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customer service

I bought a straight talk phone and time card from wal-mart about a year ago. At first when I got the phone...

no account, no help

2-8-10, I bought one of these #!!&%#$ ST phones and a $30.00 service card* "Oh BOY!"

From day one, I haven't been able to access my ST account on line, it states my account was under construction, number not valid and number not in system, , , --->BUT my phone worked!<---
Come 3-6-10, I figured I better add some time! I bought another $30.00 card, called ST customer service and they couldn't add time either but they gave me a "ticket number" and told me "This will be solved in 1-2 day's". The next day they shut my phone off.

I borrowed a phone (again) and got the ST phone turned back on and still had NO account access on line..
SO! I Called them and started complaining! They gave me a "Ticket Number" and shut my phone off again.
Here starts the revolving door.
I've called them 11 times as of today (4-6-10) I've gotten 8 "ticket numbers", all escalated. Today I refused to "GO AWAY" and demanded to talk to a supervisor at their phone-in customer service department and was switched to 4 different mumbling ###'s who wanted to "defer" another ticket number on me. (A supervisor is supposed to call me on my ST phone sometime in the next few days and offer me a new account). My phone is shut off. All my phone is good for is the clock and storing numbers, nothing else works.

We All Need To Get Together and File A Class Action Lawsuit Against Them!!
Before they turn into an ENRON of cell service.

  • D1
    D196957 May 03, 2010

    Let me know if the class action suit gets started and I'll be there

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  • Ri
    RickyRoss Nov 23, 2010

    i agree, these [censor]s has had my internet off for the past week and keep giving me ticket numbers, and none of them can speak English very good...they wanna seel stuff here they need to hire people that can actually speak english

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they deleted number and minutes

I bought three phones from straight talk, purchased three minutes cards..After a few weeks one of the phone...

error message given

I got a straight talk phone in feb 2010 had no problems adding minutes when i just got a prepaid straight...

discontinued phone service without activating the next

Me and straight talk/net 10 and why I cannot call...

On monday, march 15, I went to wal-mart and purchased the st phone, a lg290c for $79.99. while at wal-mart I also purchased a st service card, one that would give me unlimited phone service for 45.00.

I returned home and tried, using the prompts on the phone, to activate it. after about 10 minutes of being on hold and/or responding to computer generated questions, I received a recorded message that “due to unusually heavy call volume” there would be an additional 10 minute wait before a customer service rep will become available. I hung up with the intention of activating the phone by internet.

Little did I know that my problems were about to escalate.

At the straight talk web site I completed all the required forms prior to activating a new phone, including the radio button that I wanted to import an existing phone number from another carrier.

After providing all the requested information and following all the prompts, the last entry started, but did not complete. I waited and waited, for what seemed like 30 minutes; it was probably 15. eventually I restarted the process at the beginning including using a different browser. once again, when I got to the very last step, I waited patiently and nothing happened.

I tried a third time, this time after shutting off and restarting the computer. instead of waiting for the last entry to be accepted, I took the dog for a walk. I returned to the same problem. once again, I shut off the computer, restarted it, returned tothe straight talk web site and started all over. this time there was a different result: as, at the straight talk web site, there was a message that the site is closed for maintenance along with an apology for any inconvenience that it may have caused. I wish that I had received this message earlier which would have saved me well over an hour of my time. armed with the knowledge that their web site was not operational I waited a few hours before trying again, each of my subsequent attempts were without success.

Eventually the straight talk web site was up and running. (unfortunately, and I did not realize it at the time, the web site was reactivated after all their customer service reps had gone home for the day.) again, I followed all the prompts, including the radio button entitled, import an existing number from another carrier.

When finished, st assigned another number to my phone. this is not what I wanted or requested. I called the customer service number which was answered by an outgoing recorded message which said that if you desire to speak with a customer rep to call back tomorrow as we are now closed. I did.

Next I called straight talk customer service the morning of tuesday, march 16. the first rep I spoke with was a heavily accented lady. I only mention the accent as she was very difficult to understand. she repeatedly put me on hold saying that she had to “talk to her supervisor.” at the time I believed the supervisor statement but I no longer do as there were too many of them and the next st customer service rep said the same thing when he placed me on many and frequent holds. I believe that “going to speak with a supervisor” is euphemism for taking time to look up the answer in some kind of manual.

After about 45 minutes, during which she kept asking the same, non specific questions she said that she was going to transfer me to someone who was going to complete the process. I found this statement to be somewhat peculiar as, during the 45 minutes that she had me on the line, she never asked what carrier I wanted to import the number from (at&t); the number itself, my account number with at&t, or the password associated my account with at&t.

Next, I was transferred to a man who began the conversation by asking for the serial number on my phone. I responded by saying that I had just provided this information to the lady who transferred me to him. he informed me that she did not transfer any information and that we had to start from the beginning. I asked “what was the point of her asking me all those questions, repeatedly for 45 minutes?”

By this time my frustration level had increased although I complied and began the process anew. after about 30 minutes, which included several breaks prefaced with “is it ok if I put you on hold for up to three minutes while I speak with my supervisor?”I was informed that both the at&t phone andthe straight talk phone would be disconnected for a period of anywhere from 2 hours to 7 days. at this point I felt that I had no other choice other than to say “yes.”

That was about 11:20 am. it is now 11:35 pm and I still do not have phone service of any kind.

Tonight, about 7pm, I attempted to activate my net10 phone. little did I know that another disaster was awaiting me. at the net10 web site I also tried activatingthe phone several times without success, each time getting to the last step and having their web site refuse to go to the next step. does this sound familiar?

At this point in time I was willing to forfeit the 300 free minutes that were supposed to come with the net10 phone because I desperately wanted phone service, any phone service. not only could I not activate the 300 free included minutes but I also was unable to purchase and activate additional minutes. after about 45 minutes of repeated frustration I decided to return to my local wal-mart with the three phones in hand and seek their help.

Upon arrival it seemed that everyone working in the phone department was gone on a break, etc. eventually I located and contacted the store manager who, on the loudspeaker system, asked for personnel to report tothe phone department. a lady did. I told her my story, she volunteered that what straight talk did was both stupid and unnecessary as, to the best of her knowledge; they do not have to disconnect the at&t phone until shortly before they activatethe straight talk phone.

I asked her if she could import my contacts from my at&t phone to my straight talk phone, she said it couldn’t be done by her or anyone else.

Next, I asked her if she could get my motorola bluetooth earpiece to work with the lg straight talk phone, she responded by saying that could only be done afterthe phone is activated.

Next I told her of my having a net10 phone as a backup plan and the problems I had encountered with net10; that their internet message said that I needed to call from a telephone, but due to st disconnecting all my phones that I did not have a phone that worked.

She volunteered to call net10 for me. she called and received an automated system; she responded to all the questions appropriately, she then received a message that my sim card was not valid. she verified the validity of the sim card and started over. during this time she informed me that her shift ended at 9pm and that she was going home.

Despite her obvious expertise in activating phones eventually she gave up.

Next she informed me that i, or someone in my behalf, must call the net10 customer service when there are live persons working there. upon inquiry she revealed that she did not know what hours net 10 had humans working as customer service reps.

I returned home, nothing accomplished and I am still without telephone service. it is now 11:40 pm.

  • We
    Wes_tech_analysis May 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Straight Talk is an absolute failure. The company's website has always failed to deliver the needed information I requested. I can never contact customer support. The customer support people are general English as a second language type of employees and it is very hard to communicate.
    This service was too good to be true. As my father always said, if it is too good to be true, it is. Well, this is the second time my Straight Talk phone has not had service after I have added my service card. I wish my wife and I had stuck with our AT&T cellular plans. I have been on hold for over an hour and my wife has been on hold well over two hours on our other land line. This is a good example of where a company is not scalable and has failed to support their customers. I hate to see such a promising endeavor fail. I have been wronged, as a customer, by not being able to talk with customer service for hours.

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  • Sr
    SRWWM Oct 02, 2010

    This is the same problem I'm having. Brought my S.T. phone @ Walmart. Purchase the $45.00 unlimited service card. The grand total of $155.00 with tax. I have not been able to activate the phone because the Serial Number is not in their system. This number(SN) came with the phone. I tried to activate on line since the SN was no good they tell you to call customer service. But I could not get a live person to give us any customer service. "Your call is important to us." Bull [censor]. It's been 5 days. "For faster service log on to our website." More [censor]. If the Pin for the Serial Number is no good WHAT GOOD IS THE WEBSITE.
    Why don't Walmart take responsibility for this product. I't's sold only in their store. They need to make this right.

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  • i keep getting a message "you have insufficient funds to send message" i just refilled on the thrid and i only sent 175 texts and my grandmother is going to kill me if i told her i ran out of text now when she just bought some

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  • Ma
    mark yancey Dec 30, 2011

    I upgraded my Straight Talk service by purchasing a newer phone. I called Straight Talk to turn on the new phone while still keeping my same number. When i finally got through to customer service, i was told that i needed a new sims card in order to keep my same number. To my surprise customer service told me that it would take four days to receive the new sims card and my service was turned off until that 4th day. I made complaints to a supervisor (after waiting 45 minutes) and he was not helpful. To make a long story short, i have no phone service for four days. Finally, i would not recommend Straight Talk to my worst enemy.

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  • Co
    Cooper32 Oct 04, 2012

    Straight Talk is a Walmart-affiliated company. Would you expect anything more than the bare minimum from any of their employees/affiliated companies? They pay their associates minimum wage, do not promote qualified individuals to positions of authority and responsibility and their turnover rate is, nicely put.. inflated.
    My father-in-law is a 60 year old man who works full time in a factory and does not have his own vehicle or means to take care of himself. Because of this, he lives with my wife and I, and we take care of everything for him- laundry, meals, grocery shopping, and paying bills and managing his finances so that he doesn't have to work the rest of his life. We purchased a StraightTalk bare bones, crappy flip phone for him (because he wanted the least complicated device) and we have had trouble with the service one way or another at least twice a month. Their website is almost always down and if you miss refilling your phone by ONE day, or even ONE hour, it's deactivated and you have to jump through God knows how many hoops/transferred calls to get the issue resolved. We would add him to our Sprint plan, but he refuses to let us "baby" him. (I know.. ) and he doesn't adapt to change very well at all. I considered just adding him anyways and getting him a crappy Sprint phone, but I don't want to turn his world upside down. (And my wife won't let me take away his last bit of independence.)

    Plainly put- I would rather go with a VirginMobile phone, than AT&T GoPhone or StraightTalk phone because I've never had any problems with VirginMobile and they run off of the Sprint network. (Our twin boys, age 13, and our youngest son, 10) All have prepaid phones with VirignMobile that they pay for with their allowance after they earn it from doing chores. (Trying to enstill that a cell phone is a luxury, not a necessity.) And the best part is that with VM, your phone is not deactivated, even if you fail to refill it for two months! My youngest wanted to buy an Xbox, so he opted out of having a cell phone for nearly three months, and VM actually paid that third month for him as some kind of WinBack promotion.
    If you HAVE to do prepaid, go with VM.

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phone drops incoming calls

About 4 months ago I went from Tracfone to Straight Talk, which is the same company. I purchased the LG 290CM...


26 days of good service, phone goes out completely no outgoing, no incomming calls. Received the run-around from the call center. couldn't find a supervisor, couldn't reach technical support and I'm still waiting on a solution to the problem. Phone has been out of service for 3 days out $156.00. But hopefully the BBB can help cause I've filled a complaint I urge that others who were scamed to do the same.

  • Em
    EMK - Mediapuck Mar 19, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Straighttalk Hotspot Service is a total ripoff: they hardly ever update the balance on remaining data. They also deduct data by mere connecting, without browsing or up/downloading. Usually anywhere from 350MB to 780MB on any given day when connecting. Also, of course, their website is extremely slow or down often, charging all the while, of course, your data. I lost out of &GB over 3GB just trying to connect or access their website.
    The phone app: the same thing, it never adjusts the balance, just always says "Your request is taking longer than expected. Please try again later.

    Also: auto-refill - another one of their scams: you lose an entire day automatically. Because they discard your last day from the existing service and simply switch you over 1 minute after midnight [where you would still have the entire day from your previous service plan. Ergo, you get one day less of service every time.

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making calls it say were sorry all circuits are busy now, please try again

I am so tied of every time others calls me or I make a call. It say were sorry all circuits are busy now...

telephone problems

They overcharged me, then when the phone came it didn't work. I lost my original number. It was one nightmare after another. Then through one of the Straight Talk operators, I obtained a telephone number that changed everything.
His name is Kevin
His number is [protected] Ext. #3151
I called four times total. The first time he told me he was very sorry but he couldn't do anything. I kept complaining. (He's the supervisor). Finally he reimbursed me, sent me a new phone and got my old number back!
YOU HAVE TO BE TENACIOUS! Each time I called I left long messages explaining in detail what had happened. I just kept calling until he took an interest in my case. I was NOT rude, but I didn't give up either. (He knew I was going to keep calling.) He's an American working out of the corporate office in Florida and he has a lot of pull. He was very nice and polite on the phone. The last time I called, I threatened to contact the Attorney General and Consumer Affairs, and I think that's what did the trick, but who knows? All I can say is this is the guy that can turn your luck around, but you have to be ready to do battle.

  • Al
    ALISHA SMITH Sep 27, 2010

    Hi my name is Alisha Smith and I am trying to apply unemployment benefits online and I need a pin number to proceed with the application. All I'm receiving as a message on my phone is, "PREMIUM MESSAGING TO THIS MOBILE PHONE NUMBER HAS BEEN BLOCKED". How can I get rid of this problem??? My mobile number is: (804) 305-2240.

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  • Al
    ALISHA SMITH Sep 27, 2010


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cannot activate

I bought a Straight Talk phone a week ago and have yet to be able to activate it! They claim the serial number of the phone has someone elses account information on it. When I call "customer service" I get put on hold and transferred to departments that don't answer!!! This is an obvious rip off operation aimed at getting your money and wearing you out trying to get what you paid for.

  • Ed
    Edwin_Ross Feb 24, 2010

    My experience with Straight Talk has been nothing but great. I use their $45 Unlimited plan and have dealt with their customer service a few times, each time its been good service and has fixed my problem. As an example, I didnt like hearing my credit update before every call so I spoke to someone in CS and they turned it off within minutes. All big companies, and especially all cell phone providers have problems with the CS departments, maybe try going into a WalMart and speaking to someone in person. Considering what excellent value for money Straight Talk plans provide, its hard to see that they'd be a 'rip-off operation'.

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  • Ti
    TIASIA Feb 25, 2010


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  • Si
    SIERRA WRIGHT Jun 09, 2010


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  • Wh
    Whazup Jul 21, 2010

    I got straight talk back in October and had a problem with my phone I called cs and they told me to just see if I could return the phone or they would send me another one. I did not want the same phone because I looked up the reviews and there were a lot of people who had problems I did return the other one with a fight and got a new phone That is what customer service told me to do. I called to activate the new phone and the problem started. Since I returned the other phone it deactivated everything. I have made several phone calls and spent several hours on the phone even with corporate.Every time I talk to someone I hear a different answer to how long it will take to reactivate my phone. I explained I gave this number out on my resume and who knows how many calls I missed. I also have a mother who is 83 years old and I am scheduled to go out of town and if there is an emergency no one will be able to reach me.
    I was told it would be fixed in the morning and if it is nor I can not go out of town I will have to cancel.
    I am beyond I do not know what to do except hope it is activated in the morning. If not I will have to call corporate again.

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  • Gd
    GDSCJS Dec 21, 2010

    HASSLE! HASSLE! HASSLE!!! I've had nothing but problems since I bought this phone. The customer service is obviously half way around the world and communication is a -10 on a scale from 1 to 10! And try canceling a credit card on your account! Good luck there. My phone went south on me after I received a text from Straighttalk to dial *22890 to upgrade the towers. Immediately after my phone ceased to receive and send phone calls. It tells me the phone number does not exist or is not in service and to contact my service provider. Fat chance! After an hour of doing the same exercises over and over with a S.Talk customer service to no avail, I ended up hanging up and totally frustrated and my phone still doesn't work. To make a long story short, I made a trip to Verizon and canceled this piece of junk. NEVER AGAIN!! Don't take the bait and go for this junk service -- you'll regret it!! And, it's not worth the "cheap" phone. You'll end up paying for it -- one way or the other.

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can't add refill card and if you call cust. care # it says welcome to american roaming

I have been trying to check my service end date both online and by phone for the last 2 days and it tells me "We need time to process your request.Please do not click on submit again because this could cause your transaction to fail, etc. because I knew my service end date was close. So I decide to just to Walmart pick up another card to add, call the number and add, it tells me to allow 5 minutes. Well it is now the next day and I went online and the only option it would give me on my account is to reactivate possibly with a new number. So I go ahead and try that, it already has all my phones info. because I registered it online. Then, it tells me that I can't use that card because it's already in use. I have had this phone about 3 or 4 months and have had problems every month with adding service days. It told me to call the customer care #, so I do and it says "welcome to american roaming prepaid! "So I still have no phone and can't reach customer service. My next step is going to be contacting an Attorney because this really tops it all! It would not allow me to save to my computer, but I did copy it.

  • Cr
    Crowbar Feb 24, 2010

    They screwed me over as well. I bought a new LG220C from them last month. When I activated it online there had been an issue with the activation on there side. after 4 days it worked. I was never reimbursed for the almost week i lost and now at the end of this month, I run out of time. I go and buy a new card only for the same bull to happen again. Also to go along with this i have never been able to check my balance. They had better get the act together or I'm heading into the verzion store down the road for a new droid with an expensive but reliable service.

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  • Jo
    John3333333333 Mar 06, 2010

    This is the most rediciolous thing EVER! This is my second refill and EVERY friggen month it does the same thing. I can't make phone calls or receive texts becasue I dont' have enough funds on it, when I just refilled? What the heck??? Now the volume for customer service is too high that I can't even reach anyone and I have no service. What a bunch of friggen ###S work there? I want my friggen phone to work NOW. If I miss an important call, I will sue their ### off and take them to c ourt for the crappiest service they give ever. I ut the new card on this phone at midnight and now it's 10 a.m. and still NOT working. I can't reach customer car and nothing. I'm so pissed off right now that I want to go and put that phone up theirs where the sun never shines!!! Friggen IDIOTS! They are the worse. Give me my damn money back and I go elsewhere you firggen Straighttalk ###S!!! What a bunch of losers! If you can't handle the product, DON'T sell it!!!

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  • De
    Denise F. Jones Oct 15, 2010

    Purchased an unlimited card 2day & I have no mins. now

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  • Eb
    eb9229 Oct 23, 2010

    i can not recive multimedia messages you really need to fix it

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  • Mi
    Miauna Dec 22, 2010

    My Straighttalk Phone has a blocked sim card. The Serial Number is:

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still on hold!

I bought a Straight talk phone Jan. 25th. My phone number was suppose to be "ported" from my Trac Phone which irroniclly is their company! I had to wait 3 days to even get service, and once I did, I only had it for a week. It quit working on a Friday, and I was told by Phillipe, Julio, and Juan " please allow us 24 to 48 hours to fix this" FOR 5 DAYS THAT IS ALL I WAS TOLD!! The kicker is I have now purchased 3-$45 cards in hopes that this would be fixed. Man was I ever wrong! It is day 6 and 1:30pm my time- I have been on hold since 8 am and disconnected 4 times and STILL nothing!! I am to the point where I am going to run over my phone and put it in a Valentines Day card and send it to them with love! This was suppose to be cheaper than trac-Phone and much better, but all its been is acurse! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE! NOT EVEN MY WORSE ENEMY

  • Sr
    srv820711 Apr 18, 2010

    i brought 2 of these phone for me and my wife. also brought 2 30dollars card. we had a verizon cell before it works really good, but i have to pay around 53 dollars every month to get 450 mins, 250 msgs, for one phone, but now i only pay 60 for two and both have 1000 mins and 1000 msgs. so it seems a good deal for me.
    i actived my phone with a new number, it was ok, nothing really happened.
    but when i actived my wife's phone with our old verizon numer, then it just could not work. however, i thought i might have to wait, but i waited for days it still not work. so then i try to call the support from stright talk, for the most of the time, i can't really understand what the people talking about, i think they are talking to me from somewhere in India. and then, everytime i call, its the same answers: ask my name and number, then give me a case number and tell me they need talk to supervisor, so i was on hold, and then tell me call back 24-48 hours. so just like that, the journey begins. i been calling everyday for almost the past week, everything i call, i get the same route, even i tell them my case number, they still ask me my name and phone number, and samething they put me on hold to talk to their supervisor, then tell mewait for 24-48 hours. this must been the longest 24-48 hours in my life. i ask them will i get the same answer next time? they just choose to not answer that and keep telling me to check back 24-48 hours, so i never get answer from them.
    so now i kind of lost in this situation, and don't know what to do. people and friends been calling me on my old number and of course, no one gets through.
    i just hope someone can tell me what should i do.

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customer & service & and website is bad

Well, mom always said if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
I really like the messenger phone, but thought that $100 was a bit much for out of pocket, but hoped the monthly savings would make up for it. It is a horrible experience to call customer service. Hard to get someone who speaks English fluently, and I can recite their script by memory (you'll memorize it too if you call more than twice; which you will!) Website offers a way to "personalize your phone with ringtones and graphics", but website says "under construction" and can not "authorize your account"? When I (finally) got through to an agent, I was told this was a national problem and to be patient. I had to go through 10 minutes of "checking my account" and the rep did not know of this "national problem" from the beginning??? Now, the phone works well for the most part, and I was one of the lucky ones that got my number ported and usable in one day, but I have had an instance where I went from "25 hours" of talk time to "'0" minutes ! If you need to call on a weekend, you won't get anyone unless you press the key for wanting to buy more minutes (of course). Overall, because I paid so much for the phone, I'll stick it out. The only good thing, really, about Straight Talk is that the competition is finally making the big guys bring down their prices...and that means in the future, you better believe I'm hopping back to Verizon. I'm hoping I can stick it out for a year. Wouldn't you know, the big three started lowering their prices right after I bought my phone! Crossing my fingers till then, but please! Until Straight Talk gets it "straight", stay with a reputable company that actually cares about giving quality customer service!

  • Ni
    niecy65 Jan 30, 2010

    I wanted to update my comment left above..I meant that if you call their customer service on a weekend, you would encounter problems. To use it to make regular phone calls is ok
    (unless of course, one is told again that your minutes magically vanished!)

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  • Le
    lesterbronze Jan 31, 2010

    Interesting to read this negative review of Straight Talk. I bought the Samsung Finesse on the unlimited plan from Wallmart. This phone was reasonably pricey, but this price will be offset in 2 months by the savings this deal will bring me. I am super happy with the phone. It has a great touch screen and is amazing for web browsing. Enough on this great little handset. The coverage on this phone is way better than on my At&t. All in all, I would say that my experience has been amazing and it great to know that I'm not getting hugely ripped off anymore.

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liars and cheats

Liars and Cheats, The straight talk experience I have had in approximately 5 weeks as a customer. Had I not bought the $100 phone I would have quit this company. They have misleading information on the web site concerning monthly contracts. I have been on the phone three times for hours trying to get things right. They have cheated me out of one month ($45) of service and lied telling me they would give it to me when I called back. They denied and and lied. They do not allow you to talk to any one above a floor supervisor.

I am pissed!

Do NOT do business with this company, you will be sorry if you run into any troubles.

  • Su
    sungsoup Jan 19, 2010

    You may still quit this company!I have purchased two straight talk phones, one for about $90.00 and the other over $300.00 along with 2 $30.00 phone cards.Walmart informed me I can return any or both phones for any reason within the 90 day return period.This would not include the monies spent on the phone cards.Also note on Straight Talks' web site the one year warranty they have at no extra cost.
    I am pleased with my phones and take comfort knowing I am in Good hands, now.Please do your homework, know policies and procedures, and LISTEN when you are being guided via product help centers.They are not crooks nor thieves!!
    Final note-Keep receipts, boxes, and original packaging!!!I have not been paid nor compensated for my opinion!!! $60.00 per month for two phone bills makes me feel like I"m cheating them!!! LOL

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discontinued service

My wife and I both purchased straight talk phones from Wal Mart, she purchased hers first and miine was a month later, my phone stopped working after 3 weeks, I took it back to Wal Mart and they exchanged it with no problem. The next day my wifes service on her phone was discontinued, we called straight talk and was told that we needed to fax the reciept for the air card that we purchased along with the serial number and IME for the phone. I took all of this info back to Wal Mart in hope that they would be able to help get this phone back online, we were able to fax the info that ST needed and we went home thinking that the matter was resolved, the next day I called them and they said that they recieved the fax and they had to relay it to the corporate offices and i should have a response within 24 to 48 hours, well after three day i still didnt have service or a response, I called ST back and after 1 hour on the phone they said that I didnt fax in a bar code label from the box for the phone that was purchased for my wife nearly 2 months before. I just quit trying and had to purchace another air time card for that month and put new minutes on my wifes phone. Straight Talks customer service is terrible, if you call with a problem expect to be on the phone for 2 hours and dont expect to talk to anybody that can speak english very well.

  • Ka
    karenmr Apr 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought three phones from straight talk, purchased three minutes cards..After a few weeks one of the phones was unworkable.. I then called straight talk and was told that the number to that phone, my phone had been transfered and I could not get it back.and in order to get the phone to work again I would need to purchase another minutes card even though my minutes card had two weeks left.. They recognized that it was them who had made the mistake but refused to turn the phone back on and return my minutes.. I was told this by two service representatives, the first one was very rude, second one was stern on not helping me, the supervisor told me the same but added that I am at the point of no return regarding my phone number and minutes.. His name was Jim, and refused to give his last name.. I do not ever wish to deal with these people again, mostly cuz they are rude and do not own up to their own mistake.. Luckely I explained the problem to walmart, they took the phones back, got credit.. I could not get credit for minutes not even the minutes that straight talk lost.. I warn people to stay away from straight talk, they are anything but straight..

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no service for 2 weeks

I purchased a straight talk phone at walmart on nov. 1st. Activated it on that day and had no trouble with it for a month. I decided that I would switch to an auto bill pay plan for the following month and signed up for it online on dec. 1st. However, my pone did not reactivate. I called repeatedly to try to get the phone working and followed all of the instructions to reset the phone, but to no avail. They kept telling me to wait 2 hours, then 24 hours.

After 4 days of trying (And waiting), it still wasn't working and I had to leave town on a 10-day trip. They said that if I would wait another 24 hours, it would be fixed... But when it wasn't, and I was on the road, then I was really screwed because when I called from the city that I was in, apparently, they couldn't detect my phone fom there and they said that I would have to wait until I got back to my home area code (I didn't quite understand that one because they were selling straight talk phones in the walmart in that town, so they must have had service from some kind of towers there!)

Finally, upon returning home (On dec. 16th) I contacted them again and told them that I wanted to get my phone working while I was on the phone with them that day or else I wanted my money back for the phone and the minutes. After about an hour on the phone, the gal did get my phone working again. I guess she had to enter all of the information again and she said that perhaps something had been left off before. (I don't quite understand that since I did have one month of good service). Anyway, I said that I still wasn't completely happy because I had paid for a full month of service and didn't have any for 15 days! I wanted to have those 15 days added back onto my service... So she said that she would make the expiration date for jan 15th instead of dec. 31st... I thought that would be the least they could do. But then on dec. 31st, my credit card was billed for another $30! Apparently, she lied and the date wasn't reset! Because when I called on jan 1st to complain, the representative said that they aren't able to reset the service dates from their computers. I wold have to call the executive offices and they would handle the problem. Today (Jan 5th) I called them and lo and behold, they won't do anything. She spoke to her supervisor but wouldn't let me talk to him or give me the name of a corporate representative who I could speak to about this. I am totally frustrated and want to tell everyone that I can about how poor their customer service is.

  • Su
    susan o'dwyer Dec 05, 2010

    This company has extremely poor customer service...DO NOT USE THIS AS YOUR PHONE SERVICE>>>>YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR>>>>NOTHING!

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phone service

I purchase a phone and phone card from Walmart for my 13 yr old son for Christmas. This was to be his first phone and thought it would be a good idea to start him out on a pre-paid plan. However its been a mess since Christmas morning. FIrst off I was able to get it activated however the system gave me a LONG DISTANCE phone number for his phone (the phone number given was for the next county over which is long distance from my phones and everyone we know.)
I called customer service, spent 2 hours on the phone with which has to be one of the rudest people I have ever met, she told me that the area code for the phone was my area code (like I don't know where I live) and that if I wanted it changed I could go purchase another card...then a few minutes later she stated that there were no phone numbers left for my area I asked to talk to her superviser and she said he was busy. I ended the phone call saying I would call back and speak to someone else.
I called a 2nd time, talked to a nice guy who said that he would put a order in and for me to get back within 48 hours.
I did just that and got another bozo like the first lady telling me just about the same thing she did. I flipped and asked to talk to a superviser who was miraculously "busy" at the time and unable to come to her phone. After more persuasion I was able to access a corporate number.
Called corporate phone number and talked to a woman who has been working on getting me a local phone number for my son. She contacts me at least 2 times a day about the matter. We have tried several times to re- activate the phone but the old number still shows up. This has been going on 1 week and now my son still hasn't used his phone...Very frustrating..and very unacceptable. I do have to say the lady at corporate is very helpful and nice...however how long can this go on.
If I would of seen the complaints before decision would of been different.

  • Fa
    FarmerGal Jan 02, 2010

    Just an added note. Its been 2 days since the mess of getting my sons phone finally activated with a local phone number. Just to find that today it has been deactivated. I am livid. Called Walmart where I purchased everything from they told me that they would reimburse me for the phone but couldn't give me my money back for the pre-paid card. I called the service line with straight talk and got no where (surprised?) and corporate is not open for me to talk with them. Funny thing is...the corporate line offered for me to leave a message...however when I tried it told me that the mailbox was full! HA.
    I am calling the local news station for help with this and will be placing other phone calls to anyone else I can think of. This company is say the least. My son has had his phone for 8 days and used it 2 times...unacceptable!
    Stear clear of this company.

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  • Xa
    Xavier Wolf Feb 24, 2010

    Can you please provide me with the corporate number? I have had nothing but problems with them as well, and would LOVE to give them a piece of my mind. I am already contacting the BBB as well. Please e-mail me with the number, [email protected] Thank you

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  • Id
    ide979 May 03, 2010

    i agree straight talk service is awful and something needs to be done it not fair that consumer spend their had earned money to purchase affordable phone service during these financially trying times, starting to think this is just some type of make money off the stupid consumer ploy and if anyone has the corporate number to straight talk it would be very apreciated if i could recieve it in an email at( [email protected])

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  • Jo
    johnniej Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Hi
    highlandville, mo Nov 02, 2010

    same thing happen to me. But it is such a good deal although it is wrong I guess I will live with the long distance # for the time being. I have had them change it ever month and they have got every town around us but still not the correct #. I will keep trying every month til they get it right. Do not let them add minutes till they give you the new # or you will likly lose them

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  • Ma
    Mary_J Dec 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Birmingham, AL and was given a Raleigh, NC number TWICE. They claim this is the assigned number for my local area. I wonder why they can't provide me with a 205 area code when Google Voice can give me a 205 number for absolutely free. Thank goodness for Google Voice. That's the phone number I give to people. Whenever they decide to change my number again, I can just change the forwarding number in Google Voice. Sad that I have to use a 3rd party to make their product work for me.

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  • Af
    africanq77 Jun 22, 2011


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  • Ar
    Areon Wiley Mar 31, 2016

    What I don't like about straight talk is that they are false advertising their products. I have recently purchased a phone 5s from them and on the box of straight talk it says that everything is unlimited but its not every time I am on my data its saying that I have used all my data that I have but now it goes really slow. I thought that if they have unlimited Internet then the speed will stay the same instead it reduces and goes really slow. Why give a certain about of GB if everything is unlimited I want my refund on my Internet

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phone still not activated

Has anyone managed to get a phone activated on this network? Everything the other complaints state is true. My number was pulled from Sprint and is therefore that phone is not working. Nor is the Straight Talk phone. The representatives are absolutely no help. They read there canned scripts and you get nowhere. This is my only phone number and also a business number. Now I wonder if it is lost for good.

  • Ch
    cherokeegrl63 Dec 31, 2009

    I had no trouble activating my phone. From what I see it is when people are trying to transfer their phone numbers is where the problem is. If they can not do this I do not know why they advertise that they can.

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  • Ga
    gae304 Jan 03, 2010

    I purchased 2 straight talk phones and also attempted to transfer my numbers from Sprint. Both phones started working in 30 minutes. However, customer service had to deactivate one of the phones because it was "not activated properly." My phone was deactivated 6 days ago, and despite my attempts to contact customer no-service, the phone still has not been re-activated. Straight Talk customer service is worthless and you should NOT contact them for anything. They tell you that the phone will be activated in 1, 24, or 48 hours, but the statement is a ploy to get the customer off the phone. I have read other people's complaints and you must contact the corporate office in Miami, FL. Their phone number is 1-800-876-5753 and they are open Mon-Fri. I will be calling the corporate offce this week to have my problem resolved.

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customer service/reliability

In the support faq's for transferring your current number to a Straight Talk phone, it says that "Your...

rip-off on days of service!

I've had Straighttalk for just over 2 months. I've opted for the unlimited prepaid plan at...

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