Suddenlink Communicationscable lines in yard since tropical storm imelda

The storm hit huffman, tx 15 days ago, and our power poles fell next to our home. Centerpoint was out immediately and restored the poles, but following their exit I had a powerline strewed across my yard broken from the pole to my house. I immediately called centerpoint, they urgently sent a same day team who made me aware it was my cable line and that I should request a critical appt since it is possible for the wire to become live with water on it, and since I have a dog and small children. I contacted suddenlink and they sent a critical appt technician out next day who told me he was the wrong type of tech and a pole tech would come back same day to remedy the situation. No one ever showed. Since then, i've made three additional appts and have been no showed each appt. When I called this am, and spoke to a warren, the suddenlink representative about my technically fourth missed critical safety appt, I waited an hour on hold to speak to, he told me he couldn't help me with missed appts, but would reschedule for saturday, three days from today. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he told me, "clearly with your 1 hour hold, you understand there's none available, and that's the best he could do." I asked him to speak to anyone else, he responded, "okay, you want to speak to anyone else?" he then put me back on hold, and sent me to the spanish line. The spanish line answered, and in my confusion, I asked if I was being mistreated intentionally, and he then hung up on me. I've missed four days work, my dog has been crated from 10am-8pm waiting on technicians, not to mention i've had two weeks of no service, no internet, no cable, suffering tropical storm damage and anxiety from this unbelievable mistreatment while also being charged a full bill. My next phone call will be to the local police department to file charges for intentional endangerment to a child. A felony offense in the state of texas. A complaint will be filed with the state attorney general's office, and the fcc. I have so much more to be handling as a single mother, and non-profit disaster response correspondent for the city of houston. I don't have the energy for this, but I feel I have no other choice for the safety of my daughters and dog.

Oct 02, 2019

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