Supercutsscams and fraudulent job offers


I went into the Supercuts Arvada store on December 1 2008 to apply for a job. After filling out an application, the manager had taken me back to her office and proceeded to tell me about company benefits, policies, procedures, services rendered, ECT... after that she had proceeded to inform me I was to be hired to replace a worker who had left on maternity leave. Assuming that what she was telling me was a job offer, I had asked her when she was looking for me to begin work. She had told me that I could not start my first shift until I completed their so-called Hair Stylist Academy Training but I could come in for a few days prior to "get my feet wet" and to learn the ropes on the computer. She had also proceeded to explain to me we could go over the technical haircuts so I would have an idea of what to expect when HSA rolls around. They had called it supposed "Pre-Training".

During this "Pre-training" period, she had proceeded to fill out all the necessary paperwork such as I90's and such so I could begin work on the first official day. Excited for HSA to roll around, I patiently waited out the 2 week waiting period and proceeded to complete the "pre-training."

What had started out as the "perfect" job had quickly evolved into a never ending nightmare since day 1. Each candidate was given a score sheet in which they had to pass at an 85 or above in order to be considered certified by their company standards. By the time day 3 had rolled around for me, my score was at an 84 with two days left and several points available to earn, I was considered "incompetent" and was asked to leave the training center as well as the shop. Come to find out, they had deliberately failed another woman as well, because she was black. The woman who let me go had the nerve to tell me that if I wanted to I was more than welcome to come back and apply again in another 6 months and I said "no thank you."

Supercuts-Regis Inc. is a scam. Don't buy into their so called job offers. They will only accept candidates if they are white and are robotic by nature. They will waste your time and leave you with nothing in the end. They are a cruel, cold company that will drain the life right out of you and sees their employees as nothing but a number and slave labor. If you do choose to work for a company like this, then be prepared to be brainwashed, stripped of your dignity and compensated way lower than what you are probably worth.


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    dena c. Jun 13, 2007

    I was visiting my sister in Orlando and decided to get a haircut. I came in at ten in the morning. I should've left right away because there was only one person running the whole salon, and she was cutting someone's hair. Two others were waiting. I came in, signed in, and sat down. The hairstylist only looked at me and did not greet me. A customer walked in a few minutes later. The hairstylist greeted him with a 'hello' and she also informed him that there was going to be a one hour wait. He asked her if she was the only one there at the moment. She said yes and further informed him that someone else will be in at one in the afternoon. Four other customers came in and she greeted and informed them the same way. They left right away of course. This hairstylist was VERY rude, inconsiderate, and should be fired. All the customers that were present as well as the ones who left were elderly caucasians. In my personal opinion, the hairstylist may have been racist as well. I left thirty minutes later... WITHOUT A HAIRCUT! I will never ever ever go to another Supercuts ANYWHERE again! EVER!!!

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    Darricks Girl Nov 23, 2009

    I workes for a regis salon, as well as my sister and we are currently still working there.. my aunt was also a manager for 5 years in a regis salon, I can think of ten black people off the top of my head that has worked and is working for regis, we also live in a very small community, where there is only a handful of blacks to begin with, , , so where is the racisim in that? everytime a person is not good at something or doesnt get their way its because of their skin color, weight etc.. did you ever stop to think that maybe its just because you were not good enough compared to the other candidates?

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    Janetfromanotherplanet Jan 29, 2010

    I worked for Supercuts for seven years. In that period I began, work by attending the training center to learn the supercuts "technique for cutting hair, a systematatised method of cutting a fixed number of haircut 'types'. This haircut training disallowed the use of any other technique. Any haircut not included in the specified styles under the category of the technique were strictly forbidden. This precluded any training one had from Beauty/Barber training. The Supercuts training book was the bible. Dress codes were not uniformly enforced. For example, the management rules forbade the wearing of tank, halter, cropped, cutaway tops or denim. In spite of these forbodings, supercuts regularly "overlooked" these rules if the stylist had attractive physical qualities. Otherwise, one was "written up" or sent home. I was ordered by my Dr. to wear running type shoes on the job because of my very bad arthritis. I was forbidden because these were not "dress code". Sneakers, incidentally, were "OK" but they had the wrong features to enable me to stand for long shifts. The company gave me the choice of wearing unnatractive "corrective" shoes--which my Doctor was loathe to prescribe saying: "why don't you just wear Nike's or some such shoe?" Can't. Supercuts says no..
    Supercuts frequently had us wait an hour before clocking in--we were required to work off the clock. We were told that we did not "have to" but the pressure was to do what they were requiring. They did not wish for Hispanic language to be in use---or Vietnamiese. They often required us to work all over a large metro area in different branches that were busier than the stylitsts home branch. This required driving fifteen miles or more. Sometimes stylists were required to relocate to neighboring states for periods of several months, requiring them to aquire and hold a permit in that state, and they would have to live in motels for several months at a time...sometimes losing their appartments and having others look after their children. Supercuts always showered us with pomp and ceremony in awards banquets which were really aimed at keeping us captive under the guise of being "champions". I saw many "champions" fired because of their popularity with customers and supercut's insisting that "any supercut employee can do the exact same job". I made good friends at supercuts...and many of them have left if they could...In college we learned about "Robber-Barons". That is what supercuts is. A franchise that breaks spirits, encourages hostility in patrons toward the stylists, and uses up people. I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to work there anymore.

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    lance cunningham Feb 14, 2010

    supercuts has been sued and they lost, why?
    because of racism against black employees

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    ComplITinDENVER Feb 19, 2011

    I wouldnt belive that the company has the racist fundamentals. The fact of the matter is that there are racist people all over the world, in every business, in every school, EVERYWHERE. And that includes minorities, yes, you as well can be VERY racist, its not a one-way road anymore. The thing is that when these narrow minded people get into a position of power they may very well abuse the power. Can't blame a specific corporation for the bahavior of a few bad seeds. I Also think that its pathetic and shows weakness when people "play the race card". It's just as weak and narrow minded as the person who may or may not have been mistreating somebody.

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    renatta Feb 17, 2012

    I am sorry super cuts suck!!! beware don't go there. Unless you are careless about your hair.

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  • Re
    renatta Feb 17, 2012

    The lafayette california store was so unprofessional. Never again. I am appalled.

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    F super cuts Mar 13, 2012

    Let's just say I've been in and out of super cuts and they treat there staff like trash u r just a number to them... They want u to work for 7.00 an hoUr.. Ur in the store at night all by Ur, I once had a man say some very Nasty things to me, when I called my boss( I was manager at the time ) she told me don't call the cops it's a waste of time... I was so freaked out I locked the door and shut off all the lights in the salon... After such a bad experience i told my boss if this man came in my store again I would refuse him the hair cut service and ask him to leave, she replayed no every client is very important to us every client is another 15.95 to go towards Ur goal... So pretty much 15.95 is more important to them then the employees safety sad sad sad ... Any one who is thinking of working for super cuts or any Regis salon be ready to be treated like trash be left at the bottom with no where to move up .. Be ready to just b a number on sum hoUrly payroll theta will never get bigger or realize Ur better then that and tell them to kiss Ur ### and find some where ill be Happy good luck

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    jessystyles Apr 29, 2012

    Really, I am really sorry you had a horrible experience with the training. It turns out I am from the Dominican Republic. I started my super cuts training March 19, 2012. At first I was given a hard time but it turns out it helped me learn some neat and useful tricks that I am currently using during my employment at super cuts. I have to say there is one white female out of seven employees in my store. We are located in an area where our clients are predominantly Caucasians. We are a very busy store and in the month that I have been employed and actively working full time I have never had an issue.

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    Rachel roller Feb 05, 2013

    I hate Supercuts, I worked there and my manager was a legally diagnosed bi-polar . Who refused medication . Why they let her manage a salon is beyond me . Besides having to deal with the fact my manager was a young bi-polar 26 year old, she also nagged me about my clothes my hair my make up the way I talk to clients the way I style thier hair and the way I advertised thier products. I had an eye infection and so I couldn't put any eye make up on, so I put some powder and lip gloss on and did my hair . I got written up for " not being presentable" pathetic . And then we all were wearing sandals everybody in the store . And of course I got written up again for wearing sandals . And so then I tried to make sure I DIDN'T get written up again I dressed nice wore jewelry and make up and curled my hair and I got written up for having inappropriate clothing . Lol just wait it gets better . As I was with my client we all have to "sell the product" that's all Supercuts cares about is selling selling selling . Money money money. So I had advertised this hair cream to a man and showing him how it works . Lol I got written up for not walking the man over to the retail area and showing him the products . This man comes in every 2 1/2 weeks and he has boughten products when necessary . When I explained that I had told him about product and suggested it and he said " I still have product from last time so I'm good for now" my manager still wrote me up and said I need to try harder . I don't know if all Supercuts has pathetic unprofessional amatures running the salons but they need to focus more on the workers and stop worrying about retail sales and "numbers" they show no respect for the co workers and its disgusting . I just stopped showing up because I received no respect so I wasn't going to show any to those selfish rude employers

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    Angie z Jul 31, 2013

    Mastercuts just hired a non english speaker, unlicenced unskilled and pointed her to open and close shop over my perfect work fresh out of college of hair stylist which cut my hours to nothing ! Cant cure stupid i guess .

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    jayjaybabe Sep 25, 2013

    I apply for supercuts, got interview and got hired. I just had to go to hsa training. So when I found out I was hired, I quit both of my job. Didn't know that you have passed a test to work there and I didn't know we had cut the hair cut the way they do. like everyone is robot stylist, follow these techniques or don't work here! I was only one in class so it was nervous, I have been cutting hair for 5 years so it hard for me to do techniques they wanted me to do. I was getting the to understand and learning the techniques but I guess I didn't pick up fast enough like the lady wanted. I really think instructor didn't had faith in me or willing help me out longer. I think she wanted cut my training day short so she have more time visit her family in Washington, since the flew her from Hawaii to do my hsa class!

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    pink.wrld Jan 17, 2014

    Supercuts really does suck. I work for a franchise in az. It all started very nice and lovely. The boss would buy us food and goodies every month. Then I got good and fast! I am outselling everyone in the store. I got promoted to shift manager after the manager had been fiered for being unprofessional. After 5 months of keeping the store afloat I demoted myself. I was getting ### pay for a lot of work. Feeling the pressure to work off the clock. And never getting reimbursed for travel expenses or store expense. I even worked the day I got married!! My boss is a horrible person who twist the truth and whom I caught lying on many occasions! I am fed up and ready to leave!

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    rrrmmuu Apr 26, 2014

    I agree with you 100% supercust should be shut down I worked at the Midtown Store in Tallahassee and the staff was so racist it was appalling. One stylist used the term Nasty ### and they would rather not do ethic hair, its despicable, they will use you to fill in, if they short staffed and then let you go. i think it just a chop shop, if you a licensed professional do not go to these store to work. go to a full service salon. This kind of racism will continue in these store. Supercuts Super Racist.

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    Moe3636 May 26, 2016

    I work for a supercuts and trying to quit but they won't fire me because they need me because I kno I'm a good worker. Well it's all about selling products with nothing in return. If you don't sell anything a day you get yelled at and looked down upon because your service dollar amount and combo sales is horrible. Well how was I supposed to sell anything when no one is going into the store in the first place. The area is so broke that I'm lucky if I walk out with $20 in tips. She gives out 4 hour shifts then expects people to take shifts all the time out of nowhere 20 minutes before her shift. The schedule is random hours. Never the same each day so I never knew what was to come for the next week. She only gave me 24 hours a week. And told me they had to cut everyone's hours because we weren't selling enough products. Which is ridiculous. For two weeks of work I made only $325. Also when I showed her my school schedule for college she told me she would have to look for new hire because my acvailabilty sucked. When really all she's giving me is 24 hours and if the manager can't make that work then oh well. The customers that go there are mostly poor so they only tip one dollar most of the time not more than 5. It's usually a lot of people who don't shower. They smell like they never knew what deodorant was invented for. Most customers have crusty scabs of buildup on their heads. But you must still perform the service. One lady banged on the door of the supercuts because it wasn't open and she called the cops on herself. They escorted her out. The people are nuts that go there and you get written up if the drawer is short $5 or more. All they care about is their money and not your time or what your worth. It's a great place to start off if your fresh out of hair school. But I would leave after 6 months of working there once you learn some things.

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    Salon realist Jun 25, 2016

    I think African Americans are more racist against their own race then caucasions are. Very paranoid. They use those terms a lot more than caucasion do. I don't want to do ethnic hair or caucasion children under 5 it's my choice of what type of hair I want to cut. Doesn't mean I was even thinking of the race. If that type of hair was on a white person I wouldn't want to cut it either. Stop freaking and thinking everyone is out to get you.

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