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J Aug 04, 2018

8/4/18 at 11:40 pm.
Drove an hour to get here on the way home from work I ordered a meal which I had a coupon for requested condiments on my double cheeseburger the gentleman in the window asked me what my condiments or that I would like on my burger, I said lettuce tomato pickle and mustard I received lettuce ketchup very little mustard no tomato I repeat no tomato, also I got a chocolate milkshake which came with the coupon which was only halfway filled in the Styrofoam cup the rest was all whip cream then talking about my salad I had to go back around asking request what all comes in a solid that was my side with my coupon and my other side where the french fries which were nearly warm in the salad there was a lettuce a few shriveled up pieces of purple cabbage and a shred of cheese very little cheese I may be a few little carrots so I came back to the window and told him OK I got I asked I requested for more cheese than I said I got no tomatoes on my salad he stated we're out of tomatoes but I guess if you really want them I can chop some up and put it in your salad so then I want around again he gave me a little plastic container of cheese and croutons which they didn't give me the first time around and also he took a piece of tomato and cut it up into three pieces and just threw it on top of my salad furthermore I didn't appreciate everybody outside smoking while I'm ordering my food and then they all go back inside I see not one person wash their hands I can see through the window that they got on the line that even washing their hands after smoking i'm professional staff and very filthy dirty atmosphere it's a shame my meal only cost 599 which included french fries and a burger and a salad as my side and a milkshake at all for items that I got were wrong and not even made correctly and that I had to go around and request the items that should've came in my bag and all my sandwich and he put catchup on it and I didn't request catch up I don't know what's so hard about making a simple mills that you serve.

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