Suddenlink Communicationsbeing charged for service that should have been taken off

For almost two years i have been paying 160.00 a month for what i thought was only internet. I moved out of the city of midland into the county and was not able to take suddenlink with me because sevices were not provided where i was moving. So i transfered my service to my grand son and informed suddenlink that the only service that needed to be provided was internet. Well unbeknownst to any of us we have been paying for what i believe is for cable phone and internet my daughter was trying to everything fixed and was hung up on by customer service multiple times and it ended up taking almost six hours to get the correct pricing in place. I am a very old woman and was just trying to do what i thought was right and the only compensation anybody got was an 80.00 credit to the current bill and correct pricing in place. Being as though suddenlink is one of the only internet providers in our area i thought this matter would be taken care very efficiently but to my surprise i am very dissapointed. You may contact my daughter in law with any other questions you may have have about this problem at [protected]. I am Nora Clizbe

Oct 09, 2019

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