Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesspeed, lazy employees, terrible manager, bad food, dirty, backed up food


This was the worse experience I've had at a restaurant. Our waitress was very kind but there was an hour wait for our refills, checks, and milkshakes because she was the only waitress taking care of the restaurant! The manager came out from the kitchen with a mouth full of food and wasn't useful in the least. She stood around talking to a customer and bossed around her employees but took no action to help. There was 3 people in the kitchen but the food came out slow and at one point had 6 plates of food backed up under the heater. The onion rings sat there for at least 20 minutes. The dining room and bathrooms we're replusive. We got here at 12:30 am and are still waiting for our check at 1:40 am. Ridiculous.

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