Super 8 Worldwideovercharged for room


We had a very sour experience at the Super 8 in Kimball, Nebraska on Monday night, September 18.
The online site advertises rooms, 2 adults, 2 beds at $71. The lady that checked us in was Eastern Indian or Pakistani – not sure which.
She charged us $109 plus $20 tax. She wouldn’t even consider my husband’s veterans disability discount.
He went ahead and paid as it would have been another 80 mile drive to Cheyenne.
When I talked to a gentleman also staying there, I told him about it and asked how much he paid. “$71” he said.
We were there long before they filled up.
When I picked up the receipt Tuesday morning, I’d asked her to write her name on the receipt but she would not give it to me and rudely walked off.
We enjoy most Super 8’s where we’ve stayed many times and the one at Kimball is a good day’s driving distance for us when we travel to Nevada from Iowa. But we will not stay there again.
I have attached a copy of our receipt. Thank you for your time!
- Roosevelt W and Lynna Reed, 190 Rose Peak Rd, Dayton, NV 89403. Email [protected]

overcharged for room

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