Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesburgers and customers

T Nov 15, 2017

My husband and I came to Steak 'n Shake last weekend a little later in the evening (around 1am) and had customers across the room, obviously intoxicated throwing paper planes at us and whooping and hollering. I asked my server to handle it and she said there was nothing she could do. When we got our food, the fries were room temperature. I ordered my double cheese plain and received everything. My husband ordered a double with no mustard or pickles, again, came with everything. We asked to have our food remade and I am 100% sure all they did was make fresh fries and scrape off the condiments as they were still visible on the bun. I asked to speak to a manager after I paid and they said to hold on a moment. I waited 7 minutes before giving up and leaving. I am extremely disappointed as we are very frequent customers and never have had anything close to this happen here.

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