Suntrustnot to be trusted - horrible customer service


More than 7 years ago I opened a Suntrust checking account and transferred my IRA to be managed by Suntrust and opened a Suntrust visa. I was recently divorced from a financial advisor and was looking for a company and customer service I could trust. I then financed a home mortgage of more than $350,000 and after that a car loan of $30,000 with Suntrust.

My problems first started when they began depositing my car payment, for 3 consecutive months, into the account of JC Penney's. A ridiculous mistake that Suntrust was making. I was writing the checks with all of the account information clearly visible and with a payment coupon.

After Suntrust reported my 90 day delinquent account to all of the credit agencies I was finally, after hours on the phone able to get someone to admit this was a Suntrust error - the money for the payment was clearly removed, on time, from my checking account and not credited to my Suntrust car payment.

Months after damaging my credit rating they finally straightened out their error and sent me an apology letter. They refused to do anything for my damaged credit. I had to contact the credit agencies and file reports and then Suntrust denied to the credit agencies that it was their error and said the delinquency was accurate! Unbelievable! It took me 6 years, many phone calls and letters to finally have this taken off my credit report. 100% SUNTRUST ERROR!!!



I paid off my mortgage and car loan before I even had my credit cleared and I should have left then - but I had bill pay set up and my IRA was still jammed in a very expensive fund that I would be penalized for moving.

Suntrust has no customer service demonstration number two: I called my financial advisor, Sabina Lien, at Suntrust to ask how much longer I had to stay in a low performing fund before I could transfer my money without penalty. In the 7 years she has managed my IRA she has called me TWICE!!! Her assistants answer was that it was another year.

A couple of weeks later I'm closing on a land deal and need to deposit a $50,000 check and wire the money for closing. I go to the new branch in Baldwin Park near my home in Baldwin Park that I have been banking in since it opened 3 years ago to make the transaction. The man who works at a desk at that bank says he cannot allow me to make a deposit and wire the money out before the money clears, which takes several days. He says he doesn't know me and I could be perpetrating a fraud. I ask him to look at my account where I have been making deposits on a yearly basis into the checking account in excess of $150,000 without ever a problem. Not good enough, he doesn't "know" me. I say look at my banking address it is million dollar home 1/2 a mile from this bank, "sorry" you could be moving tomorrow. I then say I have much more than this check in my investment account, he calls Sabina Lien and she tells him I'm thinking of transferring my account - so don't allow the transaction!!! I actually have to go to another bank - that I don't even bank at - to complete the transaction by the end of the day so my deal doesn't fall apart.

Meanwhile, I receive a letter about my Suntrust credit card, which I had used for overdraft protection and was carrying a $18,000 balance with a very low interest rate of 1.9%. A letter from the credit card company saying that after reviewing my credit rating - THE ONLY NEGATIVE ITEM WAS THE SUNTRUST ERROR - they were changing my interest rate to 16.9%. I had NEVER gone over the limit or made a late payment, it was 100% because of my credit rating.

If I didn't want to pay that I could "opt out" in writing and never put another charge on the card again. If ever there was a charge the entire balance would immediately go to 16.9%. So I took it off my checking account overdraft protection and was left without a safety net.

Of course you know what comes next...I had checks pass through my bill pay account the night before my automatic payroll deposit = hundreds of dollars in NSF fees. I explain to the customer service rep that this entire situation was created through a Suntrust error from the beginning - she says "I understand your frustration, but there is nothing I can do" I then talk to a supervisor named Scott Hillburn who gives me the same pathetic line - which I'm sure is written down on a sheet of paper that he reads his replies from. "It is not Suntrust fault." I then ask - if this is worth losing a customer over and he replies yes! SUNTRUST DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!!! SUNTRUST DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Suntrust is an arrogant, self righteous banking institution that doesn't no the meaning of customer service. No one should ever trust Suntrust for any banking needs.


  • Bi
    Bill S Feb 22, 2008

    Suntrust sucks big time. You should try WaMu.

    I called Suntrust's 24/7 customer support to find out how I can close my account properly. The rep I got insisted that he could not provide me with any information about that and I had to call back during business hours. The whole customer service industry has gone down hill. It's a miracle if you still get a rep inside the US.

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  • Br
    Brickxxs Feb 26, 2008

    Sun Trust, like Bank of america, sucks!! they are 100% out to steal our money.
    I hope their CEO's and execs all get raped and robbed. I hope their familes die too.
    whenever I hear about a bank robbery, I cheer!!

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  • An
    anon Apr 02, 2008

    we had a bad experience with suntrust with respect to a second mortgage. that mortgage was taken by a family member that passed away; with the person on deed having rights of survivorship. NEVER did suntrust's assumption department every clearly state what was necessary. they sent over new loan docs. they never returned calls. nor did they take into account that someone passed away. nope. they immediately sent it all to foreclosure. and when we tried to make it current with them, they refused. they started foreclosure proceedings. we had to take out a completely new loan for the first and the second to get out of losing our home. suntrust - and their lawyers stovash, tingley & case -- are bloodsuckers. they are in the business of making people homeless. several times we offered to bring it current. they refused. what strikes me as funny is in this market -- they wouldn't sell the house on a short sale. no properties in our subdivision are moving because of the sluggish market. they are a horrible bank, who employ petty people who do not bring any compassion to what they do on a day to day basis. their motto is 'seeing beyond the money'. it's absolute BS. they don't see beyond the money. i only wonder how many people have been rendered homeless by this bank or cheated out by their fees. avoid this bank at all costs. if you have accounts there, pull them out immediately. we will never do business with them again - at least i refused to put my business accounts there.

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  • Lo
    localonly Apr 07, 2008

    Watch out! If you're refinancing, Suntrust will charge you 30.00 per fax that they send to your new lender. What a rip off.

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  • Go
    Got Shafted Jun 04, 2008

    And I thought I was the only one that "got shafted" by Sabina.
    Poor, poor service; poor performing funds, poor advice.

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  • Fr
    frustrated eileen Jun 12, 2008

    They will charge the overdraft fee first and then run checks thru, they have stole over a $1000 from me in overdraft fees over the last year. If you have direct deposit they will sit on it and run the checks first. My income last yr. was less than $18, 000 as I am a sr. citizen trying to live on my social security. THEY SUCK!

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  • Am
    Amr R Jul 29, 2008

    Suntrust sucks. I have a million dollar contract with a company that does 50mil a year, and they insist on sending me a check for payment, of which because of some security regs their bank could not verify one day, but did the next. the branch manager decided on her own to put a hold on the third check from them, even though the first 2 went by without any issues, then after being forced to release the hold after receiving bank verification, called loss prevention so they could put a hold on it. Before this BM showed up I had no issues with the staff at the branch, now I am moving all my stuff to M&T.

    BTW, BoA sucks too, and no banks have good Customer Service anymore.

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  • Ro
    robbed by Untrust Bank Aug 25, 2008

    "I understand your frustration, but there's nothing I can do"--evidentally is "Untrusts" creed.
    They took an extra $400 from my account on a bank machine withdrawal---nothing they could do as I did not catch it in time.
    Started making $14 monthly checking acct. fees--I closed the acct. via mail from my new banking instition. They charged me $20 for not closing the acct. in person. They acknowledged that since I have another type acct. at "Untrust" I should never have been charged the $14 per month fee--but, since I had closed my acct., "There's nothing I can do, you don't have an acct. to credit the money back to". I was there in person, but no, they wouldn't give me the money. If I would open back up the acct., with even one dollar, I could continue to use the safe deposit box. Okay, if I do that, can I get my $14 charges back. NO.
    I was told that it was my responsibility to catch the charges and notify them, and that they could only go back "a month or two"--. So, if "Untrust" makes an "error"(ha, ha) and you do not catch it quickly, they are not obligated to do anything about it. Not even sure this is legal, but they sure make some quick, easy cash off of my one little account.
    Would love to know how much they've accumulated from their brand of banking--

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  • Ma
    Mark Nov 01, 2008

    Suntrust sent me a letter stating my property taxes weren't paid and that they were going to set up an escrow account and back charge me interest and fees. MY TAXES WERE PAID. The idiots over at SunTrust go onto the Tax Website extract incomplete info from there and base their whole conclusion on that. Some dingbat with 1/2 a brain prepares a letter in September 08 using information that is valid only until May 08. The really amazing thing is I don't even get the letter until the end of October! I have only 60 days to respond, by the time I get the letter I have 3 days left to mail out my tax receipt to them before they start charging. Talk about inept.

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  • Jc
    JC Nov 07, 2008

    $400 in NSF fee's. 7 NSF's in 2 days...I switched from Citibank to Suntrust because there was not Citibank within an hour of where I moved. This bank hires ###s who are uneducated and don't deserve to be handling money. Their customer service pales in comparison to Citibank's which I now think is the best bank on earth. They are compassionate and understanding if you get an NSF fee, they work with you.

    Citibank's check cards automatically stop working if you are out of funds, Suntrust however will let you spend up to $400 and charge you $35 each time you use the card even though the funds are not available. Lastly, they use paper still. That was the first warning signal to me, paperless systems are being used by many banks, suntrust needs to invest some of those NSF's fee's they've accumulated into their Business...They make me increadibly nervous, I have no faith in them and would not recommend them to anyone.

    I highly recommend Citibank over Untrust.

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  • Su
    Suntrust.Overdraft Dec 30, 2008

    If you live in Florida, and feel that you have been victimized by Suntrust's overdraft fees, please contact J. Rex Powell, Esquire, at [email protected]

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  • Da
    dame Feb 13, 2009

    put in my application in early December and received an approval. The Loan Officer got all of my paperwork (student loans, bank info, etc) in the beginning. Through the month of December and January she kept asking me for the same documents. I was scheduled to close on Jan 19, 2009 but that didn't happen; the loan officer said she needed more time and started coming up with numerous excuses about my debt to income ratio and asked for a closing extension to Jan 28, 2009. The other bank decided to pull out of the loan and wants to keep my earnest money deposit; now I have to attempt to get my deposit back because its over 30 days. From Dec 13 to Jan 28, 2009. SunTrust then sent me a denial letter on Feb 5 saying income and debt/ration. The loan officer had the nerve to say I was uncooperative--when every email she sent had a response to the paperwork she needed. She was not upfront about anything and was TERRIBLE!! If you visit Manassas VA and go to SunTrust be vary wary of A. King if she is your loan officer, go elsewhere! She was terrible.

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  • Ba
    barbara Terry Feb 28, 2009

    i have had a similiar experience bring accused
    of Fraud over my Income Tax Refund. The
    branch opened a new account and the home
    office took my entire check with so much
    secretive answers behind it. They did not give
    me a number to call or anything. I dread to
    see how much they keep of my check. Our
    president needs to address these issues and
    stop allowing them to do as they please without
    explaining everything.

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  • Ap
    A Price Feb 11, 2010

    I hope Suntrust runs out of business for ripping off all of its customers!! You may owe them but you are on your own because they will not help with anything! Every manager I came in contact with on the phone or in person were worthless. Nobody follows up, they are rude, and no service is done! If anybody has a number or email to a VP of loss mitigation that would be greatly appreciated!

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  • 51
    511106 Jul 10, 2010

    you guys are all [censor]ing idiots! what the hell do you expect to happen when you spend more money than you have? should you just be allowed to spend spend spend until what? NO if you want to spend more than what you have go apply for a credit card! start being accountable for your actions, take a 2nd grade math class so you can learn how to balance a check book and stop wasting money on [censor] you dont need! i hope banks raise the overdraft fee to 50$ because they need to teach people a lesson!

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