Stein Martvery rude customer service

A Mar 13, 2018

I have shopped at Stein Mart since my early twenties. I am now 58 years old. I have never experienced the sheer rudeness I experienced today, March 13, 2018 at any store and was stunned when it happened at my favorite store, Stein Mart.

Today, my daughter and I were spending her college spring break having an enjoyable mother-daughter day shopping and decided to shop at Stein Mart in the Eastgate Shopping Center located Memphis, TN. around the 11:00 a.m. hour. Although I live in Lakeland, TN and would past another Stein Mart in route to our home, I knew the item we wanted would be carried at the larger Eastgate location.

Of course we found the item and went to check out. Because it was midday on a Tuesday, no-one else was being checked out. The cashier acknowledged our presence and scanned the item. There was another Stein Mart employee standing nearby. They were having a conversation when she scanned our item. Once she scanned the item, I inserted my debit card and entered the requested pin number. At this point the cashier stopped serving us. She did not move away from her register, but began speaking again to her fellow employee. My daughter and I exchanged glances at each other and continued to wait. Their conversation continued and she made no eye contact or signal for us to give her a moment. They were discussing a new apartment complex being built in the inner city of Memphis. The discussion continued for approximately four to five minutes. In disbelief we continued to wait and glance at each other because at this point my debit card had been used and I had not received my item.

Neither woman stopped and addressed us. Finally, the cashier turned to her register and completed whatever she needed to do to close out our item. She never apologized or acknowledged that she had completely ignored us as customers. We took our item and left the store. Once in the car I attempted twice to call the store and speak with the manager. On both calls the person placed me on hold and then hung up.

I am still in shock because I love Stein Mart and would have never believed this would happen to a customer. There is clearly nothing the company can do to repair rudeness, but I was so shocked and hurt I decided to send a written complaint. I am sorry to say although I love the store, I will never shop with Stein Mart again.

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