Starbucks / HMSHostsadistic service


LOCATION: HMS Starbucks Palm Springs Airport


I am a longtime loyal customer of yours.

However I was today appalled at your HMS Palm Springs Starbucks airport location.

My father passed so I was in Palm Springs this week. It was a hard week, so on my way back I stopped in your airport Starbucks for a "treat"

However, apparently I got on the wrong line.

After standing there for ten minutes and him not saying a word (he wasn't doing much) - I finally politely asked "Max" where I should be waiting.

He then inexplicably ripped into me, saying

"see that shiny machine with people handing money??

"That's called a "cash register!"

"And see those people, they are there deciding what they want?"

"THAT my friend is where you actually go to order!"

OMG! I was so surprised to be spoken to like that and very embarrassed. He made sure I looked like a fool. In front of everybody.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg for his rudeness.

He humiliated me, already upset about my recent personal family tragedy, unnecessarily in front of a store full of people.


Many of the people came up to me and remarked "you should complain." One said he had been similarly sadistically rude to a prior customer

I am not a squeaky wheel but he literally almost made me cry with his cruelty after the week I had had.

I would NEVER have expected that treatment from HMS or Starbucks, let alone a two bit diner.

I am just SO upset that HMS/Starbucks would allow this. Other customers remarked that he had been rude to them too .

I am not vindictive but I will not patronize HMS/Starbucks anymore if he is employed there.

It was THAT bad.

Your managers Deana and her supervisor were helpful but honestly to be seemed intimidated by him.

I truly love HMS/Starbucks and hope this atrocious incident was an anomaly and that you wiill remedy it. In my opinion if you value your customers at all, This "Max" should be fired.

Please let me know - thank you!


David Levitsky


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