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After spending 45 minutes on hold, I get ahold of tech support. Tell them I'm getting an error message saying "TiVo box is not active. Call XXX number to activate your TiVo box." This is after having the box for months (it's not new). They say ok no problem, this is an easy fix we will send a tech out to get this for you. A FOUR HOUR time span a WEEK away. For a single mom with two kids and a busy schedule, this is difficult for me, but ok! Day comes, hours pass, no tech. I'm super pissed but by the time I call them, they're closed (go figure!). Call them soon after and told them, they made no apologies or tried to remedy this but offered another tech. Cool whatever. Tech actually shows up this time only to tell
Me he needs to go get a TiVo box (though this is my issue and he didn't think to bring one??) but would be right back. Never came back. Fast forward, I have my sisters wedding to plan, football practice for my son, in school full time, and work full time. Cable
Is not on the top of my list. Call today (this is 3 months into it at this point), and they say it was because of my bill that my cable box was defective. My bill that's been paid on time, every time. I'm
So over this!!! Looking around for new service providers!

Oct 09, 2019
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  • Ca
      Oct 12, 2019

    I’m having this same issue but with new service.. my cable box has never worked and has had that message since the day they installed it.. I keep calling customer service and they say they’re escalating my issue and someone will call me back in an hour. I think I should just cancel service all together because they do not care about customer satisfaction at all.

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