Structubedefective seater sofa ariel dark grey and worst customer service ever

A Jul 03, 2019

I moved into a new house last month and ordered most of my furniture from Structube Heartland Mississauga. One of the items was a 3 seater sofa Ariel dark grey which had a number of defects and I informed the store immediately. This was more than 2 weeks ago. Replacement was scheduled for next weekend which I wasn't comfortable with and I requested another delivery date which was bluntly denied to which I requested atleast half an hour prior call before delivery reaches my house. On the delivery day I got a call 5 minutes before the delivery truck reached my place and then he didnt even wait for 15 minutes and stopped taking calls 10 mins after reaching my place.
I talked to the manager again to get another delivery scheduled which they said would be today July 3rd and when no one showed up, I called the store manager again who said they missed to arrange a delivery. I took an off from my work just to stay at home to be available for delivery and Structube just forgot that they need to deliver. When I said I am fedup with a defective sofa lying in my living room for more than 2weeks I just want this to be taken back get a refund, I was told I need to visit their store to get a refund.
I dont know how far this brand can go with such customer service and how do they hire such people who can just forget their job.

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