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On August 6th, 2018 around 10:00 am, I went to the king of Prussia mall for the first time in my life. I heard great things about it so I wanted to go there. I would like to mention that I love subway and it's my favorite place to eat. I eat there usually at least once or twice a week for the past 10 years. The first thing I wanted to do was eat at subway in the mall before exploring the mall. I went up to a man that was working at subway. He said that he has worked at the mall for 29 years and has worked for subway there for 16 years I think. I'm pretty sure he even said he owned a subway before. He is bald and was wearing a subway bandana. I walked up and got my normal spicy Italian sandwich. All I get on my sandwich is meat, cheese, and sauce. I do not get any vegetables at all. Now I like chipotle southwest sauce a lot. I really really like the sauce. The sauce is the main reason I go to subway really. Anyways, so I was getting my sandwich and we got to the vegetable part. I said no thank you for vegetables but I would like a lot of the chipotle southwest sauce. I did say that I would like a ton of it and I expect to get as much as I would like considering you go there to have them make you a sandwich that you would like exactly. Also I don't get vegetables so I save them money by not getting vegetables and I just get a lot of sauce instead so it's not a big deal. The guy put some on and he put the bottle away. There was about half a bottle left and I told him that I would like the last half of the bottle on my sandwich because I truly do like a lot and I'm not joking. I actually wasn't asking for much because I usually get at least a full bottle if not more on my sandwich. I tell him about how I want the last half of the bottle and he said maybe half of it and just puts a little more on it and puts it back. Then I said I was being serious that I want the rest. He said no I can't put any more on because that's all I have until Wednesday and it was currently Monday. I am a nice person so I let it go since I tried telling him a couple times and he wouldn't put it on so I let it go. Then almost immediately after I sat down and started eating my sandwich I regretted not saying anything. At subway they say you can make your sandwich anyway you want and what I was asking for wasn't much. I have had problems with other subways before too but I never complained about it. The subway I normally go to started charging me $1.00 extra because of how much sauce I put on my sandwich which I didn't get upset about that because I know it's a lot. I have no problem with being charged that extra $1.00 for the sauce as long as they give me the amount of sauce that I want. That's the way business works and I understand but it makes me furious when I go to a business and ask for more sauce on my sandwich and they tell me no. What kind of business refuses to give the customer what they want? The excuse was because that's all the sauce they had for the next two days. Is it my fault that they didn't order or stock up on more sauce? Is it my fault that they didn't prepare themselves enough? No it's not so why should I be the one that pays the consequences because someone didn't do their job? I could have been very rude and refused to pay for the sub and made them throw it away if I wanted. I could have said you either give me the sandwich the way I want it or you can throw it in the trash because I'm not paying for a sandwich that I don't want but I didn't because I'm a nice person. The more I think about it the more I believe something should be done about this because it's ridiculous. When I go to sheetz and get Dr Pepper flavored boneless wings I get a lot of sauce mixed with it and also extra sauce in little cups on the side to also then pour onto the boneless wings. They never refuse to give me that extra sauce but I do pay a little extra for the sauce which I understand. They never refuse to give me extra sauce though. For being such a huge lover of subway and for all the money I've given to subway in the past 10 years, I would really appreciate it if something would be done about this to make me feel better and help get the bad taste out of my mouth so I can continue going to subway. I hope to hear from you guys and thank you for your time, I appreciate it. My information is listed below:

Name: Thyme Bowsman
Number: [protected]
State: Pennsylvania
Email: [protected]



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      Aug 07, 2018

    don't know of many places that would put a half bottle of anything as a normal order
    like the sauce that much buy it
    as for saving them money on vegetables? no they go through different ingredients regardless of what you add or don't
    its in there daily use

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  •   Aug 07, 2018

    Half a bottle of spicy sauce and you’re willing to a whole dollar more. Wow. Just wow. Greedy pig is right. He explained that he had a small amount left until Wednesday. Maybe they had a big order and were caught short.

    I can’t see how more than half a bottle of sauce could fit on a hoagie roll. Subway (see, it’s capitalized) gave you extra sauce at no charge. You didn’t offer to pay more, just demanded more. You’re a spoiled brat who thinks they’re entitled to everything they want.

    The cost of veggies isn’t nearly equal to the cost of half a bottle of sauce. They aren’t making huge profits by you not having veggies.

    Troll post for sure. But you didn’t succeed in upsetting anyone but rather gave us a good laugh. I know the other posters by name only but, like me, they are smart enough not to let a troll anger them. We weren’t born yesterday and while you get your jollies posting garbage, we get them realizing that you’re a troll with no life. We laugh at and pity people like you.

    Keep living that fantasy life. Posts can come back at you and bite you on the ass. Have you fantasized about you going to jail because you can’t pay the huge defamation of business fines?


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  •   Aug 07, 2018

    @SubSquirrel “Willing to PAY”

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