that I wanted her to use the four. She said "four all the way around?" I said no, and to leave some hair on the top. She then ignored my last comment and gave me a buzz cut. When I complained, she said I should have told her more clearly, and maybe next time I should write down what I want.

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  • Ly
    lynda fitzwater May 08, 2012

    manager humiliating employees in front of clients, swearing constantly, and admitted doing drugs

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  • Ly
    lynda fitzwater May 08, 2012

    also have many witnesses that will come forward, this problem needs to be solved accordingly..still working there

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  • Ho
    hostile Apr 20, 2013

    Problem solved

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