Sunterra / Diamond Resorts / Resorts Westforeclosure without notification!

D Review updated:

This is my third attempt to correct this grave error that has occurred - resulting in our apparent loss of ownership. We discovered this on our own, when considering booking a Sunterra resort in Scottsdale, AZ next week. We learned that over that past year our deed had a lien placed on it and then was foreclosed on in August (according to Douglas County records - even though we were told that it happened in Clark county). Here are the facts, as brief as I can be:

We have owned since 2003
Bought in Sedona, AZ - 5000 points
Ownership fully paid for
Used only 4 times
Had over 6300 points when our membership was "closed"
Continually received mailings, notifications, emails and bills from Sunterra
All bills paid
According to the dates in the legal system, we have been billed, communicated with, and paid fees even after we apparently lost our property
Our ownership cancellation was never reported to us - from Ridge Pointe, Resorts West, Sunterra or Diamond Resorts.

We have invested over $11, 000 for less than 4 weeks of travel, paid all membership fees and apparently missed maintenance fees after having never been billed. Our credit has been impacted without our knowledge and our asset has been taken from us - due to mistakes and lack of communication - between Resorts West and Sunterra/Diamond and the owner.

We have been told, "Sorry, we sold it." And, "yeah, we shouldn't have billed you; we'll reimburse your membership fees." We want our points and our good standing reestablished, with the opportunity to pay missed maintenance fees. We have outstanding credit and aside from our mortgage, have paid for all that we own in full. I share this because to reinforce the fact that we pay our bills and would have paid maintenance fees - we were never given the chance and someone needs to accept responsibility rather than blaming each other and/or the owner.

Please, someone "step up and make this right." This is a plea for various parties to work together to get our owner status restored, including our maintenance fees paid by us. I am hoping that upon review, all will recognize their mistakes, accept responsibility and collaborate to get our full ownership status with Sunterra/Diamond back ASAP - with the points we had when it was closed.

The above is the most patient and kind request I can make.


  • Jo
    John Murgatroyd Jun 11, 2008

    I purchased 10, 000 points with Sunterra whilst staying at their resort in Mougins France two years ago. I have had one vacation with them costing 10000 points at their suites at the Intercontinental Hotel in Malta. I did like Malta though and have subsequently moved here permanently.
    The suites were good but the outlook from the windows was over a wreck of a house in the background.
    The cooking facilities were minimal and we set off the fire alarm twice trying to do some cooking in the suite. Since then I have been billed for an extra amount of fees this year on top of the £600+ yearly fee and everytime I try to book with them there are no vacancies (except in America a country I would not go to from choice).
    I believe Diamond resorts are just there to grab as much money from the "punter" as possible and if you dont pay up they confiscate your so called benefits. I would dispose of my timeshare tomorrow if I thought I could recover some the money I wasted buying it!! But who could I trust to pay me for it and who would want it?

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  • St
    starshowtlc Dec 21, 2008

    We own at Sedona Ridge Golf Resort we were told we would always be able to book into our home resort. We purchased in 2000, we have never been able to get into our home resort, yes I said NEVER! The maintenance fees have nearly doubled in 8 years . Now they have started charging miscellanious fees, who knows for what. And membership in '"The Club"" is required to book into any exchange resort, for which a membership fee is required, as well as an exchange fee. This is nothing but a scam mnoey pitt. We bought from Sunterra, now Diamond Resort. The new parent corperation with whom nothing has gotten better, but maybe worse. We are present looking for an escape route, toward that end we have hired an attorney. The sales pitch has turned out to be fraudulent. And the terms and conditions of ownership have not been met or fulfilled. For what this type of vacation ownership cost one is better served by an independent travel agency.

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  • St
    starshowtlc Dec 21, 2008

    If any others have horror stories about sunterra or diamond resorts please post them as I'm sure it will help my lawsuit against them. As matter of fact, please feel free to e-mail me with such communique at; [email protected]

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  • Ha
    harry Jan 24, 2009

    my complaint is their non disclaimer regarding the ARC fee that supposed to be optional. If you decide to go paperless and recieve a bill, this bill is not itemized, You must request an itemized bill. Know that the ARC fee is OPTIONAL, Although it is only $10.00 it is principal.
    I paid my bill only to realize this was optional, but after contacting Diamond (rip-off) Resorts the were quick to respond with once you pay there is no way to recieve a credit. BEWARE if you wanna pay this bill excellent, but if it is an option shouldn't people be told that?
    Diamon Rip-Off has been the worst experience I have ever had. I bought this time share yhinking it was a great deal..but as the saying goes..if it sounds good it probaly is.

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  • He
    Helen Compton Jensen Jan 29, 2009

    I have never been able to see status of my account online; my fees are going up 30% per year; they send invoices by emails, which I never see; and they give you confirmation numbers for "0 balance" which doesn't exist. When I called last time I was told I had a balance I did nort know about. Moreover if I send them something by mail, even using the envelope that comes with their printed material, I am told they never received it.I can never get satisfaction when I call. On my last call I was told a LATE FEE (on a balance I did not know I had) was being imposed THAT DAY; but when I said "Ok, I'll pay the balance now, please do not assess the late fee", they said NO! And above all else-- I never receive any statement at all on my mortgage balance-- nor can I find out who they are now so I can write or call! I want OUT but I can not even get information as to howb to go about it. HOW ABOUT A CLASS ACTION SUIT??? Does anyone have an attorney who wants to take this on?

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  • Wa
    Wamsley Jan 29, 2009

    I just had Diamond Resorts grab my resort as well...they have all my info but never contacted me to tell me that I was behind on my maint payment. I actually paid Sunterra in February 2008 and they talked us into upgrading to Diamond Resorts and getting more points because their new membership allowed for more versatility with the points. They sent me a notice of foreclosure in August which I thought was a mistake. When I tried to book a vacation they told me I didn't have a membership with them, it was cancelled. I also wanted to rectify the mistake, obviously we were still paying our loan after their only attempt to contact us went unanswered. I owned my time share for 12 years, how can you not accept payment within the year of the dues? What a scam!

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  • Ju
    jumba Feb 04, 2009

    Diamond Resort/Sunterra- great scam. Beware everybody and let all your friends and family to stay away from timeshare. We just stop paying this year 2009, no way I would give $1000+ for ridiculous annual fee and then club due. Owned it for 12 years and extremely frustrating in using even our resort. Paid last year claim they will try to book us(beg of January), the year had passed and nothing. So we just refuse to pay. They never send any communication at all. Besides, our contract is with Sunterra not Diamond Resort. We have the original paper. Per law, acquiring company should communicate to all owner and we never get one.

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  • St
    starshowtlc Feb 07, 2009

    CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! In an effort to escape Diamond Resorts, I along with others desire to file a class action lawsuit against DRI. Based on fraudulent sales practices, and lack of resonable value for payment. Sounds so simple, but I assure you it is not. We are requesting all with like complaints to join us in this effort. The more people we have participating the stronger our position becomes. Please respond with your email address, and prefferably a phone number to Tom Cline my email address is [email protected]

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  • Ky
    Kyle Feb 07, 2009

    Just got a letter dated January 6th, 2009 that we were late with our payment. The POSTMARK was 2/3/09. We've only been members since May and I'm ready to throw in the towel with the chaos and horrendous service.

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  • Sc
    scam diamond Feb 16, 2009

    We have similar complaints to many of the above. We need to be in touch . There is a UK group starting up however they are basically dealing with UK sign contracts. We need a group going in Us. Lets try and contact eachother and move forward

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  • Le
    lepreshaun Feb 19, 2009

    We are experiencing an ongoing battle with Diamond Resorts over our timeshare in Hawaii. We converted to the "point system" last March when they acquired our Home Resort. They immediately began trying to collect a second maintenance fee for 2007, have raised our maintenance fees from $600 every other year to $1200+ EVERY year and, as of this writing still have not credited our account with the points due us for 2007 or the bonus points that we were entitled to in "upgrading" our contract. Despite the points awards being written into the contract and the contract clearly stating that the 2007 maintenance fee was already paid, they claim that the sales people "weren't authorized" to make that offer so therefore the contract terms that benefit us aren't redeemable. They seem to think that the rest of the contract (the part that benefits them) is ok though. So, by their way of thinking, we get no points, we get no vacation and they still get the money. Wow. Do they really think ANYONE is that dumb? From reading these comments as well as the comments on other sites, ours is not an isolated case of employee ineptitude but a Corporate mentality of trickery, deceit and outright theft. I, for one, will be happy to join in any attempt to file suit against these criminals!

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  • Ri
    richguypoor Feb 19, 2009

    My biggest complaint with this company is that they don't tell you before you sink all the money into this that the chances of getting the dates you want are almost nil. Even if you try to book as far in advance as the system allows, you can't get into a decent resort. Interval is even worse. Their rep told me that 99% of openings in the Cancun / Caribbean are studio units with a double bed. That is worthless to me. I got into this because I thought it would be a good way to travel and see alot of new places. Problem is, you can't go if you can't get a reservation. I'm all for the class action suit, though i"m sure they've got the 'fine print' covered and there is probably nothing any lawyer can do to them. [email protected]

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  • Sc
    scamdiamond Feb 23, 2009

    I just want to pass on a few web sites with other cpmplaints.

    The first two are the Mirror Newspaper in the UK. There is a group organising there through a laywer. We need to work together and be coordinated.;page=2;query=

    Let's keep up the pressure

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  • H5
    h500r Mar 02, 2009

    I am a culb member and have had nothing but trouble with
    this outfit.
    I can no longer afford this, anyone know how to get out of this ?

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  • Ea
    eac Mar 03, 2009

    Our story is likely a familiar one to all of you. My wife and I bought a timeshare at the Diamond Resorts property in Sedona, AZ in 2008. We have yet to vacation on it, but have been hit with a 35% and 40% annual increase in maintenance fees, which we are required to pay in order to preserve the original investment (roughly $13, 000). These fee hikes have destroyed the value proposition for the original purpose (i.e., saving money on vacations), since the maintenance fees are now as much as we typically spend on our week of vacation. During the sales pitch, which centered on the cost saving of owning versus buying hotels in an environment of 10-15% yoy increases in vacationing costs, we specifically asked about the annual rates of increase in maintenance and other annual fees, and we were assured that these costs had and would continue to rise at low single digit rates. This was obviously was a fraudulent statement, which the customer service representative at Diamond said should not have been made. The problem is that Diamond is not taking responsibility for what is essentially a deceptive trade practice. Having attended multiple time share presentations, it is clear that all of them offer the same economic savings argument during the sales pitch--an argument that is made fraudulent in light of these fee increases. As an aside, I do not understand how these cost increases are approved, especially since Diamond claims that a subset of the owners (like my wife and I) have approved them. This could be another fraudulent statement, as I cannot imagine which owners would have signed off on such dramatic increases in maintenance fees. I am also willing and eager to join any lawsuit that is filed and hope that everyone posting here has also filed a complaint with the Nevada Attorney's General Office and its Division on Consumer Affairs (see

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  • Ml
    Mlfreis Mar 04, 2009

    I am interested in joining a lawsuit against Diamond Resorts. I have not invested as much as others in the initial purchase, as I purchased on ebay, however, my maintenance fees have doubled and are excessive for the accommodations available, if available. They rent the units out to others for less than what we pay in maintenance fees. They can charge us whatever they want with no accountability. My timeshare is only the US collection and I can stay in only 16 locations. My mom"s plan with Diamond resorts you can use with Interval International, however, if she sells it this option is none transferrable. The new owner can not use the Interval International option unless it is given to a relative. They do not tell you this when you purchase either.

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  • Aj
    ajmitchell77 Mar 04, 2009

    My wife and I are in the same situation. I contacted the lawyer heading up the UK suit and he implied US may or may not be different, depending on your contract. I stopped paying this year and hope they just foreclose. I have a points based contract purchased in Sedona. Our credit has already been hit, but I am OK with that as long as they eventually foreclose and I can rebuild. Not looking to get a loan anytime soon. Anyway, I would love to get a class action suit going.

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  • Ma
    Marge Mar 06, 2009

    And How! We've never been late with any payment, and have been cheated out of the use of our points for two years and it looks like it is going to happen again this year! Can't get the same person on the phone more than once and can't get the same answer from any two people. Ask for written confirmation of what they tell me over the phone and get yet another answer!! Would love to get out and would love more to make them rectify this whole nightmare!

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  • Ve
    VegasGirl Mar 12, 2009

    I have had a lien filed on my Polo Towers timeshare unit with Clark County for a payment I made, they lost, they found after I sent them a copy of the check (both sides) and then they applied to someone elses account.

    Six months later I get a certified letter containing a copy of the lien. No other communication with me before the certified letter, no call, no letter and no email.

    Then my maintenance bills stopped coming and online showed a zero balance.

    When I finally got them to email me a bill so I could pay it, it was dated January 2 but due January 1 and I was charged a $130 late fee.

    Many calls later I had no success in getting them to waive the late fee.

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  • Si
    simonjohn67 Mar 12, 2009

    Does anyone know how i can sell or get rid of my points ( i have 8, 000 points) & as i cannot afford their ridiculous maintenance fees which has increased by approx 40% in 1 year !!
    If anyone can help me then please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you

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  • Si
    simonjohn67 Mar 12, 2009

    Sorry, my email address is [email protected] & NOT [email protected]

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  • Mi
    mike Mar 24, 2009

    Is there anyone out there with a lawsuit pending? We have had it with the so called company!!! The maintenance fee lies the free plane voucher lies, the save points lies, NEVER EVER any available rooms anytime of the year do these places really exist? The complaints just goes on and on... If we all stop paying what will happen???? Can we all afford what is going to come in Jan 2010? This has to stop these people a crooks and their customer service is horrible and every time you talk to someone you get a different answer EVERY TIME!!!

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  • We
    Wes Myhre Mar 26, 2009

    I completely agree with you. My wife and I are having the same trouble, and we are looking at doing something but cannot fight this big company on our own. We need to band together and fight them through the courts. Please contact me at [email protected] We can begin discussing strategies. Thank you.

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  • We
    We_hate_DRI Mar 26, 2009

    We are staying at Polo Towers right now, and are trying to get some answers to our questions - we've had many of the same experiences as all of you. We had a meeting with someone yesterday, who continued to propagate the lies. They gave us a number - his name is Patrick Duffy 702 823 7660. This is a direct line - we just tried to call it, and went to his voice mail. I'm sure he would LOVE if we all flooded his inbox with our concerns regarding this fraudlant company.

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  • We
    Wes Myhre Mar 27, 2009

    We_hate_DRI, I contacted Patrick Duffy and he was able to assist me. Thank you for the phone number.

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  • Al
    alstephenson Mar 27, 2009

    I'm so glad I found your post. Count me in as another disgruntled DRI owner. I've had the same problem with never receiving a bill for my maintenance fees and "The Club" fees (which are a complete waste of money). They send me multiple marketing emails every week, but don't have the courtesy to send any reminders, including by email, that fees are due. By the time I realized I hadn't been billed and hadn't paid my fees they tacked on another $165 for late fees and "collection" fees. This was less than 60 days from when the fees were due and they would absolutely NOT waive the late fees. This group is a bunch of bullies. Whenever you post on their "Members Forum" you either get a pat answer that sounds like it was written for a Business Communications 101 class in how to respond to complaints, or comments are never posted at all if they are very negative. DRI would rather charge us late fees just because they can than keep a base of happy owners. After all, happy owners are what really makes a timeshare company successful. DRI has failed miserably. I used to be a happy owner with Sunterra, but now I regret ever having bought. I have to run for now, but I'll be back in touch and I am definitely interested in banding together to try to affect change. Thanks.

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  • So
    sorj Mar 27, 2009

    I just recieved a registered letter in the mail yesturday. DRI is telling me I owe over $900 for fees and either to pay or sign over my timeshare to them. I purchase this timeshare around 4 years ago. Since then, I have never been able to use it because they have told me that I have to make my reservations 13 months in advance. My maintenence fees have gone up from $200 the first year to $400 the next, then now $900. If someone is doing something about this, please advise; otherwise, I will be forced just to do as they ask and just sign the thing over to them and walk away. I, too, used to be a happy owner even though I have not been able to use it when I wanted. I was even considering purchasing more points due to how few I have (hoping this would open more time up for usage). But, like I said before, if things do not change, I will be forced to do something I do not really want to do. Thanks, Sean

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  • Ha
    hannah rickard Mar 28, 2009

    I purchased in Florida Nov04 with sunterra, I have never been able to book the weeks/places we wished. When we brought it we were told that everything could be done via the uk, what a lie I couldn't even pay the fees. In October 06 I wrote telling them I wanted out, no reply. I tried calling, nothing I wrote again still no reply. In January 07 I stopped paying just expecting them to take it back. They then started phoning. In September 07 I wrote telling them were to go, I have not heard from them since then, until yesterday. I have recieved a letter from a lawyer in Tampa with a Notice of Lien and if I don't pay $800 they will issue in the Orange county court. What do I do? I don't want any money back, I will count this as a bad experience, but can somebody tell my what a notice of lien is, will they take back the property, I hope so and what happens if they file in the usa courts as I'm in the Uk. If they file a judgement in the USA will they come after me in the uk if I don't pay it and would I still be able to visit the USA.
    Thanks Hannah

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  • Do
    Donna Apr 01, 2009

    Add me in!! I bought in Flamingo Beach 20 years ago - where they sold me on the fact that this as an investment that would pay off more and more in the future as prices went up, but I had paid in 1989 dollars. In the last two years I have attended several sales presentations (another just Saturday) where I am told that I MUST upgrade to points in order to truly enjoy my original purchase - to the tune of $6200 minimum! The longer I keep my weeks - the harder it will be to exchange it was their pitch. And that I should EXPECT to have to pay more for a better product. My analogy back - I bought my house 20 years ago for $90, 000. It is now worth over $300, 000 (even with downturn) - no one is telling me I need to pay someone more to fully use my appreciated value in my house, or suffer the consequences of only being allowed to use one or two rooms! I feel I was lied to 20 years ago, and they are lying to me now. Also - after shock of maintenance fees going up 25% this year to over $1, 000 I asked if I could just "give my timeshare back" to them. Period. I was told I would have to PAY $1, 000 to relinquish it!! They are thieves and everyone needs to know about this. Count me in on any lawsuit. [email protected]

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  • St
    Steve Apr 01, 2009

    Has anyone purchased recently, within the past month or two? We attended a sales presentation and when I asked about the buyer paying for closing costs I was told that that practice has been in place for a year now. I am just curious to find out if those who purchased recently were told the same story or if they said the seller would pay for the closing costs.

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  • Su
    SusanD Apr 08, 2009

    OMG! My husband and I also own(ed) a time share purchased back in the 1990's when it was EPIC resorts (anyone else have the pleasure of dealing with them?). Paid the loan over 10YEARS to pay off in full. STUPIDLY we were in Vegas for a "free stay" in July 2008 and bought an upgrade of points so we could actually use the place. Paid off this new loan in 60days and by the end of Nov. 2008 got a "Congratulations on your loan paid in full...account payments due"...blah blah.

    By April 2009 (4 months after the "congrats" letter) we got a letter of intention to confiscate our property because of "deliquency" and a month later got the "object or quit" notice, of which I replied with our objection within the 21 days they gave to do it. Never heard back (and my bad didn't follow up) until this week when we called to make a reservation and were told the property had been confiscated as of June 2008 and "by the way" our objection was denied.

    Been thru the epic to sunterra to diamond resorts, with all the "special assessment charges" annually and the "upgrading of membership" which will now cost the "upgraded fee" leaving us confused year to year what we actually owed. Seems we were always deliquent somehow, with no bills coming. We just visited a lawyer today regarding this and were told to hire a specialist who is a real estate litegator because suing will definitely bring us to court. Sorry this is so long but I'm IN with you all on this! Our email is [email protected] with input. Thanks for all the sharing!!

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  • Ey
    eyecee93 Apr 20, 2009

    If Diamond purchases Sunterra and wants all to convert to points then they should simply change us to points at NO cost to us. Highway robbery. Spend $4000 to convert to points. Threats: You won't be able to use your weeks because everyone is changing to points. How can a company demand money for something they choose to do after buying out Sunterra?

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  • Mb
    M Bridgewood Apr 25, 2009

    We recently went to the Ridge in Sedona AZ. It is the first time we have been able to make reservations with the Diamon Resort Club since purchase in SEPT 07. We couldn't get information by phone - the only number provided was just a recording which we never got any returned message or phone calls from. This was the only information which came to us in 2008. I finally got a reservation by going on the internet and after much frustration - got information for a password. Information is vague and it is difficult to get into the system. Unless you know where to go and what to do or what to ask you feel there is no information accessable.

    At the Ridge when we spoke with a woman about the vague information she said she had no problem getting to speak with a live person using the same number we had been sent with our 2008 maintenance fee billing. I told her we have repeatedly called at various times of the day and only get a recordingting which we never have gotten any response to with the information we leave. I can only assume that there have been so many complaints that it was only in January of this year that there were changes were we could finally speak with a live person.

    When we arrived at the (Diamond) Sunterra Ridge Golf Course Resort we were put in a unit which needed many repairs. A chair which was greasy and thread bare stunk of urine - I called to have it removed. We went to complain about the many issues we were concerned about with the unit and our contract. We were told that the Sunterra people had "not charged enough maintenance" to keep up with yearly repairs and if we wanted to enjoy the "Diamond" resort club we'd have to pay the extra $171 jump in our maintenance over $761 for 2500 points.

    When we purchased we were shown a lovely (luxury) two bedroom unit which we believe we were getting in addition to 2500 points to trade for other Sunterra (Diamond) Resorts. I paid cash. When we read the contract it mentions nothing about a unit or points. Some of the papers are not even signed. I tried calling and getting on the internet but to no avial (re info above).

    The 2500 points won't get us much at all ( a studio or 1 bedroom off season) and we certainly are not thrilled about an almost $200 jump in the maintenance fee. Which I suspect will go up again this next year. We'll have to save two years of points to even get into any place we want to and then there is the question if it will be a substandard unit as opposed to the luxury we were shown. The woman we spoke to (Christine) was so arrogant she in essence was telling us we "were stupid if we didn't buy additional points "..."why have the car without the motor and steering wheel"...I told her when I buy a car it always comes with a motor --- etc and that this Diamon Club operation was nothing more than a bate and switch con game. It is now obvious to us that Sunterra was already in the process of being converted to Diamon when we were shown the luxury unit. The same man who gave us the presentation - "Barrie" - was still selling new timeshares to unsuspecting people who were coming in for Diamond consultations. This is an out rage!!! This is out and out fraud.

    We were told that Diamond now has 170 places to travel to...I'll bet they are all dogs that are being repaired on our dollars with jacked up fees. These people need to go to jail.
    I want my money back - they can have their 2500 points.

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  • Su
    Susan B Apr 25, 2009

    We also want in on any class action on Sunterra/Diamond International. We purchased in Feb. 2007 and have had nothing but headaches ever since. Our experiences and feelings about maintenance fees and lack of contact from the company are similar to those already given.

    This year we were contacted to attend an "0wners" meeting while we were in Arizona on vacation. The meeting was at Villiage Mirage, the resort that we purchased points at and have never been able to get into. We went to the meeting and all that it was was a chance for them to sell us more points. When I told them that I had never been able to book at Villiage Mirage I was told that that couldn't be true. I felt like I was told that I was a lier. We refused to buy additional points and tried to discuss our problems with our membership. We got no answers about our problems other than it was those terrible Sunterra people and that everyone at Diamond was so much better.

    Before we left the salesman told us that we had to sign a paper saying that we refused to buy points at the quoted price and that we knew that we would never be given this offer again. Fine, we signed it. Then he showed us a list of all of the add ons that we have with our membership, II membership, club sunterra benefits, etc., and said that we would no longer have these (they were part of our original purchase). We argued with him and I wrote on the paper that we did not agree to that. Then I asked for a copy of everything that we had signed. He got flustered and said that he couldn't find a copier, we suggested that there was one upstairs in the office we had been in when we purchased our points, he didn't want to go up there, finally he threw the paper at us and said goodbye. I believe that we were threatened at that time with a change in our original purchase agreement.

    e-mail address: [email protected]

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  • Ut
    utskier Apr 27, 2009

    I have a fixed week timeshare at The Royal Palm in St. Maarten. With a fixed week I never have a problem going there. It has gone thru alot of management companies from the time I bought this 20 years ago. They were all pretty decent until NOW. I never received a maintenance bill for 2009. Then in February I get one with late fees. The increase from 08 to 09 was over $300 (35%). WHAT !!! I am trying to give this timeshare away but can't do it without a deed to the property. They tell me I have to get it from the resort. The resort says it was washed out to sea in some hurricane. I told Diamond I would like some kind of proof of ownership. Guess what, nothing exsists although they have enough info to send me a past due bill. They have told me I can change ownership by just completing a Transfer of Ownership form and having either party pay a $250 transfer fee. If yo have "TRUST" you can have this 2 bdrm, 2 bath unit on the beach for a total cost of $250. NO, huh !!! I guess I will not pay the maintenace fee next year and just let Diamond have it back. Thanks for reading my RANT !!!

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  • Fo
    For Mom Apr 30, 2009

    On behalf of my Mother, I would also like to join in on the class action suit. My Mother and Father Purchased from Sunterra, 2 time shares at Powhathan Point in Williamsburg VA many years ago, with the same assigned week every year. We never had a problem with Sunterra, and enjoyed our time share for many years. Then in 2005, they called a meeting while we were in Virginia, and convinced us that we needed to convert to the points system. My mother converted her membership to a Silver Member, with 19000 points per year. We have not been able to use any of the points except once, since then, and have lost 19, 000 points a year, because they keep changing the rules regarding bookings and bankings. My mother is now 86 years old, and the new maintenance fees that have escalated to $2300.00 per year, as a widow, are impossible. I called at Christmas while visiting her, and asked if we could make payments on her account, and were told absolutely. I made the first payment of $500.00 and on March 21, she received a certified letter stating that she had to pay her account in full, or turn the property over to DRI. I have since paid the fee in full. Although I have a receipt, I have not tried to use the points. I have done this to try to resolve the issue, because I am certainly not going to let them ruin her credit, nor am I willing to let them take her $20, 000 + investment over for a lousy $2300.00.
    I agree you can never get the same person twice, and NEVER get the same answer twice. I have dealt with the travel department in the past, when it was under Sunterra, with not many problems, but since becoming DRI, this has been nothing but one horrible nightmare.
    If any one knows how to sell, or to contact a company that will sell, I would really like the information.
    You can reach me at [email protected] regarding anything on a class action suit.

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  • Le
    Les Tyler Jun 10, 2009

    Ok gang - this might be a lead on getting a class action suit set up.
    This law firm, Green Welling LLP based in San Francisco successfully negotiated a class action settlement against RCI - another scam-of-a-timeshare company: "Plaintiffs allege that RCI actually rents out the most desirable and highly demanded vacation weeks from the spacebank, thus depleting the most desirable options available to Weeks Program members who seek exchanges". A settlement was reached Dec. 2008.

    So, while many of the complaints on the board are a bit different than the suit above, I think this firm might have a good chance at taking on Diamond Resorts International in a class-action suit for their unscrupulous behavior.

    You can email this firm at [email protected] or call them at 415-477-6700. I've sent them an email as well letting them know that there are a bunch of unhappy Diamond Resorts International owners also. I don't know how they'll respond but all we can do is try, right?

    See information on the class action suit below:

    And by the way, we just found out today that our PAID-In-FULL timeshare was just foreclosed on without notice! Of course they can send you marketing emails every week but never bother to email you or call you about your maintenance fees! We actually never received any notices in the mail because we had moved, and even though we had the post office forward our mail, we never recieved any letters from them. And anyone we call simply belittles us with an "I'm sorry but you should have paid your maintenance fees". So we are absolutely sick over the thought of losing our $8000 cash we used to pay the timeshare in full in 2006 and even more so about the thought of a foreclosure showing up on our credit report even though it was paid in full. So I'm with you 100% on this.

    Let's see what we can do about this together - I think we've all been used and abused enough by Diamond Resorts and it needs to stop NOW.

    Email me : [email protected]

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  • Is
    Isabel Jun 12, 2009

    I am trying to get out. My loan is paid, annual fees are paid but they say that I am contracted to be in the "club" forever. because I did not but in the state of Florida. I told them I want to surrender my timeshare and they suggested I pay next years fee in January and then call to see if I can surrender then. Has anyone heard of being a "club: member for life even if you surrender, sell or transfer the timeshare>

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  • Ab
    abby Jun 17, 2009

    I totally agree with what you all are saying diamond resorts deserved to be closed down the service from the main office really sucked the workers are rude and have no consideration for people ( customers). I mean i have been an owner with the Flamingo beach and the royal palm beach for years and i have notice they changed the general managers they have even closed down the sale office. Not that they were any help because everything had the go thru their main office which i found to be so stupid then i am on the phone for hours trying to get an answer. I mean if there are employees there why aren't they trained to answer any question that we the guest has. DIAMOND RESORTS are really not customer friendly. they are forgetting the hold consept of CUSTOMERS COMES FIRST.

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  • Ab
    abby Jun 17, 2009

    That guy Stephen Kloo-less why didn't he leave the company for someone that can handle it ? he is an Amateur. I think that i would have felt better if he had warned us in advance, it would not have gone down well with everyone but atlease we would have known that changes were coming and we would of decided whether or not we wanted to stay or for some of us even saved more for what we would have been expecting that is the way a real business Professional does things. In all my years of owning timeshare at numerous locations Diamond Resort by far was the most un-professional. That is sad. i was told that better was going to come they made it seemed that this guy really knew what he was doing and that we were in the best hands ever (BS) i went to a presentation in February and the sale rep (i forgot his name ) said to me you would really be stupid if you do not take this offer today!!! and in the back of my head i saying i would be more stupid if i believed any thing that came out of your mouth. Diamond is really making timeshare look so deceiving it work well for me until he came in the picture.

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