Stanley Steemerinappropriate, irrresponsible, unreliable and not trust worthy

E Review updated:

The crew showed up for the contracted job, asked to review an email sent to us by the company, in response to our request to show that the staff were bonded. The staff member took the document, went to the vehicle and was on the phone with the supervisor, and after a while they just drove off, without an explanation and without an apology. We prepared the carpeted area designated for cleaning by removing all furniture, plants etc., I had to take half a day off to be present for the appointment. There was no follow up from any supervisor of the company, and to date no explantion was given to what has happened.
This is unprofessional, irresponsible and certainly does not do much for consideringthem to be a relaible company


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      Aug 03, 2013

    Maybe they left because the fact that you asked if they were bonded was an indication to them that you might falsely accuse them of stealing something.

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