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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 756 9000(Stanford Referral Center) 2 0
+1 650 723 4000(Hospital Operator) 1 0
+1 650 723 6221(Admitting) 1 1
+1 800 549 3720(Billing Office - Physician & Hospital Statements) 1 0
+1 650 723 5111(Emergency Services) 1 0
+1 650 498 3333(Guest Services) 1 0
+1 650 723 5721(Medical Records) 1 0
+1 650 723 6221(Patient Rooms) 1 1
+1 866 742 4811(Physician Helpline) 1 0
+1 650 497 8000(Children's Hospital) 1 0
+1 650 725 4053(Housing Assistance) 1 0
+1 650 725 6021(Medical Staff Office) 2 1
+1 650 723 6696(Office of Communications) 1 0
+1 650 723 5091(Social Services) 1 0
+1 650 723 2300(Stanford University) 1 0
+1 866 367 0758(MyHealth Help Desk) 1 0

Stanford Health Care Complaints & Reviews

Stanford Health Care / primary care follow through

Oct 17, 2019

I have been a Bay Valley patient since the 1980s. Until the Stanford take over, I was very happy. About a month ago, I had my annual checkup. It included a number of standard blood tests. In the past, Bay Valley mailed results to my home, and a nurse was available to explain them to...

Stanford Health Care / emergency room

Sep 13, 2019

Stanford Health CareI entered the emergency room on two occasions in the last month regarding my left hand. My hand has not gotten better and without any prescription or treatment plan I have been left with red, broken skin, lesions that pose fluid, itching, and discomfort. I called and attempted to file a...

[Resolved] Stanford Health Care / nurse in the emergency department

Sep 12, 2019

My daughter 2 months old came in to the ED because she had a fever of 101. She also has a congenital heart disease called teratology of Fallot and is awaiting surgery in November. That being said she was ordered labs that needed to be done and the nurse came in and had a hard time finding...

Stanford Health Care / dr li, the allergy clinic

Sep 09, 2019

Stanford Health CareI originally came to Dr Tsuang Li to get help with chronic sinus infections in January of 2019. He suggested I try sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops. I got an allergy test done at his office and started the drops in February. It can take 2-3 years to "cure" you of your allergies while...

Stanford Health Care / Initial estimate was less than 1/3 or actual bill

Sep 04, 2019

Stanford Health CareI booked to have MOHs surgery on July 30th, 2019. I am a self-pay, asked for and rec'd an estimate of $3, 853 for the procedure from Stanford. The actual bill arrived and was $14, 414. When I spoke with billing, I was told that "all discounts" (i.e. for self-pay) had already been applied...

Stanford Health Care / photopheresis procedure

Jul 08, 2019

I'm waiting for my photopheresis to start for last 3 months. My insurance and doctors part is done, it's stuck at Stanford authorization department. It's been more than a month, I do not understand what's taking so long. It's frustrating because I'm supposed to get photopheresis each month...

Stanford Health Care / unfair charges

Jun 01, 2019

Stanford Health CareDate of incident: March 15, 2019 Location: Alameda, CA I made an appointment over the phone, citing my annual free preventive check-up as the reason for my visit. I did the same thing at the office the day of my appointment and to the doctor. I was shocked to receive a bill about two week...

Stanford Health Care / billing statement

May 06, 2019

I had a procedure completed on March 4 and received a bill to be paid of $1889.59. I had made two separate payments of $500 and $400. Which left a balance of $989.59. On April 20, I paid a balance of $1075.98; which resulted in $86.59 increase. I called the billing department to get...

Stanford Health Care / I did not see the emergency, but I was charged for emergency service

Mar 28, 2019

I received bill for emergency service, which is incorrect and over charged. On 12/28/2018, I went to the Stanford Urgent Care at 4000 Dublin Blvd, Ste 150, Dublin, Ca 94568. The reason I went to see the Urgent Care because "no appointment needed, and walk-in clinic". I had fever of...

Stanford Health Care / id photos

Feb 15, 2019

I went into today to get my ID photo taken. The male sitting on the right on the room closest to the door presented poor customer service. I stood outside at the waiting line for about 3 minutes to be called in, however he was not aware I was there until I popped my head in and asked me...

Stanford Health Care / wrong insurance information is entered into my record

Oct 19, 2018

A wrong insurance information was enter into my profile. I never use United Health Care provider. I don't understand why it was in my record and the billing office sent me bill of $959.50 due to the insurance company did not pay for it. I paid the bill without checking the details of the...

Stanford Health Care / making appointments

Oct 12, 2018

I am Stanford Staff employee and for two years have had Stanford Health Care Medical Insurance. In two years difficulty making appointments. 1. Blake Wilbur. Dr. Sokol. Refused to accept appointment. About 3 weeks ago from 10/11/18. 2. Los Altos Primary Care Clinic. Had no one to provide...

Stanford Health Care / incompetent care in hospital and clinics

Jul 31, 2018

March 26-29, 2017, I took an ambulance to stanford emergency room because I could not exhale air. The emergency room places patients right next to each other and there is no space between the beds. The doctor asked me to scoot to the end of my bed to put an iv in my arm. The doctor ignored...

Stanford Health Care / stanford hospital

Jun 20, 2018

Stanford has to be the most poorly run hospital in the world. It really affects the image you think of when the Stanford brand comes to mind for college and quality of education. Hard to separate the two. How does a thirty minute MRI become a 14 hour ordeal? Go to Stanford for your MRI and...

Stanford Cardiology and Neurology Departments / medical malpractice resulting in permanent brain damage

Jan 22, 2016

David M. Hack 2597 Gary Dr. Soquel, California 95073 [protected] This case is complicated because I have multiple health problems and there have been medical errors in my treatments from several different medical facilities. Specifically, Stanford Hospital and Santa Cruz County’...

Stanford Clinic Redwood City / sleep tech

May 30, 2015

So I was being over seen by a sleep tech named jenna victory. I noticed she was having a hard time treating me as the night processed I saw her take a pill I asked what it was she said a xanax for her nerves. Which ended up making me nervous then as she leaned over I saw scarring from self...

Stanford Hospital / patient safety

Sep 01, 2014

Patient Safety is the problem in Stanford Cancer Center Apheresis Department. They hired no related experience nurses to perform complicated nursing procedure. Even after file a formal complaint, no action has been taken. In August, 2014, one patient died during nursing procedure. The...

Stanford Medical / john dupell arrested

Jul 31, 2014

John dupell arrested Works at stanford medical Email:[protected]@standfordmed. Org Inmate detail custody information Name pfn sex race occupation dob eye color hair color height weight Dupell, john pershing bkf128 m white 04 / 11 / 1947 blue grey 6'02" 220 Arrest arrest...

Stanford Cancer Center / bad doctors


If you are a cancer patient and you want to survive, you better for look for a doctor other than Amreen Husain at Stanford Medical Cennter. She missed diagnosing a tumor for about five years and kept telling us everything is ok, until finally another doctor caught the tumor, but it was too...

Stanford Hospital / ignorant nurse


I'm a bit appalled/disturbed by a HEAD nurse's ignorance. I went to visit a friend in the hospital today and the nurse REFUSED to let me see her because of my "rash". When I told her it was psoriasis she said "No, THIS is psoriasis (pulling up her sleeve)". I said, I have chronic...

Stanford University Medical Center / no compassion for patients


My daughter is currently a post-op patient at Stanford Hospital. We are very disappointed in the care she is receiving from the nursing staff. They show no compassion whatsoever--they have attitudes one would expect from a free hospital in the ghetto. In fact, I've gotten much better...

Stanford University Hospital / er physician missed diagnosis


I am writing to alert others to the incompetent care provided by Stanford University Hospital ER physicians and nurses. I went to this hospital ER at the direction of my primary care physician for severe abdominal pain last Friday night. Because I have a history of pain management issue...

Stanford Medical / don't trust them

He may butcher your nose just like he did to my dear friend just like that. My friend even had an initial consultation with him. Telling her she will only have a small scar without even examining her nose at close range. Because my friend is afraid to lose her authorization from the...

Stanford Hospital & Clinics / lack of compassion of stanford hospital staff


I would have to agree with Mrs. Victim regarding the complete indifference and lack of compassion of Stanford hospital staff. As my father lay dying in the cancer unit, a letter was placed on his food tray ordering him to vacate due to his insurance coverage running out. The hospital wa...