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Complaints & Reviews

john dupell arrested

John dupell arrested Works at stanford medical Email:[protected]@standfordmed. Org Inmate detail custody...

bad doctors

If you are a cancer patient and you want to survive, you better for look for a doctor other than Amreen Husain at Stanford Medical Cennter.

She missed diagnosing a tumor for about five years and kept telling us everything is ok, until finally another doctor caught the tumor, but it was too late.

So if you want to live, stay away from Amreen Husain and Stanford Cancer center.

A complaint was sent to Stanford Hospital about her. They said that they performed an internal review, but the review is confidential. They would not disclose to us that they found her to be a bad doctor, but they like her because she makes them a ton of money charging for very bad operations and procedures.

ignorant nurse

I'm a bit appalled/disturbed by a HEAD nurse's ignorance. I went to visit a friend in the hospital today and the nurse REFUSED to let me see her because of my "rash". When I told her it was psoriasis she said "No, THIS is psoriasis (pulling up her sleeve)". I said, I have chronic psoriasis (btw..genetic condition NOT contagious) and it is all over. Had it since I was 16. She CONTINUED to argue with me that it was NOT psoriasis. How can someone in the MEDICAL field not know that there are different forms of psoriasis?? It is disturbing that a head nurse does not know the difference!!! Guttate, plaque, etc.. She had plaque, I have guttate. I am angry, upset and feel that she should be reported. I respect her right to protect her patients, but at the same time she should be EDUCATED especially when it comes to medical conditions given that she is a NURSE. How do I go about reporting her? Is it pointless?

  • Ta
    Tamralyne Apr 14, 2014

    A Nurse named Kim in the Cancer Center in Block F has been harassing me about my care the other nurses have been pretty good when a person is sick you should not Harass them .4/14/14

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no compassion for patients

My daughter is currently a post-op patient at Stanford Hospital. We are very disappointed in the care she i...

er physician missed diagnosis

I am writing to alert others to the incompetent care provided by Stanford University Hospital ER physicians and nurses. I went to this hospital ER at the direction of my primary care physician for severe abdominal pain last Friday night. Because I have a history of pain management issues following a botched gall bladder surgery (at Stanford) which resulted in severe complications including abcess and bleeding liver because a technician put a drain into my liver instead of my abdominal cavity, I have been labeled by hospital records a "chronic pain patient". Therefore, when I sought treatment for the severe abdominal pain last friday night, the Stanford ER physician jumped to the conclusion without any tests that this was a reoccurance of the gall bladder pain and from the outset dismissed any other possible reason of the sudden onset of pain. I however would not give into this diagnosis without any tests since I knew the pain was not the same and that I had recovered from the previous episode. The doctor finally agreed to run a scan and when it came back negative she concluded no further testing was needed and refused to listed to me about the possibility of a gynelcological reason for the sudden pain. Without any relief from the pain after being in the ER for 12 hours she refused to admit me and discharged me home with no pain control recommendations. I suffered over the weekend with the same degree of pain and ended up in the Emergency room the following Monday night after seing my internal medicine doctor at PAMF who found a foreign body and felt strongly that there was a gynelcological reason for the pain. The second ER visit was worse than the first in that this ER physician saw me for less than five minutes, ordered an ultrasound and provided no pain relief for over 6 hours. I repeatedly tried to inform the nursing staff that the pain was worse and when I requested to the physician, I was ignored despite the nurse being 3 feet from me. After returning to the ER from the radiology department, my IV had clotted and was no longer functional. When I requested pain medication from the nurse and informed him that the IV was clotted, he ignored the blatant clotted IV (even though the tube was full of blood and not dripped any saline fluid) and proceeded to administer the medication which never went anywhere because the tube was clotted. When I tried telling the nurse that the IV was not working, I had no pain relief because of the non-functional IV and requested to speak to the doctor, I was again ignored. I finally got the attention of a nurse that was not assigned to me and she recognized right away and admitted that the IV was non-functional and needed to be changed to a different site. She then told this to the nurse assigned to me and he again dismissed her findings and ignored me. I demanded to see the physician as I had been there for going on 12 hours, had no tests results, no pain relief and was being ignored. This nurse finally came over and had the odacity to say to me "Well you have had this pain before and you should be used to it before and not be in the ER". I have come to find out that I have a ovarian cyst the larger than my ovary and it is uncertain at this time if this will resolve without intervention. I never did get any relief at the ER and the doctor refused to treat me further. I think ER doctors at Stanford need to slow down, not jump to conclusions and the nurses need to not ignore patients. I was sent to Stanford both times by my primary care physician who obviously felt there was a need and I do not appreciate beign ignored, mis-diagnosed, my complaints dismissed and feel their treatment falls way short of the Standard of Care. I hope that this post will help anyone else that needs to seek treatment from the Stanford ER when you are in nted of medical attention. I will never again seek treatment from this facilty and am filing a formal complaint with the california BMQA (Board of Medical Quality Assurance).

  • Ap
    APatient Oct 06, 2009

    Stanford is overdoing the paranoia on pain management. I have cancer and they said " we can't give you medication because you may sell it". I was atonished and left upset, they are hideously treating real pain management cases like street trash.

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Resolved don't trust them

He may butcher your nose just like he did to my dear friend just like that. My friend even had an initial consultation with him. Telling her she will only have a small scar without even examining her nose at close range. Because my friend is afraid to lose her authorization from the insurance that�s why she hurried up to have a mohs surgery with Dr. Hayes Gladstone of Stanford, and to her agony, she almost lost her entire nose! He had butchered her nose just like that. Dr. Gladstone is claiming she had a skin cancer when the other two places that she had her other previous biopsies says she don�t have, and she had the bump in her nose for more than eight years. Also Dr. Gladstone had made her waited a week apart on each whole day session of agonizing mohs surgery with him, of total 3 days, slicing her nose little by little, reinjecting her nose with very short acting local anaesthesia so many times, as well as cauterizing and burning her nose with so many times almost nonstop. She cried and yelled a million times but it does not even stirred his stoned-like emotions. I heard that they can make money as much as $300 or more per slice of her skin, also kind of threatening her he would not clear her out if she will not come back for more mohs surgery. Even told her previously that he does the reconstruction surgery and he does not need any plastic surgeon to help him. He even told her that the cartilage being taken out from her ear to do the grafting will grow back which is another lie. But he�s been telling her lies from day one, because apparently he cannot really do the complicated nose reconstruction and is throwing her back away to the plastic surgeon who referred her to him namely Dr. Lorenz of the same institution, who also lied to her, telling her he does almost all the reconstruction with mohs surgery. But apparently he�s not, leaving her with a butchered nose in despair nowhere to go. And apparently the waiting period he�s talking about has not appeared in her pathology report, that Gladstone is like making up his own conclusions, acting like a powerful god. And apparently had threatened her with their lawyer because of posting her complaints in an internet board. Because of that waiting period, her present plastic surgeon had a very hard time in reconstructing her nose, with a big wound thats been there for almost a month because of Gladstones style. So folks, do not make a big mistake like she did. It will be very very difficult to battle with this big monster. This is America, and everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and freedom of speech. Thats what her recent attorney had told her.

  • On
    onenicelady Jul 17, 2018

    I went to Stanford emergency room for the first time without knowing anything about this hospital. I had a serious breathing problem, I could not exhale air. I came in a ambulance and my blood pressure was 200/102. I told them I was allergic to albuterol but they ignored me and pumped and pumped it into my lungs increasing my breathing attacks to one every few minutes. They admittted me to a nightmare where no doctor came to see me. The doctor on my case ignored a cat scan which showed my bronchial tubes swollen. I could have been treated in the emergency room and sent home but no. They injected narcan and morphine into my iv making me even more sick. then they race into my room and say I have sepsis, a big lie with no symptomsy. Any symptoms were caused by injecting morphine and narcan a drug for drug addicts into my iv. I am not a drug addict and I have never done drugs or even smoked. They refused to communicate with me and I finally asked to be discharged even though I still could not breathe. I went on google found out what was wrong and treated myself at home in five minutes by taking primatene tablets. The attacks stopped immediately and my breathing went to normal immediately.

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lack of compassion of stanford hospital staff

I would have to agree with Mrs. Victim regarding the complete indifference and lack of compassion of Stanford...